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  • *Originally started by karmakarma on US Boards

    Please note that this is an older thread. Therefore some of the user macros may not work any longer.

    I'm starting this thread to help circulate ONLY MACROS throughout the player-base, please do not derail this thread with negative criticism, fighting/trolling/bashing and off-topic comments... thank you in advance

    The following is all i ask for....


    The Goal :

    If you have a useful macro that has not been posted in this thread yet then please share it with everyone so that others may use it as well, it doesnt matter if it is perfect or not.

    Please do not ask for a specific macro or macro help... think of this thread as "Collective Knowledge" to share with everyone else that plays RoM.
    Please do not post a macro that someone else has already posted either.


    Format/Template : ( if possible please use the following format/template, however it is not required though. )

    Macro Name : What you named your macro.

    Description : Give a short description of what your macro does.

    Usage : How to use it if its not 100% obvious.

    Macro : Insert it into a CODE block for easy identification for others.


    i guess i'll be the first to start and i'll list a few of my own macros that i use

    Macro Name : Quick Collect

    Description : Collects mail then deletes receipt then refreshes the inbox without opening each piece of mail, will also pay COD fee if it has one.

    Usage : Open the mailbox then click the macro, wait about half of a second and click again to get the next inbox item.

    Macro :

    1. /run TakeInboxItem(1)
    2. /wait .3
    3. /run DeleteInboxItem(1)
    4. /wait .3
    5. /run InboxFrame_Update()

    Macro Name : Friendly Heals

    Description : Heals friendly players under 97% HP, works on party/raid members and also players not in your party/raid

    Usage : click macro to search and heal friendly targets in range, change "Urgent Heal" to which ever healing spell you want to use.

    Macro :

    1. /run for i=1,10 do TargetNearestFriend() if UnitIsPlayer("target") then break else TargetUnit("") end end
    2. /run if (UnitHealth("target")/UnitMaxHealth("target")<=.97) then CastSpellByName("Urgent Heal") else TargetUnit("") end

    I hope to see this thread grow with lots of macros from lots of different players

  • *Originally posted by Borella

    Macro Name : Equipment Swap

    Description : Swaps equipment to a second slot to preserve durability loss when death is imminent. Also returns pet.

    Usage : Just click it when you're gonna die. Change the number in the second part to the slot your pet is in.

    Macro :

    1. /run SwapEquipmentItem(-1)
    2. /wait .5
    3. /run ReturnPet(1)

    Macro Name: Simple Repair Hammer

    Description: Will use a simple repair hammer on any piece of gear that has fallen below 101 durability.

    Usage: Click it until any UD gear is repaired.


    1. /run for i = 0 , 16, 1 do local dV, dM, iN, dVF, dMF = GetInventoryItemDurable("player",i) if(dV < dM and dV < 101 and dM >= 102) then UseItemByName("Simple Repair Hammer"); PickupEquipmentItem(i); SendSystemChat("Hammered " .. iN); break; end end
  • *Original post by Bleedingblak

    My throw to combo throw macro (for rogue/scouts)

    Rent Portable Auction / Mail / Bank

    1. /run ToggleTimeFlagPopupMenu()

    Use Portable Auction / Mail / Bank

    1. /run OpenBank()
    2. /run OpenAuction()
    3. /run OpenMail()

    Siege target macro (+ says class name in red system text [ty Gamja])

    1. /run for i=1,10 do TargetNearestEnemy(IsShiftKeyD­own()) if UnitIsPlayer("target") then break end end
    2. /run if not UnitIsPlayer("target") then TargetUnit("") end
    3. /run primary,secondary = UnitClass("target")
    4. /run SendWarningMsg(primary.."/"..s­econdary)

    move FPS&PING to top of screen “Donatfisch”

    1. /script FramerateText:ClearAllAnchors(); FramerateText:SetAnchor("TOPLEFT", "TOPLEFT", WorldFrame, 1110, 655); FramerateText:Show();

    pvp glove macro

    1. /script UseItemByName("Gloves of Assassination");
    2. /wait .1
    3. /script UseEquipmentItem(1)
    4. /wait .1
    5. /script UseItemByName("Leather Gloves of Vigilance");
    6. /wait 60
    7. /wait 60
    8. /w Bleedingblak PVPGLOVS

