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    When I saw title of this thread, thought this was going to be about getting that many unique cards. Was gonna be like...not possible. ^^

    Anyway...congrats on the title! :thumbup:

    I see you are only 10 titles ahead of me (I'm #4 ranked). I would probably be around where you are had I done the endgame instances that give titles (stopped running long ago).

    I've struggled with if I even want to comment on this thread as macros/addons have been a key design by Runewaker since the beginning. For them to make any potential changes in this regard on a game that is essentially on life support (no real large changes in a long time) just won't happen. So, this is perhaps to inform those players against them that nothing in this regard will change.

    I'm for macros (and addons) in this game as they are NEEDED from a quality of life perspective. Had Runewaker built these kinds of features into the game instead of requiring players to build it (like in some other games), then I might say otherwise. Some examples where it is currently possible to do without addons/macros, but it is TEDIOUS work:

    1) Finding appropriate title, switching to it to use some skill, then going back to the title used previously (like Sarkas mentioned above).

    2) Putting all loot from any mob kills into backpack.

    3) Determining if already own a mob card.

    4) ETC situations like can be found in this sample thread:

    Give a Macro, Take a Macro!

    @Poson Prince -

    Ok, so nothing is actually done on step #3, there are additional confirmation dialogs after. It also sounds like the cost is ONLY transmutor charges and we don't actually need any stones. Got it.

    So I proceeded to see what tier 7 costs for fun...

    231x arcane energy for Purified Fusion Stone

    19x arcane energy for Random Fusion Stone

    Dang, that is a lot of arcane energy for that tier alone. I get they are trying to increase it a bit since no stones are apparently needed, but I think I'll pass...

    Is there a small guide on this temporary Transmutor NPC Owenstein as to how it is supposed to work? Referring to this announcement:

    Maintenance - 23.03.2023

    Sequence of steps:

    1) Lets say I put on a tier 6 junk hand piece that has 0 upgrades (e.g. no plussing/stats I want to save) and then select hand to upgrade.

    2) Next I pick what mana stone tier that I want (doesn't matter what).

    3) The next screen confuses me where we can use either a purified or random fusion stone. Do I need to to have <x> amount of these stones in my backpack at the time?

    I'm not sure how this NPC is supposed to work.

    I noticed this problem too only after the latest patch.

    I haven't been interested enough on trying to get it fixed though as looks like a 'Winter event' is going on with the character as to the clothing being worn. ^^

    Whelp, now that we got a new festival today, the game wouldn't even start for me after installing the patch. Had to run the repair option, which did allow me to then start the game. Sure enough, the previously broken texture issue is also fixed. So much for the winter theme on some characters... ^^


    Referring to this event:


    Winter Events 2022


    Typical from past years and still nice to have:


    - Daily login gift

    - Boosts (xp/tp/drop)


    NPC Traders:


    Nice for anyone to be able to leverage. My only suggestion for possible improvement here is to either:

    1) Add NPC that allows trade for different type of coin that only drops in Panth for peak xp (which has been done before..).


    2) If there is a NPC limit of sorts, replace Hilary that gives out certs for the NPC that provides this sort of trade.

    Provides more access to peak rewards while also promoting more group play (even though some might be able to solo Panth easy..).


    Training range (bunker):


    Thanks! :thumbup:

    I wish this was actually a permanent change as even with this boost it will still take quite some time to level peak.

    I noticed this problem too only after the latest patch.

    I haven't been interested enough on trying to get it fixed though as looks like a 'Winter event' is going on with the character as to the clothing being worn. ^^

    "10 infinite perfect jewels for 10 000 diamonds each...sold quickly." hahaha...

    This is why plus stones have never been an issue for those that run the game. Looking at how much actual revenue they are bringing in tells a story vs 'a few' players complaining on a forum.

    Simple fix. They could have either:

    1) Rather than providing peak fragments, provide peak orbs for coin of petal trades.

    -> This has been done before...


    2) Add another NPC that also allows trade-in for peak orbs for coin of petals rather than removing the ability to trade for peak fragments/EOJ.

    -> Allows more flexibility for those that still wanted to trade for peak frags/EOJs.

    *The above assumes the peak orb coin of petal trade-ins wouldn't be as high as the coin of ice trades, but higher than the peak fragment trades (e.g. 5M for petal vs 10M for ice).

