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    Remove droping, reduce fails, be clear about chances of succes. Do like this and ppl will make more chars and buy more jewels. Over 10 euros for a jewel that can fail 99%, NEVER. Be smart, not greedy. I would gladly spend money on this game, but not just throw them away. Some dude said that with the money spent on plussing you can pay any subscription to any other game for a month. Was kind. You can buy a new computer or a car.

    lets see ...1. Wedding Food should be more often in IS, not only on Valentines Day event. 2. Perma backpack pages sold not in huge packages. 3. Cleaners for all attributes and not as bonus for buying something else. 4. A real offer for normal jewels and even 100% jewels for which is no need to sell my house. I would throw gladly some money on those.

    Press K and you'll see a window with 3 or 4 tabs (*4 if you have a second class in which case in your third tab you'll have your second class Primary Skills). First are General Skills where you have "Attack", which should be already in your skill bar. In second tab are your Scout Primary Skills and you just need to drag and drop them on your skill bar (also lvl them a little bit using your talent points), In the third tab* are your Scout Class Specific skills and you should do the same. Main action bar have numbers from 1 to 0 -= and you can use your keyboard or just click the icons.

    If you think for plvl-ing you just need a high lvl char and lower one ...well, is not enough.

    -First and most important thing is to do it during xp/tp event.

    -Best place to do it is in Sun Temple, because of the number of mobs till first boss.

    -For maxing the effect you'll need a fast killing class like s/r. s/wd, ch/r or other aoe based combos.

    -Before doing it is best to get as much house (furniture) bonus as you can afford by letting your char at home when you're offline.

    -Before going you will need: castle buffs, zodiac pets buffs, item shop pets buffs, anniversary pets buffs ...some events also give xp/tp buffs, Haidon buff if you are lucky (ask someone who knows how it works). I am not sure if Wishing Well give a buff same as Haidon but maybe someone knows.

    -You'll need also: plussed HD wings (as higher as you can afford and can be LD and use a G Hamer), XP runes on weapons and best to use with a combo that allows you to use more than one, experience pots (HQ from daily gift), party experince pots, xp/tp wedding food (best is IS during valentines event), mellons from events, some GM gift foods and also some titles give bonus. 99% of the pots stack together, exception making the experience pots. if i missed something ... anyway, with all this you can get over 1kk xp points for each mob killed for a while.

    PS. using all this you might also overbuff so you'll need to delete something.


    I started a ticket more than two months ago trying to add some accounts to a master. I answered to tones of questions for every account involved, fast and accurate and i followed step by step every instructions i got from support. As a result, my accounts are still not added to a master and as a bonus i cant login anymore on one of them. For the one that i cant login anymore i sent my Experience runes and my HD wings for lvling and i have gold in mail. Three weeks have passed since the last reply. Lets say i am patient and i understand the current situation, we all know what is happening around the world. But, at least someone can ask me to be patient and guarantee that i wont lose my stuff. I will not take into account that I have missed another XP/TP event, doing SW wo my pvp wings, missed all the gifts and i needed to buy more Experience runes.

    Thank you very much and i hope you are all ok.

    Seems trading on forum works better than trading in game :thumbup:. I have have a (dagger) Poison Fog 106 dura, t13, +21 and i want to trade it for 3 xt13 and some gold. pm me in game on Raksi or Toraks, ty.

    Many players, including myself, return to the game after a long break and don't have hundreds of millions to spend on proofs. So, a POM event, bound or unbound, i don't rly care because i never sold proofs, it would be helpful. I dont know if the servers have tons of proofs or not, but judging by the amount of orange stats and the prices, i would say there are not enough.