    Soldier’s Attack

    Fire Training

    Aoth Strike Cape

    1. /script UseItemByName("Aoth Strike Cape");
    2. /wait .1
    3. /script UseEquipmentItem(5)
    4. /wait .3
    5. /script UseEquipmentItem(5)
    6. /wait .4
    7. /script UseItemByName("Outside Codex");
    8. /wait 60
    9. /wait 60
    10. /w Bleedingblak Ultimate Shot (cape) ready

    Aoth Blade Cape

    1. /script UseItemByName("Aoth Blade Cape");
    2. /wait .3
    3. /script UseEquipmentItem(5)
    4. /wait .1
    5. /script UseEquipmentItem(5)
    6. /wait .8
    7. /script UseItemByName("Outside Codex");
    8. /wait 60
    9. /wait 60
    10. /w Bleedingblak Dodge Cape Ready

    Siege Target macro (only targets enemy players)

    1. /run for i=1,10 do TargetNearestEnemy(IsShiftKeyDown()) if UnitIsPlayer("target") then break end end
    2. /run if not UnitIsPlayer("target") then TargetUnit("") end

    Cast Shadow Prison on target, UNLESS TARGET IS ALREADY SHADOW PRISONED!.

    (ty Amberwave)

    1. /run SP = false; for i=1,40 do if UnitDebuff("target", i) == "Shadow Prison" then SP = true break end end if (not SP) then CastSpellByName("Shadow Prison") end
  • *Original post by Cike

    Macro Name : AoE Quickcast

    Description : Casts AoE in a specified area.

    Usage : Use hotkey to activate macro, and the AoE spell will go off centering where your mouse cursor is at the time.

    Macro :

    1. /script CastSpellByName("AoE Name")
    2. /wait 0.025
    3. /script CastSpellByName("AoE Name")
    4. /script SpellTargetUnit()

    Macro Name : ISS Quickselect

    Description : Equips an ISS from your list.

    Usage : Set "X" as the tab # that your class is, and set "Y" as the # of the skill going down the list. Ex: 1st skill on 2nd tab would be: x=2, y=1. I use this to quickly switch out to preset ISS combinations. NOTE: you cannot switch ISS during combat! NOTE2: This takes a bit of manual setup and testing to work properly and make sure the right ISS is kicked when you equip the new one.

    Macro :

    1. /script JOBINDEX=X SKILLINDEX=Y SkillSuitFrame_GetSkill_OnClick()
  • *Original post by CammoXD

    Equips Main hand and offhand weapons.

    Only applies to r/x and x/r eg for a lazy m/r like myself, can use it to equip dagger into offhand and wand to mainhand.

    1. /run EquipItem(16) EquipItem(17) mh,offh = nil,nil
    2. /wait .5
    3. /run _,_,ts=GetBagCount() for i=1,ts do ii,_,n=GetBagItemInfo(i) if n=="offhand" then offh=ii elseif n=="Mainhand" then mh = ii end end
    4. /run EquipItem(16, mh) EquipItem(17, offh)

    Mage Magic Tricks skill

    Checks for magic tricks buff, if it has it, uses the alt-1 skill (extra actionbar skill) else casts magic tricks. (warning, you need to change the UseExtraAction(1) command to the correct number if you are herald in siege....or you'll be a retard like me and accidentally cast tornado rather than the Magic tricks skill xD)

    1. /run MT = false; for i=1,40 do if UnitBuff("player", i) == "Magic Tricks" then MT = true break end end if (MT) then UseExtraAction(1) else CastSpellByName("Magic Tricks") end

    Equip Aoth Ring and use for the 10 second anti-fear buff (great in VN and siege)

    1. /Use Aoth Mysticism Ring
    2. /wait .2
    3. /Run UseEquipmentItem(12)
    4. /wait .2
    5. /Use Ifur Ring

    Quick Feed Pet Macro

    Place a stack of pet food into the slot as though you were going to manually feed them, then initiate the macro to feed up to 99 instantly.

