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  • The most important info about the merge

    Will a merge of the servers affect the release of new content and new bugfixes? No. The merge is a completely independent Gameforge project. In the meantime, Runewaker will continue working on the game and corresponding updates as usual.

    Which servers are planned to be merged and when will it take place? As already announced, we’ll be merging some European servers and two US servers.

    These are the new names of the merge servers:

    • INT1: Gaia
    • EU4: Aynara
    • EU5: Kadmos
    • US1: Ayvenas

    The servers will be merged as follows:

    • EU1 (EN) Vidar + EU11 (FR) Nuada + EU12 (ES) Ibergard + EU17 (PL) Nawia + EU23 (EN) Idun → INT1 (EN) Gaia
    • EU10 (DE) Rath + EU4 (DE) Asteria → EU4 (DE) Aynara
    • EU24 (DE) Zikiel + EU5 (DE) Garda + EU6 (DE) Baldr → EU5 (DE) Kadmos
    • US1 Aeterna + US8 Phoenix → US1 (EN) Ayvenas

    The exact times of the server mergers will be announced separately on our homepage, social media and the official forums.

    Notes about the shop: Shop offers which are currently only available on Kerub and Svidur will also be made available on the new servers!

    We have also changed the Ruby system: you can continue spending rubies on the same items as you have before. However, there will be no more refunds for purchases.

    General Merge Information

    • Which criteria will be used when considering accounts for the server merge? There are no restrictions with regard to the accounts. We will merge all accounts.
    • What will happen to inactive accounts and players who return after years of inactivity? They will be able to log in and play on the newly merged servers.
    • Do players have to transfer their accounts or will this happen automatically? We will handle the merging of the servers. That means it will happen automatically. Almost like magic.
    • Will the game be shut down separately or will this be taken care of during the regular maintenance? The server merge will not take place during a regular maintenance, and the respective servers will be shut down. We will start with smaller servers and soon thereafter continue with the remaining planned server mergers.
    • How long will the servers be offline during the server merges? It will certainly take longer than a regular server maintenance, but we cannot give an exact time.
    • Can players decide, themselves, which server they want to be transferred to? No, the accounts will be merged according to the combinations listed.
    • Will servers be merged across countries? Yes, the international server is the result of merging EN+ FR + PL + EU.
    • How many servers will be permanently merged together as one, and what are the criteria for this? The number of servers to be merged can vary from group to group since we have chosen the size of the server population as the deciding criterion.
    • Have you considered the economics of the individual servers? The most important criterion is the server population. We have weighed the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that a perfect economy means nothing if there are too few players. Therefore, we have decided that population plays a bigger role than the other aspects.
    • Will there be multiple channels on the merged servers? Not at the beginning. But if more channels are needed after the merge, we will consider it.

    Specific server merge information

    • What will happen to characters with the same name? If two characters with the same name end up on the same server, the character with the highest level (regardless of class or class level) will retain their name. If both characters are of the same level, the deciding factor will be made based on pure playtime, i.e. the character which has been played the longest.
    • What happens with guilds which have the same name? The guild with the highest level will keep their name. If their levels are the same, the guild on the target server will retain their name.
    • How will conflicting housing numbers be handled? The houses that are moved will receive a new number and will be assigned to their respective character. This way no one will end up in another player’s house.
    • What happens if I have more than 8 characters on my account after the merger? In this case, you will still be able to play all your characters as normal. But you will not be able to create new characters until you have fewer than 8 characters.
    • Will the merge affect my characters in any? (Items, gold, XP/TP, jobs, pets etc.) No, everything connected with your character will be transferred.
    • Will the merger affect my house or my house servants? No, the house itself and everything belonging to it is connected to the character and will therefore be transferred over.
    • What will happen to my Friend List, Blacklist and relationships? Everything should stay the way it is now, but some characters may have new names.
    • What will happen to inactive guilds? Will they also be transferred over? Since we are merging all accounts including inactive ones, inactive guilds will also be carried over.
    • What effects will the merge have on the Auction House? Will it be closed and cleared before the merge? The auctions will not be transferred. But before the merge takes places, all auctions will be cancelled, and the items will be returned to their seller. After the merge, you will have to put these items back up for auction if you want to sell them.
    • What will happen to the furniture in my house and the guild castle? Everything connected to your character will be merged.
    • What will happen to the letters I have in the Mailbox during the merge? After the merge is complete, everything will be there.
    • Will the server merge result in changes to Siege War? No, there will be no changes to Siege War due to the server merge. The system works independent of the number of servers and will thus not require any adjustments.
    • What will happen to the Magic Wardrobe? You don’t have to worry about your Magic Wardrobe. Players on some servers will have to log in to Account Management on our homepage. There, these players can then transfer their costumes to the new server. If there are still costumes from an earlier server merger stored there, these can also be transferred.
      • if you play on Steam please follow this link: