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    The launcher is indeed terrible. 50% of the time gives you connecting to server error, and now I have to exit the client and restart it bc I get that "account or pw error". To close the client i also need to shut all rom clients, so it's pretty terrible if I just want to log an alt in.

    The titles in IS are still mislabelled (1 year on). E.G 'Price of Darkness' states that it gives +100 Magical Damage instead of the actual +100 Magical Attack. Would be nice for players to actually be getting what is advertised, especially given the astronomically low % of getting a title.

    Keep in mind that ch/m rampage used to hit 4x on silence seal (all aoes did) instead of 2x and was fixed in 2018 or 19.

    It's not an unfair decision at all. The instance is completely broken and doesn't work as intended, altho using Warden pets to clear it certainly isn't an exploit and actually requires a lot of organisation. What is more unfair is :

    a. peak level experience is completely nonsensical, needing billions of exp to advance a single level is just .... 🤡

    b. instance is actually already completely broken not taking into account the peak exp issues, almost all of the bosses are tank and spank and the tactics either don't work as intended or they are just ridiculously easy

    c. even being 100(5) isn't enough to hit hm mobs/bosses because they are like lvl 118 or so

    Those are pretty obvious I suppose.

    The worst part is the lack of communication however, 0 announcements for months on this until they closed it. At least sun temple was closed just hours after they realised it was broken (new lows I guess when it makes ST release seem like a success).

    I play a class that uses 2h weapons and have never needed more than recon VII. Anyway for most instances K/P is useful and also offers -25% aggro, buy powder too if you need it. Or get a better tank.

    The Good

    - Different from previous events & jumping puzzles are a nice idea.

    - Sun temple gear/SW Badges/Proofs/Dreamland items are good rewards generally.

    - Solo mode is not too hard, allowing most players to farm it.

    With that said, whoever designed the difficulty gradient didn't do a great job. Why does normal mode, which takes 4x as long as easy mode, give exactly the same rewards? I was looking forward to doing hard mode today with some guildies but since I've seen that it's totally not worth the 5-6 hours it will take I have no reason to.

    Especially when entry to normal/hard modes cost 10/25 dias each, you would expect some sort of nice reward. Nope, 73 dura healer boots which we could have got playing solo mode. Not to mention that if you crash or dc then you have to buy the item from the IS again to enter.

    Also a few issues :

    - The priests that constantly heal other units really make pulls bad, mobs just randomly come whether you aggroed them or not.

    - Hunters have skill "lasso" that resets aggro, not sure that it is intended.

    - Jump puzzles are kinda buggy sometimes.

    Weapon damage & DPS doesn't matter for offhand weapons. So for some classes that rely on attack speed to proc their main skills (i.e Ch/R) it is the best offhand you can have. The only reason all rogue and X/Rogue combos don't use this is because the ghost stats are pretty much nothing compared to the 14-15k patk you can get with the new offhand daggers

    As usual, new content is always tested rigorously before release.

    Do you think that if a software tester points out a bug it will always be fixed before the product is published?

    If the bug is minor and does not affect the functionality of the feature - no.

    However if players can't complete the quest because of bugged content then I would say yes, one would expect it to be fixed. Doesn't affect me bc I already have peak level but just makes it not worth doing for those that don't have it already (it's already a significant grind, and having probably 20-30% of the quests not working as intended is surely enough to put those players off). Community would rather wait slightly longer to have content that actually works and isn't bugged, however going by previous releases even 1 year+ isn't enough to make it not completely catastrophically untested (Sun temple release comes to mind).

    well peak lvl only prob for dbuffer tank healer dd when offten game put 200% exp bost or can be higher now by 1/100 exp!! doable whit not annoy self by nonstop farm.......problem is boss lvl vs yours and do not say some bugged class combo like s/m wd/s chiron ...this not a game plan for play in instance even this game!...and EU server not got event for GM pat food x2 summon chiron higher value "...i am woundering how can be enemy in sw use some of this food "def too" nonstop daily every SW bk to some some year......

    Last gm food event on EU servers was at least 1.5 years ago, maybe longer. Still no incentive to lvl up because instance is clearly still broken and no communication at all from GF to even acknowledge that - although at least the DE players get some form of communication that isn't closing forum threads.

    Yes you can still get IBW. No way to get FT, SA or MR once you skipped them. Plenty of threads made on this topic down the years but no official response - I guess the stance is "it's your problem" for picking the "wrong" line, which is a shame because those titles are necessary for pve content.

    The best addon to use ingame is Dungeonloots. You can search any item and double left-click it to see the drop rate of the stats in the loot tables. Of course, the observed drop rate will be vastly different unless you do like 10,000+ runs.

    For example I was running bethomia to farm warlock ISS. I did 18 runs without dropping a single one. Given that the chance of dropping a mage upper is 16.6%, so the chance of not dropping a single one is just under 4%. It's easy to get frustrated and feel unlucky when that happens, but in reality each run is independent from the one prior, so you aren't any more likely to drop the mage upper in each subsequent run as opposed to an earlier one.

    @Game Maters. Could you please do some tests? Create a char, refill its currencies as necessary, make hundreds of pulls and share the statistics. Many players will be grateful for this.

    You can get an insight how to properly conduct a statistic here […stical_hypothesis_testing] and see why pulling 28 times is not enough to have answer (Also please see [] ).

    Yes, I think this is why he asked a GM to do it 100s of times.

    Tbh it depends on the direction the elites would take. For example Ch/Wl completely changes champ class, w/m completely changes warrior class and so on...

    But just for fun,

    Wd/K (and in fact any knight subclass) could be super tanky if it had an elite that could let it use shields - Shield of Discipline is one of the best skills in the game for tanks. But I still think Wd/W would be better because it has really nice elites.

    K/Wl might be fun, could be quite similar to K/M which is very good. But instead of light damage it could be based around dark dmg.

    It was a nice idea but poorly executed. Items were basically useless.

    - 1kk TP orb for anything more than 1 diamond is an insult (takes 30sec-3 min to get 1kk tp in ST)

    - A pet with no bonuses.

    - A mount with same movement speed as others but for more dias.

    - Pet growth pot, you can get the same exp from a few miller's cakes or golden eggs.

    - Consumable items for rubies, it's way cheaper to use rental function for dias.

    In future I think that items should start at their promo price, not their regular price - i.e start golden hammers (x10) at 150 dias and not 190 dias. Then they might actually sell out and make the "flash auction" actually be a competitive auction rather than having most of the items unsold at the end.

    Well even at lvl 5 apparently you can't hit hard mode bosses. + How are you gonna do it anyway with like the 2-3 germans who are lvl 5?

    Anyway pretty sure this content is locked behind peak lvl system because it's released not working properly. Easy mode bosses are just literally tank and spank (bar b1 and b5), yes it "might" be harder in hard mode but tactics don't change. Just values.