    (Change the number within FeedPet(1) to the pet slot you are wanting to force feed)

    1. /script for i = 1, 99, 1 do FeedPet(1) end

    Following macro needs the addon 'Cancelbuff' which can be found here:

    I just use it to avoid wasting Touch of the Unicorn when those pesky priests sneak in a grace. (There is a longer version that doesn't need an addon but I have forgotten it (probably wouldn't fit into the standard macro limit anyway.)

    1. /unbuff Grace of Life
    2. /unbuff Enhanced Grace of Life
    3. /script UseItemByName("Touch of the Unicorn")
    4. /wait 60
    5. /wait 60
    6. /wait 45
    7. /w Cammo 15s on Uni
  • *Original post by karmakarma

    Macro Name : Icons

    Description : Adds extra icons to the macro interface

    Usage : activate macro before creating a new macro click the icon box and scroll down to see the extra icons available

    Macro :

    1. /run NUM_ICON_ROWS = 20
    2. /run DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Extra Icons Enabled")

    Macro Name : GearSet 1

    Description : click to swap to ONLY gear set #1.

    Usage : can be used with other commands as well... see Borella's post above.

    Macro :

    1. /run SwapEquipmentItem(0)

    Macro Name : GearSet 2

    Description : click to swap to ONLY gear set #2.

    Usage : can be used with other commands as well... see Borella's post above.

    Macro :

    1. /run SwapEquipmentItem(1)

    Macro Name : GearSet 3

    Description : click to swap to ONLY gear set #3.

    Usage : can be used with other commands as well... see Borella's post above.

    Macro :

    1. /run SwapEquipmentItem(2)

    Macro Name : Inspect

    Description : allows you to inspect any target, including npc's and mobs, however npc's and mobs will never have gear on.

    Usage : click to inspect your current target, useful in siege if you need to inspect someone before they rez up.

    Macro :

    1. /run InspectUnit("target")

    Macro Name : Title Id

    Description : gets title Id number for further use in creating title swap macros.

    Usage : click to find your current title Id number.

    Macro :

    1. /run DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Title Number = "..GetCurrentTitle())

    Macro Name : Set Title

    Description : will equip a specific title based on the title Id found from the above macro.

    Usage : used in many macros to activate title skills, change "number" to a title Id without quotes around it.

    Macro :

    1. /run SetTitleRequest(number)

    Macro Name : Total Titles

    Description : will tell you exactly how many titles you have collected.

    Usage : informational purposes.

    Macro :

    1. /run DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Total Titles = "..GetTitleCount())

    Macro Name : Zone Id

    Description : returns the zone Id # of the current zone you are in

    Usage : informational purposes.

    Macro :

    1. /run DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Zone ID = "..GetZoneID())

    Macro Name : Zone Name

    Description : returns the zone name of the current zone you are in.

    Usage : informational purposes.

    Macro :

    1. /run DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Zone Name = "..GetZoneName(GetZoneID()))
  • *Original post by Darwec

    Macro name: Anti-Pet Target

    Description: Skips pets in sw

    usage: mines a little different from bb's because it just targets people and leaves the est to you to figure not. No telling you who your target is o.o

    1. /run for i=1,10 do TargetNearestEnemy(IsShiftKeyDown()) if UnitIsPlayer("target") then break end end
    2. /run if not UnitIsPlayer("target") then TargetUnit("") end

    Macro Name: tabtarget attack

    Description: Tabs to a target, hits them with a skill until they die, and moves on. Used to be how iceblade macros worked.

    usage: you have to change "CastSpellByName(arg)" to reflect your actuall skill name. SOme skills (like power of the wood spirit) are too long to macro.

    1. /run if not UnitCanAttack("player","target") or UnitIsDeadOrGhost("target")==true or UnitIsDeadOrGhost("target")==nil then for i=1,10 do TargetNearestEnemy() if not UnitMaster("target") then break end end else CastSpellByName("Low Blow") end

    macro name: gtfo

    description: runs really really fast

    usage: if you are not a rogue, change sprint to god speed potions or any other run speed skilly ou may have.

    macro name: energy drink daily

    description: makes people take your energy drink

    1. /run TargetNearestFriend()
    2. /use Energy Drink
    3. /run if UnitName("target") == "Lankor Forgia" then CastSpellByName("Attack") end
  • *Original post by Darwec

    Macro Name: Seeds

    Description: Targets your Targets Target, uses seed, Retargets orignal target

    Usage: Duplicate for Weakening seed

    1. /run local DSRI = UnitRaidIndex("target"); TargetUnit("targettarget"); CastSpellByName("Withering Seed"); TargetUnit("raid"..DSRI)
  • *Originally posted by Drakkarsdad

    Not a real macro writer, but this was shared with me by players who are no longer playing. I duplicated the same macro with sandstorm, healing arrows and group exorcism.


