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    My predictions :

    1. Titanium Hammers will be removed from daily loyalty bonus (since they are on "Promo" in IS sometimes - just few hundred dias for 60-75% failrate)

    2. +20 Jewels will be removed and replaced with +30 jewels instead which cost like 1/5th of the +20s in dias.

    Double ruby bonus is a nice idea, but still doesn't cover the massive deficit of rubies on servers.

    16 pieces of gear = 16x 4-slot drillers.

    16 pieces of gear = 16x perfect +6 jewels (if you don't use the dia jewels to 6 which seems almost impossible lately. 30-40 jewels for 1 item. My best is dropping from +5 to +4 15 times on 1 item).

    How many dias needed to get that many rubies? I can't be bothered to work it out, but it is a ridiculous number. Not to consider any other gear you are making too, such as PvP gear. Or like others have been saying for years, put the items that are only in the ruby shop also in the normal IS.

    Bugged again today 3 times - once at 25%, once at 50% and once at 75%. Has been bugged for almost 1.5 months now, why is there no fix for it? Or at least acknowledgement of the problem from someone involved.

    Last night for us, this boss pulled us to him with that "summon the dead" skill. But instead of pulling us to him on the "floor", we got ported to underneath the map. It made the fight a bit more exciting but i'm sure it's not intended. B5 worked fine, we just had to leave party and re-enter.

    The day before, we killed b4 and the barrier didn't go down. So we couldn't proceed onto the last boss.

    Selling items from new instance.

    Spiked Shield of the Vortese Nex - Tank Shield - 105 Dura, Str/Sta.

    Sand Storm - 2H Axe - 104 Dura, Dex/Sta.

    Soul Rush - 1H Axe - 110 Dura, Sta/Hp.

    Soul Rush - 1H Axe - 102 Dura, Clean (Contact Dwarfi).

    Yanamorsi's Cape - Leather Cape - 108 Dura, Sta/Hp.

    Belt of the Vortese Nex - Plate Belt - 111 Dura, Sta/Patt.

    Also selling Annihilation of the Souls (Sta/Hp) yellow stats.

    Pm me in game (Aktl) or send me a mail if i'm not online for prices and discussion.

    Lakon is the training dummy we've all been crying out for, a perfect place to test out new weapons/gear (low def, high hp), or to practice alt macros on to get timings right

    Yes, those are what I was talking about. Had the items been T6 base, then the "Attributes" wouldn't have got an appropriate boost. You can see this easily :

    T5 > T12 = 7 tiers

    So if the items were base t6

    T6 > T12 = 6 tiers.

    Since the items were base t5 in dungeonloots/itempreview, you would just make it T5>T11 to see it instead.

    Anyway, all of the items for the next cap are already in the database. Just some of them don't have itemnames and only IDs. Infact they have been there for months already.

    You can see on any item preview addon that the stats wouldn't have been boosted appropriately, and that the lvl "101" items would barely be better at the same tier and plussing (not worth upgrading). As it stands they are worth upgrading to.

    It's actually a good thing they didn't raise the lvl cap, as this would make 101 items start from base t6 (aka you lose 10% bonus you get from t5 to t6) while not being boosted enough in terms of ghost stats to be worth upgrading (very small increase)

    The problem with mages is that most of them just don't have any sort of burst, at least not comparable to physical dps. Also their sustained damage is pretty bad (W/M is not a mage).

    Imo, it is kind of dumb how mages never have to worry about their mana. You can spam spells for 5 minutes before you even get close to running out, unless you use the dreamland amulet Thought Squeezing seal, which is kinda useless for M/W (matt should not be an issue) - useful for M/WD but I don't see any of those at all. Would like to see a skill like blood arrow that drains mana per second in exchange for increased fire damage or increased mdmg. Or perhaps make elemental weakness spell increase fire damage taken by the target.

    Having said that, I don't think it needs to be that much of an increase tbh. M/W and M/Wd can do very good damage at endgame, as long as the party setup is good and the boss isn't dead on AD (the real reason why everyone thinks mages are terrible is because this is the case at endgame). Run with a wl/m who stacks 4x fire debuffs before AD and a good staff, and you will see that M/W can easily do 20-30% more dmg in burn than a w/m. (just practically, it takes a lot more effort to make a new weapon and new set of gear for wisdom and bravery. Is it worth it? idk).

