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    The quote I am using is from announcements concerning closure of normal and hard modes in New Pantheon Instance. I am including this to clarify where quote was taken from.

    Firstly, we would like to remind, that the instance’s modes were designed to be balanced around different peak levels, some according to levels which are not yet available in the game, therefore they weren’t yet to be doable with the normal means.

    Yet if this were the case why does easy not drop Hard Mode type gear(ie ISS an set bonuses) and stats? In the case you are proposing each level (ie easy normal and hard) are to be the replacement for future new instances. And would have different top gear and different stats comparable for level. We are expected to accept that it is intended to take 3 years to finally complete and Instance, something is very wrong in that scenario, Please do not compare to other Game Forge Games as we are not playing those games but are playing Runes of Magic which has had a format we expect!

    Artemis server , I am clicking the companion(the npc with donkey) it shows exchange option however when I click it there is no shop opening. I currently have 30 of the item still not opening and have asked others doing quest(we sit and rush doing quests as soon as available)all only getting kill young bear and no one is getting bonus for being in the first 3 to turn in. Thamks for you guys worling on this.

    I do have 1 further question the shop window shown does not appear for me(I currently have 6). Is this because I do not have 300 or is there any other reason?

    Exchange currently does nothing when clicked.

    I have gone to The Mystery Hermit, obtained and completed quest/test, been given 3 items for completing quickly, yet cannot exchange and an not receiving any credit on original peak quest nor received peak level. What is up with this? My understanding(from Celeste's posting) is this will dis-appear if not completed. Yet quest was completed just cannot exchange the reward. Is more required(no quest available for 107 minutes)

    what does this actually do? While it sounded promising to players un-able to get drops from multiple runs there is no real description given just false hope believed that this would complete or give help in completing.

    If you notice with none of the browser are the padlock(in address bar) that would allow access to TLS certificate. all the way up till I press buy(after choosing payment method) sites are fine it is not until I press buy. Have tried buying direct with a credit/debit card to using my paypal account. Have never had this issue before and I buy diamonds every month(about). So is new issue and why I went through the changes in my system with microsoft in case was an issue from an update on their end. Hate to delete game and reload as I would have to re-create macros, actions bars etc. Atleast in past could access site to buy by logging into account when not in game. So I am stuck not being able to give you guys my money lol.

    Wondering if anyone has used Soul Warrior ISS from Karver set Tomb of Souls. Looking for Information as to what stuns it works against such as charge, Strike of punishment etc. Also if it needs to be used before attack with opponent skills or will break skill attack. Any feedback is appreciated. Would be costly to extract ISS to test

    Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other:

    Other/Diamond purchase


    after choosing quantity payment type and checking bonus amount when going to pay screen does not load. Have tried three different browsers(Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox) including screen shots. Also went through multiple processes to over ride issue with Microsoft. To no avail.




    Did an employee/volunteer really ask that of people that spend money(cash) in this game? No matter why, if to wear new gear, get new stats, or just quest in new zones is a strange comment to people that pay for this Game to continue. I understand you guys are wanting to try and keep players more then the usual week when new zones/instances come out. As a lot return complete zone, clear instance then leave till next time. But this is Epic Failure, mark my words! You will lose the guys that return for new zone and the daily players due to frustration at not being able to enjoy Full Game. Comment like this do not endear Game to us either!!