    1. /script CastSpellByName("Thunderstorm")
    2. /wait 0.15
    3. /script CastSpellByName("Thunderstorm")
    4. /script SpellTargetUnit()

    This one casts wherever the cursor is.

  • *Original post by Blankminded

    Macro name: Target X

    Description: Target specific npcs and nothing else.

    Usage: Replace X,y,z,etc. with "unitname" (ex. "Plague Ball"). Such as targetting only Plague Balls on last boss bethomia or Quest related npcs. Replace "TargetNearestFriend()" with "TargetNearestEnemy()" if checking for enemies.

    1. /run for i=1,20 do local name=UnitName("target") if name == X or name == Y or name== Z then break else TargetNearestFriend() end end if not (name == X or name == Y or name == Z) then TargetUnit("") end

    Macro Name: Move Gears

    Description: Move specific equipment items from one gear set to another

    Usage:get appropriate equipment slot #s, replace item names and/or X, Y with ones you wish to move. Modifications are needed if you are moving 2 ring or 2 earrings. For 100% success rate, make sure one of 2 cases are true: 1) no item of same name in bags already or 2) empty first bag slots if you have same item as the one you're swapping, in your bags already. Names of items must be in "".

    Macro Name: Cancel Buff

    Description: cancels buff with specific name

    Usage: replace "name" with the buff name (ex. "Briar Shield"). Can be used to remove blood arrow, archer's glory, Reduce Aggro (wd/w 70 elite Reduce Aggro buff that Tanks don't want on), k/p buff that other tanks don't want on, etc.

    1. /run for r=1,100 do local BN,_,ct,BID,par = UnitBuff("player", r) if BN == "name" then CancelPlayerBuff(r) elseif not BN then break end end

    Macro Name: Cast Skill

    Description: Checks if target/player has buff with specific name and casts it only if it is NOT found.

    Usage: cast silence if target is not silenced, amplified attack if target does not have amp attack etc. If checking for a skill used on enemy replace "UnitBuff("player",r")" with "UnitDebuff("target",r)", if checking for buffs used on other players use UnitBuff("target",r) and replace

    "skillname" with the skill you wish to cast. Replace "BN=="name" " with BN == debuff/buff name as it appears on the target (ex. "Silence").

    1. /run for r=1,100 do local BN,_,ct,BID,par = UnitBuff("player", r) if BN == "name" then local found = true elseif not BN then break end end if found == false then CastSpellByName("skillname") end

    macro name: Count Debuff


    count how many instances of a particular non-stacking debuff are found on an enemy such as counting number of Vamp Arrows.

    Usage: replace "name" with debuff name (ex. "Vampire Arrows"). It whispers you the counted number,but you can edit/change that to do things based on number counted (i.e if count >= 2 then CastSpellByName("Deadly Poison Bite") end )

    1. /run local count = 0 for r=1,100 do local BN,_,ct,BID,par = UnitDebuff("target", r) if BN == "name" then count = count +1 elseif not BN then break end end SendChatMessage(tostring(count), "WHISPER",0,UnitName("player"))

    Macro name: Inquire

    Description: Inquires a player (same as right clicking name and pressing inquire)

    Usage: find zone of a player, their classes, etc. If no zone is listed, they are in residence. Can be used on any player, regardless of what chat channels they are in (or not in). Change name to target's name (ex. "Blankminded")

    1. /run AskPlayerInfo("name")

    Macro Name: Add nemesis

    Description: Adds a player to nemesis list

    Usage: find CHANNEL of a player by checking nem list. change "name" to target's name (ex. "Blankminded")

    1. /run AddFriend("HateFriend,"name")

    Macro Name: reload user interface


    reloads addons, action bars and other interface components. THIS DOES

    NOT RESET UI TO DEFAULT! This will reset changes made since last logging

    on, but also refreshes nem list, and can help reload glitchy addons.

