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    The Prizes have been delivered.

    We hope you enjoyed the event!

    If you believe that you have correctly participated and did not receive any prizes, please submit a board ticket to support!!

    We are currently investigating the case and trying to track the benefactor that gifted Bunga mounts to Varanas guards :/

    Unfortunately we do not offer the possibility of transfering your characters between servers.

    As for the "European servers", from the EN comunity; Vidar is the oldest while Idun is the most recent one. If you are wondering which one to join, you can create a character in both and decide later where to put your efforts ;)

    After some digging, I found in another post on the forum that the drop rate bonus only applies to groups. I was grouped when I was getting the increased drop rate and solo when I wasn't. I was in Chaz farming tier gear using housekeeper luck potion both times. In previous drop rate bonus events it applied to solo players. It's a shame that RoM did not make that information known in the event announcement. It's going to upset a lot of players.


    that information was part of the Event announcemnt, please check it Here ;)