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    I have found if I exit(or crash) it shows that account still in game. Yet if you change to alt acct in drop down then go back to original acct you can log in. I too was closing out completely before finding this to work.

    How will this affect Players that have 2 or more toons up at one time? Like the people we see raiding Dailies that have a group sititing to turn in at npc? Will they be able to run multi toons still?

    I appreciate the response but THIS IS AGAIN a Slap In The Face to loyal Runes of Magic players that have stayed while thousands of others have left! Kind of makes us feel we placed our time, money, and Support in The wrong Game!

    Does not look as if anyone from GF is going to reply to this question, maybe they do not know, maybe they just are going to do it and do not care what we say or ask. Have asked here and Face Book both with no official response.

    Advantages of using and the forced to use that's a load. Advantages of using sounds like a choice. I swear it seems GF is trying to run away the remaining players in game. I know 100 dollars a month is not a lot but I will not be buying Diamonds until I see the results of the ADVANTAGES.

    Is this going to be a forced compliance? I have no interest in any other Game Forge Games and am quite content with the current Log-in system. I had feared Game Forge was going to try and shove Steam down my throat hoping they are not doing this with their Launcher!!!:cursing:

    Too funny check FB. I will hold out hope but "Everything will be where have to Be"? Where are the "Great

    new items in gift shop", Where is The fantastic Deals on Diamonds, Heck where is the Item Shop (Sometimes opens a window in game sometimes a separate window and sometimes just does not open) YOU are not playing RoM but Shell's Fantasy

    Thank You Saito I just wanted acknowledgement that we had "True" festival coming and not just these mini events ie xp/tp loyalty bonus etc.

    Double Rubies is an Event in Anniversary Festival (I truly believe this). As with everything else done in last few months that changes have started it all goes downhill from here.

    I am more wondering is this all???? No Certificates no Mount crafting, no Great gifts as in the past from Secret Garden? Just wondering if they will Have "Improved" this event to the point that it stinks compared to the regular anniversary events enjoyed in the Past.

    Am I the only person seeing this Anniversary Event as the xp boost and daily boxes from the 10th through 19th and the Pom trade in event from the 22nd till the 31st only? I hope I am wrong but after All the "Great Changes" I am not to hopeful. I see no information on how or when I will receive reward for Having started this account in 2009, and I see no other post mentioning any events except the 4 I mentioned (no details at all).

    It would appear You guys have adopted a new policy Screw The Players!!!!!! people want new Content you guys think "We can throw Lipstick on this pig (put it on steam) and claim it as New" people do not like Item Shop you guys think "We can throw a screwed up untested system that will work half the time and say we changed shop" people complain to much "We can change the forum delete old posts (which are the same issues just stated 7 years ago) and even better change headings every few days so no one can follow the complaint" AND NOW THE BEST ONE YET People think 30% Diamond Sale is Bad " Screw them We will give them 20% then":cursing:

    I cannot do the fancy quoted from and such but a direct cut and paste from Polog said

    US servers will stay online, but Steam login and in-game ItemShop may be unavailable.

    But it is up now so Hey. Guess be Thankful for what you get