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    Ca fait un moment que tout le monde se plaint de ce problème , faut se mettre à la page xD . Pour info, un joueur allemand a réussi l'exploit de passer lvl 5 en farmant non stop entre 4 et 6h par jour au temple en étant full buff et ca lui a pris plus de 2 semaines ^^ . Et le pire c'est que même en étant lvl 5, il est impossible de tuer les boss en HM car la différence de lvl reste trop importante. Voila , j'espère t'avoir rassurer avec ces éclaircissements ^^

    A moins d'avoir des screens des attributs des gouvernantes avant leur disparition, le support ne redonnera que les po et les items dessus donc il vaut mieux réinvestir au plus vite dans des gouvernantes car devoir tout remonter à fond c'est long, très long ^^

    Don't forget to anounce in advance and officialy when they'll change the peak lvl xp before every players leave or RoM will end like this game sooner than expected ! At the moment there is only news about it on DE forum. You should've had to translate it and post it on other community so players would be aware that , maybe , one day , this new system will be change ^^

    There is an answer on DE forum from the CoMa that says (google translate) :

    "The summit system is being revised, but the scheduling does not put us in the cards. Rolling out new content around Christmas is generally problematic due to the low number of employees. Now there is the Chinese New Year, which in turn temporarily suspends Runewaker.

    In general, the weaknesses are known and passed on, but you have to be patient before you can really work on them. This is at least as unfortunate for us as for you."

    Let's hope it's gonna be a real and useful change and it won't take months.

    So no changes about xp peak lvl planned for this maintenance... awesome. It's almost been a month since the new ini was released and on all servers there should be like .. what .. 10 players (or even less) at or above lvl 2 out of 5... Does Gameforge really think people are going to wait several months for a change before leaving the game ? Wake up guys and do it quick, listen to the end game players still playing before it's too late !

    SO is it plan to change the amount of xp needed for peak lvl soon ? If not , the game is gonna die for sure because no one would spend months to farm billions of xp. Does Gameforge really tought it was reasonnable amounts of xp ? Even if the amount is set to a classic lvl up (100+ Millions xp) it's gonna be a long way to be able to enter in the ini cause most of players already complete quests from previous maps so only new one left..

    Let's make an official poll to know if ppl want a change for the peak lvl or not !

    Why don't put it 100% ? As we didn't farmed those inis enough over the years.. and after that it's still not over cause we have to farm billions of xp to be able to do the ini on HM mode. That's certainly not what ppl want and ask for on the new content .. We want ini with hard strats like old ones back in the days , and not farming for days.. for what ? Maybe an ini that doesn't have strat at all and it's just burst "strat" ? Let's hope that there will be changes quick before more ppl left the game :/

    " Eh bien, en ce week-end des 6 et 7 juillet 2019, je vous propose de vous retrouver en 1v1, dans un lieu tenu Secret !! "

    Ca commence à faire pas mal de retard tout ça. Mais on a pas oublié cet event, on espère qu'il n'a pas été passé à la trappe et qu'on y aura le droit prochainement !

    A t-on une date de remplacement concernant l'event 3v3 proposé par Kennen ? Si oui, merci de la communiquer, si non, merci de la communiquer au moins une semaine à l'avance pour pas nous prendre de court.

    "Break rules, thread closed. I don't know how this is so difficult to understand. Please enlighten me. Give us a feedback with a proper attitude and you can say whatever you want to. Always been like that and never will change."

    LULULUL let me laugh , I got banned on forum for 2 months just for asking to re-open english sw thread and asking (and not insulting at all) gm to go slowly on the censorship cause EN sw thread used to be closed so many times compare to DE one. Was that an incorrect behaviour or insult ? I don't think so , so please stop telling us we can say whatever we want on this forum , this is not true !

    //edit: Warning for flame.

    Angry shouting will not help your case. ~ Diogenes

    The thing is that Gameforge doesn't seems to care about what we wish. They're doing small bugfix that should've been done years ago and keep ignoring important wishes we ask. This merge for example has been asking for like a year and they never answer about it. They should just watch about there datas about players loging on French/Spanish server compare to other ones and they'll see that they did something wrong. Or just look at AH , even on Idun/Zikiel , AH is less empty xD . Same for new content , SW's, new things in the Itemshop. Every interessant wishes seems to be put in the trash. I don't blame GM's for that, you guys can't do much about it but it's discouraging to have many ppl asking for something multiple times and not being listen.

    Honestly the Rom steam discord is dead. I joined it few weeks ago and im pretty sure it didn't reach 5 messages on all chans together during this time with more than 100 ppl on it xD . The runes of tavern one is way better if you have question or just want to talk about anything good or bad on the game free ! At least you'll get answer and won't feel alone like in the steam one