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    Hello ^^

    I tried the new Flash Auction and I like it :) the baby annofera is so cute <3:love:

    just few things:

    1) Gold icon

    Can you change the gold icons with Dias? for a moment i had the doubt that was gold bid not dias

    Also is nice to see even a ruby's auction :) (ruby icon is correct there)

    2) Item depot

    I received items in Item shop backpack not in item depot as wrote above and in the FAQ, is a bug or just the description is wrong?

    3) could you add some description about the red/yellow/green bar?

    cause when they started to became light blue I dont understand if is a countdown or a sort of item's availability O.o

    Thanks :)

    Hello ^^

    Sealing the Spatial Magic Core (yellow quest)

    I'm not sure how to complete this quest and also which mode should be done, easy/normal or hard?

    Cause I joined in Ice Blade hard mode but I cant see where use Special Rune, someone know which coords/where must be used?

    Anyone can help me with it? :)

    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for answer :) but as I wrote in the previous post I cant see anywhere Elite Failed Experiments (67 Elite) and those skills doenst works on :

    Sticky Test Specimen

    Agile Test Specimen

    Sturdy Test Specimen

    so you maybe know where are those Elites? and how to get the Carried File state?

    Hello :)

    I have some problem with this quest:

    Freedom Fighters (this quest is in common to game event The Backwater War)

    Location: Redhill Mountains

    NPC: Leo Silofen

    After take the quest, the npc gave me the Instructions item and 4 skills:

    Table Drills

    Find the Achilles Heel

    Sleeping Experiment

    The Power of Knowledge (passive)

    Those skills can be used only against the mob: Elite Failed Experiments (67 Elite) and you need to reach 50 objectives to complete the quest. Also Instructions doesnt say nothing more.....

    I tried 2 times, one alone and the second with a friend but in both times I never seen Elite Failed Experiments mobs and those skills doesnt works on other mobs.

    Also my friends told me he has different skills and task O.o

    Can someone please help me and explain how to complete this quest?

    Thanks in advance :) spawn very rare...and he is little bigger then other sharps its easy to miss it...i think it s not related with event..i did event alot at some point of my life....i seen it once but at that time instead i kill it i just walked away....i will try again in one of my future life....

    Its related to the event, I tried different days and in the end I did it :) you must be really fast to follow every task showed on screen

    Tip: keep always on eye on the screen where show the different event task, there is a countdown, will help you a lot, atleast to me worked

    Also if may helps it spawned at coords 58.5/68.7 so check there a lot during final task

    I cant see the public quest but I see the event active on game, it show a counter, I'll try then

    Thank you :)

    Hello :)

    I'm trying to do the daily quest in Northern Janost Forest called Kill the Giant Sharptooth

    I cant found the Giant Sharptooth, I searched even in google and I found different info:

    1) coords: 58.5/68.7 (is not there)

    2) suggestion to take the public quest "Rural Life in Sley" (that doesnt exist anymore in map, I suppose it got removed? )

    3) NPC world search ( for my search doesnt exist this Elite anywhere)

    4) farming scarlet sharptooth and elite will spawn (farmed but nothing spawn)

    So this quest is bugged or there is another way to completed it?

    Please help me :(

    Thanks in advance

    I totally appreciate see new titles and I like it but in my opinion this offer based on random luck is just a fail.

    I'm one of the ppl who used to buy titles in IS, like cat girls and other but today I just tried 4 of them and i got only pots, I'm not gonna spend more.

    I mean, I think is decent buy titles for 7-10-20-50-80-100 dias but spend 200 or over for a title I consider it Too much

    Titles could be nice to collect but not gonna invest tons dias on it, like I used to do with plus for weapons or other stuff.

    So my suggestion is just do not put titles random luck based, maybe special titles for halloween you could put them at 100-150 dias but not with random luck.... :(:(:(

    SaitoHajime thank you for suggestion

    so I uninstalled/reinstalled the launcher, at start it give me again 1% stuck and patching, i just shut down full launcher from task manager. When I opened again the game checked update and was ready to play....

    and finally I'm in game :love:

    Thanks all :)

    Update was stuck at 1% for me and time was increasing by double every few seconds. Pause - Continued a few times and it worked.

    Also yeah at 100% nothing happened. Press pause a few times and it should work, at least it did on mine.

    Thanks for suggestion, tried but nothing.... is stuck at 1% with an up and down of estimate time from 75h to 130h


    another idea? or anyone had something similar?

    There is some issue with new patch and the launcher....

    cause after the verifyng completed 100%, Updated started and it show me need 80h to update the new festival.

    After 1h game is was still at 0% updates and still show 80h estimate time...

    So I put on pause and tried patch others Gameforge games like Aion, in 60 sec Aion patch was done and ready to play.... Tried even with Wizard101 and all works as well, only issue is with Runes Of magic and the launcher.

    If anyone has some suggestion how to fix it pls help me ;(;(;(;(;(;(

    Today wheh I tried to update the client with new festival i had this error

    I clicked on Verifying and is it show me need 3h to full check............

    How is possible yesterday I played fine doing festival events and today the game is broken and cant patch?????

    Hello ^^

    in Vidar server today I was looking for those 2 quests:

    - Recovering the Supplies

    - Rest in Peace, comrade!

    prequest: "Throttling the Corruptive Magic Generators" and "On to the Southtree Station" both already done

    NPC Anka coords: [39,8 ; 56,3]

    following the wiki, I checked also at [37,2, 25,4] and [35,12 24,14] but no Anka, is bugged?

    Thanks in advance