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  • I intended to apply for a dessert contest.

    However, it seems that transmission failed due to mail error.

    I feel sad although I had confidence. xo

  • when are you planning for the announcement?

    • depends on what I'm supposed to be announcing

    • I think that it shows the EU version of the dessert contest.

      Or is there three people together with the US?

    • Is it three people in both the US and EU/EN?

    • it's 3 for US and 3 for EN. However I don't currently have gift permissions in EN, so I can't send the rewards there.

    • Thank you for the reply.

      I am looking forward to being presented. :)

  • Hello. :D

    I applied for the dessert contest.

    when are you planning for the announcement?

    • I tallied up the votes last night, but there's a small hangup: one of the voter's 'ballot' seems to be missing. Need that teamler to re-post it before sending rewards. Thanks for your patience.

  • Hi there

    When you have some time, please take few minutes and reply to my thread please.

    Community Manager do your job please

    • You know I'm not a Community Manager right? just to check

    • I know, but you are Admin & GM.
      If it's only community manager job to respond to such questions then i will wait i guess.

  • HAI