WTB Mage equipment

  • Buying some pieces of mage equipment from the lvl 100 instances.

    Would prefer HD, but can buy LD aswell if you got what im looking for.

    Currently in need of:

    [Minas' Pants]

    [Minas' Gloves]

    [Shoulder Guards of the Nex of Enoch]

    [Hood of the Nex of Enouch]

    [Gown of the Nex of Enoch]


    Paying with gold and/or diamonds.

    Wisper me ingame on: Bluesonsss

    Or send me a message in PM here on the forum.

    Thank you in advance :)

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  • Unfortunately I do not have the items you request, but I thank you for all the knowledge you have shared with us through youtube... a hug

  • Seems trading on forum works better than trading in game :thumbup:. I have have a (dagger) Poison Fog 106 dura, t13, +21 and i want to trade it for 3 xt13 and some gold. pm me in game on Raksi or Toraks, ty.

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