    Anyway, just focusing feedback on this particular event as the 'leveling peak problem' is nothing new.

    Can't say I've had any experience with +20 as I stopped playing the game from an end game perspective long ago. Got tired of trying to plus gear where dropping a level can happen (just failing is...'ok'). Yada yada, an issue that many players weren't found of, eventually left, etc....anywho, starting to get off track.

    The above said, potentially:

    A) You might be simply experiencing bad randomness (flip a coin and chances of it landing on heads many times in a row).

    B) While 'they' won't admit it, there might be periods of the day/week where they are changing the odds of the ability to plus an item successfully. Where this comes from and if I recall correctly, there was a publicly announced event that increased plus chances, which totally means they can control successful plus chances when desired even if not publicly communicated. I know this sounds a bit conspiracy, but how would we really know?

    Re "Getting Peak XP Suggestions"

    Peak XP can be treated like a 'Daily' event where one can gain up to <x>M peak XP fighting mobs/doing dailies without the peak XP being reduced. So, if hypothetically one would normally get 100K XP from turning in a daily, then one would really get 100K Peak XP (it is not reduced at a small fraction). Once one reaches that max limit, then they get the same small amount of peak XP as it is today.

    I'll let the game designers decide on what that max peak limit is per day if they decide to do something like this (hahahaha... I know, why am I even bringing this up...).

    you should learn on other ppl mistakes...once ..long time ago ..i maxed honor point ..then they cut it and now we have NPCs that take net bandwidth... we really need another currency ?

    Yea, I know of that honor point reduction. I was around when they did it and lost A LOT as well. Was really mad at the lack of communication of the planned change as well. :cursing: If they decide to reduce this one, not that big of a deal in comparison of honor points. The time/effort spent to get these coins to 10k isn't anywhere near as bad in comparison of something like honor points where A LOT of time/effort was spent.

    For those not aware, the NPCs for these trials are located behind AH in Logar. I tried Tower of Trials out and here are some of my thoughts. I made it to round 200 something before the server was restarted this morning, which restarted the level back to 1.

    1)Find all matching treasure chests is buggy.

    - Can kill some mobs by accident, which prevents the round from completing even if all the chests are gone.

    - Sometimes couldn't even open anymore chests even though there were more available.

    2) Reduce the amount of treasure chests by one row or increase the time by one minute please.

    - There is plenty of time allocated for all other types of challenges. This one takes a while.

    3) Lack of motivation:

    - There appears to be no title. As I made it to a highish round with a lot of points before the server reset (300k something) and also got to first place in score after they reset the server, no title was ever given.

    - The items that can be gotten from the nearby store from the coin rewards is not much motivation for running it. Put more interesting stuff in there please.

    - Much of it becomes very repetitive. For me, the only reason why I kept going to a high level was to max out the amount of trial coins I got to 10k. I tend to max out all my various currency (like I've been sitting on max mems allowed for a long time now..).

    - Doesn't scale well (the challenge). If one is level 100, then we should start with level 100 mobs. It took A LOT of rounds to get to the level 100 mobs. However, even once at the level 100, most mobs were simple to kill (1 hit). Some of the leaders were getting harder to one shot as levels got higher though. By far the most challenging one at very high rounds was only the beetle leader. That one seemed to at least be a really good challenge. Don't change anything with him. :)

    - Don't get much TP/EXP from mobs.

    4) Not able to leave when wanted is buggy.

    - It seems there is a portal that one can click on to leave. Most times I couldn't get it to work though and either needed to port out or start the event and have time run out to kick me out.

    5) The failure time delay can be easily removed.

    - If one fails a round, there is a penalty of waiting 3 min (I think it was) before trying again. All one has to do is go inside their house (which I found by accident) and this time delay penalty will be removed right away.


    I have a lot of titles and the current title interface doesn't have a way of filtering to see if already have a specific title based on name given. I was given a macro a long time ago that searched through all the titles I currently had and looked for a specific name. If I already got the title, it would simply display a 'found' message. If I didn't have the title, it would display a 'not found' message. I would just minor edit the macro and change whatever title name I was interested in searching from time to time. Unfortunately, I lost that macro and can't find any published macro/addon that does something similar like this already...

    So, does anyone have something like this they don't mind sharing? :)