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    Grumpdaddy's just being an idiot lmao, there are so many things GF and RW could've done if they actually cared about keeping the game alive, but they clearly don't.

    It's delusional to think that at this point, RoM is anything but an attempt to soak up as much money as they can before the game shuts down.

    Just because you can't handle the truth for some reason doesn't make other people negative, it's just realistic. 1000 years of optimism yielding no results doesn't warrant more optimism.

    Why is rogue/mage considered as god tier? What makes it so strong? I played rogue/scout and rogue/warden, they all hade some useful buffs/attacks for it. But I can not really see the plus at /mage? which elite skill makes it that much better?

    It's good just not god tier, a bit of an exaggeration. If you talk relative to EVERY SINGLE class in rom sure its god tier, but that's just because 99% of classes in RoM are complete garbage. Of the viable classes, it's just a good option. It does decent burst and decent sustained. It is not the best at either category but it can carry its own weight.

    The only problem I should warn u about is that RoM is very burn based in terms of dungeons, and if you want to PvE most top guilds will need the best dps, who will likely play the best dps classes in order to clear dungeons. Playing a SUPER odd-ball class like druid/rogue dps or rogue/warlock or scout/mage will automatically make u not in the top tier bracket and maybe make it hard for you to get on runs (if endgame is your goal at least, if not then play whatever doesn't matter).

    With that in mind, I would suggest Warrior/Warden or Warden/Warrior. They're not the MOST popular classes (still played by some just not the current flavor of the month) and you're still putting yourself at a disadvantage, but they're still solid classes that can hold their own in endgame runs. Most warriors usually go warrior/scout as it is the second best burn class in the game, and Warden isn't really played anymore as it's burn isn't good enough and no tank will ever be optimal as long as Knight/Warrior AD exists.

    then you need some cavington ... 1st guild never use coe gear 2st realy cant remember when i run whit any w/wd last 1,5-2year all saw is pointless and reroll for some usefull classcombo who can dps boss 3st you agin forget some based stuff "till you winning on ibp " when all dbuff fast as posible on boss scout and rogue can be use dmg food and do nice dmg /fail dbuff or slow is pure whaste/....w/wd can build alot more pat whats leather user never can have also you need less defreduce on boss for do your dmg cap also if you do just close dps thats can be high critrate when other do almost zero crit or just fail dbuff boss

    and yes englis is not me langue try understand it.......and not forget mail me ingame any message when you rdy for run ! ... i will link there how is run/boss end w/wd vs rogue^^

    still don't understand 3/4 of this, but yea i dont even play on EU, like i said i was playing jibs toon. Gear me a w/wd and i'll gladly show you what's up.

    no idea who you are ingame but ... when i play scout almost always top dps in guild run so psst ..

    you try count 1of random run where ppl almost never know when buffing boss in time ??? "remind me if i am not right dbuff fail dps =zero" there many ppl who just pick 1 class and cant even know what to do on it and mostly i swap scout in b3 IBP hope you not forget there is random black cirkle whats generate almost zero dps YES? so not go nabis plsss and made reason by this

    i have no idea what 3/4 of this means because ur english clearly isn't that great...

    just mail me ingame any message and i will log and do pt whit you agin and hope you not go bored when your w/wd worth nothing ......'atm i am very inaktive by no new lvl cap so just send some ingame mail"

    i already ran with you when you were on rogue and i was on jib's w/wd, i did almost the same damage as you, if not the same, with gear from CoE (gear that was like 5 caps behind), you can ask Jib or Ramkiller. They saw all the scruts :P

    when first few time cleared ST my r/m doing 200-300kk too just for you ...!!! and sometime 380kk in 4-5sec fight but who care and can tell you multiple time when scout do less dmg or same and prety lucky i am old scout from start to GC time also anytime can swap bk but is pointless

    and yes i saw when scout do 200-250kk snipe hit and at end 400kk+ but is like 10/1 "hard fight vs scout when boss down earlier but is NOT IMPOSIBLE!!!...try made boss hp x 4-5 and you can see how fight going after AD ^^

    and if you ask me when scout fail anywhere r/m or w/m can do rest of job even solo kill boss "or just tank full st ^^"

    there get's to a point where u should know your AD timing and SS timing enough to hit silence seal much more consistently, as our scouts do. You should hit bigger hits much more often than 1/10. 200-300m damage was the average normal damage (hence why i said "like nothing"), not insane burst. When one of our scout's would pop off it would usually be 400-600m damage if it was a really good burn lol. In a short fight like that, there's only room for 4-5 skills aside from like non GCD skills like charged chop and throw, and the fact of the matter is that scout skills hit harder than rogue skills.

    Also, this is rox incase u didn't know, I was in your runs as a warrior/warden beating your scouts. Your scout DPS were very bad. So your input means nothing to me lmao. None of your burns were faster than like 10-15s in IBP..

    Also for the rest of what you were saying..

    Do not reply to this saying "oh I'm a war/mage and I beat scout's in burns" because at the end of the day, it comes down to player ability. A good player will likely beat a trash player playing a better class.

