Damage calculation formula physical and magical

  • hi everyone,

    I'm trying to figure some issues (to understand) in the damage calculation formula for both physical and magical damage.

    i'll never speak about critical damage

    for physical :

    the damage formula is :

    DmgDone = (CritMod) * (ADF) * [ 2.75 * (DPS) + 2 * (DPS) * (SkillPercent) ]

    this one is farly clear for me (as i used to played melee physical).

    my issue is understanding the skill who have + 0.y*str (or dex)

    eg : charged chop skill (warden) does 800% + 0.3*str

    how the +0.y*str is had to the formula ? flat damage, inside the skill percent, inside square bracket, etc... ? :/

    for magical :

    the damage formula is :

    DmgDone = (MPw)x(CritMod)x(ADF) x [(NCT) x (1 + 2.6x(Spell lvl)/100) x(MDam) + (SBD)]

    what about skill that are instant cast, what is the value on NCT ? is it the same as 1 sec cast time ?=O

    what about skill that have +0.y*int, how does it "modify" the formula ?:S

    thanks for your time :)

  • I believe the str or dex modifiers as well as the Int modifiers are added in later as flat damage. in other words, not very exciting, might be why they were left off the formulae. In the old forums there was a whole thread on damage formulae, as well as Crit modifiers. Too bad it was lost. I also believe that instant cast spells were counted the same as 1 sec cast spells. (Caveat: I say "I believe" because this is all from memory from years ago)

  • Great, I would love to hear from this !

    with the help of wayback archive i could find the old forum, do you have any remind of keyword that i could use to find this tread ?

    i let you the perma links on the old forum if somebody wanted to find something there here