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    Please send the video. I want to see it lol.

    Yeah, I can see this being a problem with all of the immune effects mentioned. It seems difficult to regulate this by itself... Do you all think the other suggestions posted would fix this?

    Don't get me wrong, I don't want to bash on you with the following but you obviously never played against skilled guilds who know how to fcap.

    There is no possible way to protect yourself against fcap if the rogue is skilled, you can place 100 fire towers between enemy castle and middle towers a rogue will still just pass by and invis + fcap your tower without any problems.

    I haven't seen this happen in US servers. Chill lol.

    Still, you need to capture multiple towers at once if you expect to win (under the assumption that they all hid behind castle waiting for the end). Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're saying there are no ways to stop a skilled rouge from approaching the tower? Scouts can use detect and there is something you can place down to stun all invisible enemies. Do they happen to find their way around those eyes? There is no possible way?

    Please explain more.

    Don't get me wrong, I agree that practically indestructible gates are a problem and there should be a winning condition if you have all of the towers for a certain amount of time. Just fixing those would help against this fear capping problem.

    1. I think a guild should be able to take towers right before the end. If all of their towers are taken, then they have to take back 3 for a draw or 4 for a win. If a guild is able to get such an advantage, they should be able to protect the crystals before the enemies can capture them.

    I like the second part for a countdown if all towers are taken. The Siege War rules on the battles screen actually says "The team that has seized all of the towers or the enemy's Guild Honor Crystal for 5 minutes, wins." However, this might lead to faster wins and people won't even bother attacking the castle if they can just win by taking all the crystals and defending them for 5 minutes.

    2. This should be possible. Heal over time effects do not work on any buildings. I haven't tried with any protection buffs though. I don't know how bad the ch/m buff is, but my guess is that they made walls resistant to buffs and never updated it when the new race came.

    3. I'm ok with except for the part on fearless capturing. Get a lead or risk having it taken from you at the last second. You know they'll want to take their towers back, so prepare for it. Both sides can have a herald that can use fearless. If you're afraid the enemy will take the game by fearless capturing, get another just in case by doing the exact same thing. If the enemy takes the tower at the end of the game and end up with a win/tie while you're asleep at the wheel, it's your fault you lost.

    4. I'm more in favor in fixing the problems that causes the crashing rather than punishing people for buffing. Buffing is a part of the game and unless the buffs are completely unfair to the players, then it shouldn't be restricted. Also, fixing the buff prevents the problem happening anywhere else. (In this case, it would probably be better to make a bug report or another suggestions thread to push for these specific buffs to be fixed.)

    There are many great ideas here!

    I really don't like the gambling of plussing and the jewels to +20 are really expensive. It would be nice to have the fail rate go down (increase success or no change in level).

    For grinding, I do a lot of mirrorworld and while upgrading cenedrils is nice, I think there should be more uses for the Mirror Shards. All of the things you can buy with them is practically free since I have thousands laying around, but I think there should be other, more expensive things that we can work for.

    Last time I was in Arcanium Arena it was full of people just afk waiting for end rewards. If I remember correctly, they reduced the rewards for it but that hurts people who actually want to do it. I think they should have a participation requirement for rewards (like actually leaving the starting area) and increase rewards to encourage more people to do it.

    (While we're on the topic of battlefields, has anyone actually been able to start the Windrunner Race? I still have the buff from years ago.)

    (They went overkill with the guard dog meat. They're bound, can only get them while you have the daily quest, and you can only have 10 max last time I checked)

    Of the 5 dailies at Azure Camp you just do Adorable Mutants? Why? All 5 look pretty easy and non-fighty.

    These are the 5 dalies at Azure Camp:

    Tree Beetle Shells with Sharp Thorns (Get Shell x8 from Beetles)

    Little Friend (Get Little Frog x8 from Pangos)

    I don't do these ones since I don't really do much damage so killing takes a while.

    Lake Water to Heal Wounds (Get Lake Water x10 at the waterfall right next to Azure Camp)

    There are only 6 spots to get the water right next to Azure Camp so either you wait for them to respawn or go down the waterfall (both take too long)

    Spirit Amulet (Get Tree Spirit Crystal x10 in Nightcloak Forest)

    It says to go to Nightcloak Forest (Veiled Forest) where the Mutated Demon Weeds are. You can either gather the crystals or kill the beetles at the tree roots. They're pretty spread out (and again it takes me a while to kill) so I don't do this one.

    Adorable Mutants (Get Captured Mutated Demon Weed x6 in Nightcloak Forest)

    They're not too far away and if you have riding speed buffs it's even faster to get to them. You only need to hit them once with anything that damages then capture them. Takes less time than gathering.

    I haven't tried it but both Tree Beetle Shells with Sharp Thorns and Spirit Amulet seem to get items from the Beetles so it may be faster to do both at the same time.

    reducing the cap and allowing the game to progress through the old content once again allows them to fix mistakes they made along the way, instead of releasing the same content with the same problems.

    It would be rather optimistic to think that they would fix old content for this new server, but I won't say it's impossible.

    Also as you said, people won't want to play the SAME content over again on a new server, losing all the progress they made on their current server. Reducing the cap essentially would make it a new release type thing, providing some sort of incentive.

    I mostly mentioned that because it was said that people from older servers would go over just to be the strongest in this new one and I assume the cap was suggested to prevent this from being too much of a problem or allow new players to be familiar with everything (which I mentioned)

    One downside to not having a cap is that new players might not want to do old instances- especially when you can just keep on questing to the next area instead

    The way I see it, the ones who will cross over won't rush to level cap and instead enjoy the older content. This new release will hopefully appeal to new and returning players, so if someone experienced were to get to level 100 within the first few months there would be barely any end game players and there would be nothing for them to do except things like minigames and Mirrorworld.

    I usually do my dalies in Enoch since they give more gold and tp. I can't remember the name of the one I do but the one quest catching plants (given by an NPC near the Auction House at Azure Camp) is fairly fast.

    I still do The Cost of Magic on my alt since I haven't unlocked Enoch for him yet. My weaker alts still do the fast one at Chrysalia.

    Are there any good ones to do between levels 77-87?

    I don't think having a cap on the content that players will be allowed to access will affect much. As mentioned before, not many people from other servers would abandon the characters they've worked on for so long just to be the strongest on the new servers. I play on Aeternia but I'll definitely check the new server out. Even so, I won't rush to level cap since I'm mostly excited to play through the older content with more people around.

    One downside to not having a cap is that new players might not want to do old instances- especially when you can just keep on questing to the next area instead. We'll just have to see what happens there since there will be no content changes.

    Anyways, I'm very excited for the potential of this new release. Can't wait to see it come out.