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  • Of course I do why you think I am pissing in the wind Here . Lol. Saw you reached out to me right before I came back on old forum site contact me in game so we can catch up. If you still play >)

    • Hello! Pissing upwind! :D I am trying to figure out how to log back into my old character. On message #5 with support. Keep fingers crossed i don't have to start over!

    • So by the way for more clarification on the state of my current problem. I moronically downloaded the "English" version of the client, from Steam, and so it created a generic account. I am now in the process of re-downloading from the ROM US website. Who knows what will happen next.

      I am confused as to how i could create a new account with my old email address and login, perhaps it's on the english servers and that's why??

      -thumps forehead against wall-

    • yes would allow you to create accounts on other versions

      Sorry we were fighting top guild in siege tonight err 2nd top :)

      hope we catch up feel bad, and I am on all different hours now (close to 18 a say)

      on the new server my toon is Stranger in case you log in there

    • nice!! I shall log in soon - gonna re-attempt to problem solve the generic steam acct issue now that i have my toon back