    Since you seem to be looking for a magical class combo, here are my suggestions :

    1. K/M - one of the best solo classes in game and still strong in group content, uses cloth gear and magical weapons. High damage and survivability.

    2. Wd/D - Similar to k/m in that it is very hard to kill, also perhaps even better for soloing as you get access to healing from the druid subclass.

    Mage isn't a very good class for farming dungeons nowadays as aoe is quite weak compared to the strength of mobs, and it is extremely squishy. M/W is good if you need to burn something fast tho.

    K/M/W is a good trio as you can play k/m, w/m, m/w with all the same gear, just different weapons.

    If you wanted physical combos then you can't look past Ch/R or Ch/M. Very good classes for farming, high dps (Ch/R), high survivability. Wd/W is good too.

    Nothing much to say different from what other people have already said, unbelievable how the price is increasing for the same item more and more each time it's on promo, yet the amount of diamonds players get is now less than before. Hopefully they're cheaper at christmas, but then again, I think it's more likely that all the diasellers will be gone by then.

    Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other: Marissha Boss 4 in Vale of Rites


    - Patch notes claim to reduce dmg from boss

    - Boss no longer calls people who get affected by fear

    - Therefore no white crystals spawn during the boss fight

    - Therefore we cannot make red crystals

    - Therefore during the phase in which the boss disappears and spawns 3 big red crystals (4 phases in the fight of this), we cannot find the right one to attack. (which is obtained by taking the debuf from the small red crystal to the big one). So the boss fight is entirely broken now

    Server: Vidar


    Negative Changes to the IS :

    - Reduction of rubies from diamond purchases

    - Reduction in amount of diamonds on promo

    - Removal of 140% promo

    - Itemshop opens 1/4 of the time and is extremely slow

    Positive Changes :

    -Daily Loyalty


    Easy to see why people are disappointed..

    Maybe they are testing the content (/sarcasm off)

    The content has been made for quite some time now (there are videos on youtube of each instance for 6 months or longer) so I am not quite sure why it is taking so long, perhaps something to do with steam release

    In the meantime I recommend you download the addon DungeonLoots. You can search for any item in the game database and preview it from there, much faster than the horrible loading times of the shop.

    Yes, slightly more. Getting 3,500 diamonds instead of 3,000 is not going to change much when you consider how much it costs to make gear in the game, unless you play a support combo or a healer.

    Well the reason why people only buy on promo - buying diamonds off-promo is way too expensive, when you consider how much making 1 piece of gear costs. Increasing the amount by a couple of % is not going to change that. Making promos less frequent and lower amounts will only drive more players away in likelihood.

    Except that the announcement said verbatim "Look out for more changes and alterations to the shop over the coming weeks and months.

    Yes, but my vision of further changes to the IS is along the lines of more wbp.exe problems and not being able to open it at all D

    Item shop has been very bad for well over 2 years now (or whenever the old one was replaced) and has pretty much only been made worse with each new change. Apart from daily loyalty/item depot, that was a good change.

    With all due respect it's hardly a rage train, i've seen only reasonable posts on this topic so far. Just once again the players don't feel like they have been listened to - was only a little while ago we were having topics in this forum that aimed to increase the transparency between the players and the publishers - and now this move has been implemented which doesn't really benefit any players, maybe the 5% of the playerbase who buys diamonds off-promo.

    I'm sure the playerbase or at least those active on the forums would show their appreciation if there was a move that was genuinely good for the game, but this isn't really one. The reason for this change ("a disparity in the prices between promo and non-promo diamonds") is just waffle - if it's to increase diamond sales (which I imagine is the intention) then why not just say that and not try to say that 140% diamond promos are bad for the game.

    Personally I'm not really opposed to this change even, I just think it's dumb and looks pretty bad, there are a ton of more important things that could be changed about the item shop.

    My guess (I have no inside knowledge so don't hate on me) is that there won't be one for another few months, the new players from steam are still buying "regular" (non-promo) dias since they think it's good value (once they get to lvl 100 they will realise this is not the case), and now they get slightly more when they buy regular dias. So they will probably be thinking if we increase the amount of diamonds we can delay a promo until the sales dry up.

    That's what I see anyway, I am wrong occasionally

    What exactly was the point of this change? Anyone with more sense than money is still only going to buy diamonds when there is a promo on, and now they get less than before, even if it is only a marginal amount, seems like a really unnecessary change. If it ain't broke, don't fix it (140% dia promos are one of the few things about the game that didn't need changing)