    Well, in sun temple at least, if the game decides you aren't going to crit then it doesn't matter how good a player you are. You simply won't do much dmg if your snipe and DPB/CC are noncrit. More hits = more chance of "average" levels of crit vs more extreme levels (in ST my crit tends towards 50% on w/m. On K/M it's not uncommon to get 20-30%, or in some cases even 100%, which I never get on w/m). It's pretty rare that a R/M has all its ET hits as non-crit, but not so rare that a S/R or a S/WD has both of its big hits as noncrits.

    inb4 Scouts can buff to 14-15k crit > doesn't mean shet in ST quite frankly

    When we cleared ST first day, our scout's were doing 200m-300m dmg per boss in 4-5s fights like nothing.. instance burns were so easy lol. Obviously you can have bad RNG for crit and that can gimp your damage, but that goes for any class. Scout damage is still by far the strongest if you play your class right.

    I agree with the rest of your post, but this is inconclusive. Dunno how your rogues are but on Vidar at least we have a R/M who is doing basically same dmg as scouts, if he gets wound attack on seal. (seen 100m or 120m wound attack in ST, can't remember which value out of those 2). If you are saying that Tactical attack (for warriors) is a skill that takes advantage of AD, then I think you have to put WA in the same bracket, even if the amount of hits are limited to 3 (plus we don't really have warrior parties on Vidar). And obviously haven't even mentioned the enchanted throw/ss/lb in that 120m. Not uncommon to see 300m dmg on ST bosses (even if they die on AD/just after).

    This simply makes me question your scouts more than anything. A good scout burn can essentially solo any boss in most dungeons, hencewhy in most PPK/VVV raids, you often see one or two people with ridiculous damage and DPS, and then others with nearly nothing. This is simply because the boss died before the bulk of their burst damage could register. I was in a few endgame raids on Vidar to help out before, and the burns were much slower in comparison to that of VVV on US. Also no offence to the people in the guild I was helping, but their scouts were quite bad. There was one rogue who's name escapes me that was simply a better player than the rest, and therefore was dominating in damage. This is probably why you believe rogues thrive more on your server. Between their huge burst on AD and all the damage buffs they get, mainly through blood arrow, a rogue, theoretically and practically, should not out burst a scout.

    Before scout was super dominant, Warrior/Scout was the meta in RoM, and people were able to one shot bosses with tactical attack. The damage buffs warrior gets, with a skill that can hit very many times and very hard if you have a lot of slashes in your party, severely outclasses a rogue's wound attack, which is limited to 3 hits. Maybe if one day they made rogue Wound Attack not capped like Tactical Attack for # of hits, but that would be pretty busted since at least Warrior/Scout has garbage sustained whereas R/M sustained is quite good.

    But yea, Rogue is good, Scouts and Warriors are just better. It is just the fact of the matter.

    In fact I would recommend r/m as probably the best class for a new player. Not particularly hard to play imo, good burn, and good sustain. People would prolly say w/m instead, but like you said, physical dps is king.

    I would recommend R/M too, it's still a good dps and it is fun and easy to play. Decent burn and great sustained. W/M boring as shit.

    S/R, S/Wd, and W/S are the only "god" tier DPS relative to burns which is pretty much all that matters now-a-days. W/M could be considered in that category simply because it is by far the highest sustained damage, therefore would strongly dominate the few long fights that can't be burned.

    Ch/M being considered god tier is subjective I guess- if you make a party around it you'll be able to 1 shot most bosses but it's risky, especially after the nerf. I wouldn't consider such a one trick type class to be "god tier", especially because in a normal raid, it could be complete trash if you don't hit silence seal consistently. Also it would be very RNG based in a normal raid because if you don't crit, you'll get massively out damaged by most other classes, even not among the "god" tier.

    Wd/Wr and R/M should definitely not be amongst the "god" tier category. They do well in long fights, which there are very few of, but they aren't even the best when it comes to sustained damage. When it comes to burns, they are ridiculously outclassed simply because they do not have a skill that takes advantage of AD as well as scouts or warrior/scouts. The boss will likely be dead from a party of scout's before the warrior/warden's damage would spike (this class is better suited for 10-20s burns rather than 4-5). Wd/Wr and R/M should be for certain moved down to the "top" category.

    Scout/Warrior kind of sits in the middle of these two categories tbh. Simply because it's a scout, it has the potential to out dps all the classes in the top tier, although it's not really the best scout to play when compared to scout/rogue and scout/warden, therefore i think this is again another judgement call based on the person.

    I don't think there should be any god tier for healers because most are viable in different situations. Druid is overall a better healer than priest, simply because it's easier to play due to MEF, although P/K can be a lot more viable in certain situations where suitability is an issue. I think the whole tiering system for healers should be changed to viable/not viable. Also, D/M provides literally nothing useful to your party, just because it's a druid doesn't make it more viable than priest/knight. P/K and D/M should definitely be switched simply because having a D/M is a pure waste of space in any raid. The same goes for D/S healing tbh, cams are overkill heals in most dungeons, and you're sacrificing having amp or AoW inside the dungeon for heals that aren't necessary. When it comes to healing it's really hard to classify it like this, hence why my suggestion to change the classification for this class. P/K, D/Wd, and D/W are generally the healers you would want in your party, the others are very situational and therefore less viable.

