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  • Since you're curious about players from Reni who still play; I would say to my knowledge there are probably 3 to 4 still around. I'm on the new server, Phoenix, and occasionally log into the main server that all the servers merged into, Aeterna. As you've spoken with him, Misguidedknight is still around, Wrathbringer is still around, and I've seen Zidlef around whenever I login to Aeterna but have never spoken with him cause he's always afk.

    On Phoenix, I'm the only one from Reni who still plays. Anton played for a fair bit on Phoenix but quit and I have no idea what he does now; he stopped logging in a few months ago. There was also someone named Druianna who was in ExiledDemonHorde - not sure if it was when you were around - but they've since stopped playing as well. There was also a dude from Phoenix (Moody's guild) who played, but he quit back in January 2019.

  • wow no love for the guild that helped build you into the legend you were! lol

    shame !

    its cerb. one of the last that still play from those days dude.

    I seen borella once in a blue moon, but very rare, everyone else is pretty much gone. save for handful.

    game still fun to me, just wish they would either advertise, or make game cheaper... or idk. something to get new players to come,

    midlevel siege wars seem to still be 30 vs 30, but endgame siege war is dead.