    Do not reply to this saying "oh I'm a war/mage and I beat scout's in burns" because at the end of the day, it comes down to player ability. A good player will likely beat a trash player playing a better class. Also, certain classes become more viable depending on how you build your party, but overall, this game is strongly dominated by physical DPS. A group of the best scout's will forsure have a stronger burn than the group of the best mages for example. It's just how the game is designed right now. Runes of Magic is not friendly toward the mages ironically.

    Also, just because some classes are really good, doesn't mean they're fun. Warrior/scout is boring as balls but it does an insane amount of damage. Warrior/Warden isn't as good, although you can still do good damage, provide a buff for your party, have a bunch of more utility for trash, and is much more fun to play. Just putting that out there incase any actual new players see this.

    ya its not like corruption and vvv were top 2 sw guilds like ever...........

    and i love these features you speak of Saito :S

    coming from a vvv/ppk player, corruption was no where near 2nd best LMFAO.

    Easycompany, BTeam, Avengement, and others were all better than corruption (when people were playing of course).

    Also even if you were #2, that isn't even something to be proud of when the gap between you and #1 is so big lmao. Corruption will forever remain garbage.

    Indeed our goal was to release this month, but some tasks and testing took more time than initially planned and we prefer to postpone it a little more, but being sure all is working in perfect condition for players.

    We will do our best, that it won't take much longer, so please be patience for a little bit more.

    because RoM history has shown that a little (or even a lot of) extra time allows you to release perfectly functional content right? :D

    Originally it was going to launch to the existing servers, but someone on the thread suggested it would benefit from launching on new servers. Management listened, and are preparing new server launches for both North America and Europe. This represents a financial investment, and even though I am not a geek, it probably requires some code to interface those new servers into the Steam client.

    This represents an opportunity to get people to rebuy all their item shop stuff in order to regear etc etc etc to grab as much cash as they can before the server inevitably dies out and/or the game shuts down. To think otherwise is blind loyalty.

    as for sw........ its all a crap shoot as to if higher point guilds show up. there is way more to this game than sw.

    AND i say this as a former sw junkie

    On US servers, as soon as SW fully died out so did our servers. Js. With PvE content always being either super broken or super easy, SW is definitely one of the more appealing aspects of the game.

    I mean if the choice is between being hard to manage, or the game continuing on it's current pace with it's current problems...

    GG RoM, new server gonna be dead in 2 months. Great job guys, you've continuously proved that you can always make the wrong decision!

    Literally players could manage this game better than u xXx

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    Gods, I get so sick of this end-of-the-world, hand-wringing, rumor-mongering. They have said, clearly, that the new server or servers will be full servers with no progression limits. Full current content. End of story.

    You realize it was initially gonna be no new server and simply on a new platform right? Then they decided a new server would be a good idea out of the blue! Who's to say a progression server isn't a possible decision. Don't act like you have information we do not lmao, we're all in the dark about this, so chill out

    The way I see it, the ones who will cross over won't rush to level cap and instead enjoy the older content. This new release will hopefully appeal to new and returning players, so if someone experienced were to get to level 100 within the first few months there would be barely any end game players and there would be nothing for them to do except things like minigames and Mirrorworld.

    You could say this is also hopeful thinking :p, i feel like with so much crafted/mem/shell whatever gear that would be easy to get at the higher levels, power-questing to cap with a combination of those types of gear will cause a lot of people to skip through the majority of the early game content. But who knows, only time will tell I guess, they haven't even really released any information at all about what's going on. Same ol' communication.

    I don't think having a cap on the content that players will be allowed to access will affect much. As mentioned before, not many people from other servers would abandon the characters they've worked on for so long just to be the strongest on the new servers. I play on Aeternia but I'll definitely check the new server out. Even so, I won't rush to level cap since I'm mostly excited to play through the older content with more people around.

    reducing the cap and allowing the game to progress through the old content once again allows them to fix mistakes they made along the way, instead of releasing the same content with the same problems. Also as you said, people won't want to play the SAME content over again on a new server, losing all the progress they made on their current server. Reducing the cap essentially would make it a new release type thing, providing some sort of incentive.

    It just depends on what you want to do, if you are playing a DD in a dungeon and want to time your burst correctly, you might have to do some calculations ;)

    I'm from Canada and I played on EU servers (not primarily but to help out on occasion) and I had no issues topping their scuts (with worse gear) as well as doing mechanics. Ping in RoM doesn't make the game unplayable (esp cuz its tab targeting). You can do top DPS and do mechs with 200 ping lol. Especially since RoM strats haven't been complicated for years now.

    A bunch of us NA players also sieged on the EU side and did completely fine. You don't need 10 ping to do well.