    1. /run ReloadUI()
  • *Original post by MarcelCrazy2

    Macro Name : Find guild castle

    Description : attempts to enter someone's guild castle.

    Usage : replace XXX for the guild's name

    Macro :

    1. /script GuildHouses_VisitHouseRequest("XXX")

    Macro name: Dialog button

    1. /script OnClick_QuestListButton(3, 1)

    Macro name: Skill rotation

    Description: Uses the next skill available in the order set.

    Usage: replace the numbers 80 to 76 to the action bar numbers, described in Ghost's post for the spots you placed your skills, 80 for the highest priority skill, usually average cooldown, down to lowest priority on 76. Usually something with low, or no cooldown.

    1. /run if GetActionUsable(80) then UseAction(80); elseif GetActionUsable(79) then UseAction(79); elseif GetActionUsable(78) then UseAction(78); elseif GetActionUsable(77) then UseAction(77); elseif GetActionUsable(76) then UseAction(76); end

    Macro name: Chiron arrow

    usage: have your Arrow attack toggled.

    1. /run UsePetAction(3)
    2. /run UsePetAction(5)

    Macro name: Hidden scent

    Description: targets yourself before going in hide, so if auto shot was on, it won't auto attack your target popping you out of hide right away.

    1. /run TargetUnit("Self")
    2. /wait .1
    3. /cast Hide Scent

    Macro name: Tempest Heights gear

    1. /Use Tempest Height Leather Leg Guards
    2. /Use Tempest Height War Coat
    3. /Use Tempest Height Beast Bone Boots
    4. /Use Tempest Height Shoulder Armor
    5. /Use Tempest Height Belt
    6. /Use Tempest Height Clan's Tooth
    7. /Use Tempest Height Bone Helmet

    * I use it for honor set too, and normal set.

    Macro name: WD/S

    Description: Since CC doesn't trigger GCD, good to cast CC + other skill fastest as you can.

    1. /cast Charged Chop
    2. /cast Untamable
    3. /cast Cross Chop
  • *Original post by Blankminded

    Name: Buy Stuff

    Description: buy mulitples (or multiple stacks) of items from vendors.

    Usage: open vendor window. Replace Z with the number of stacks you wish to buy, X with the vendor slot # of the item (count left to right first, then top to bottom) replace Y with the number of items per stack you wish to buy. Example: buy 10 "Recall Belt" from vendor in Fierce Fang Front Line, replace X with 13, Y with 1, Z with 10

    1. /run for i=1,Z do StoreBuyItem(X,Y) end
  • *Original post by Darwec

    Name: Aoth Ring

    Description: Trigger aoth anti fear ring

    Usage: Change Strike Ring to the name of your aoth ring, change Dilan'y ring to your real ring.

    1. /run UseItemByName("Aoth Strike Ring")
    2. /wait .125
    3. /run UseEquipmentItem(12)
    4. /wait .25
    5. /run UseItemByName("Dilan'y Ring")
  • *Originally posted by Lifefire

    Macro Name : Gfeventguild

    Description : quickly enters the Gfeventguild Castle if the castle is open to visitors

    Usage : speak to the castle manager and select "Look up guild information", then use the macro... it will not do anything if the castle is locked

    Macro :

    1. /run GuildHouses_VisitHouseRequest("Gfeventguild")


    Alternative to above macro - *credit goes to Pyrr

    A little help for those who might have trouble finding the GFeventguild in the unsorted list of guilds:

    Visit the Guild Castle Manager and choose the option "Look up Guild Information", then with the opened list run:

    1. /run local a=g_GuildListBoardFrame_GuildList for i=1,#a do if a[i].name=="Gfeventguild" then GuildHouses_VisitHouseRequest(a[i].guildID);end;end;

    using the above macro will allow you to enter our event guild castle (Guild "GFeventguild") directly.

  • *Original posted by Ghostwolf82

    Macro Name: Preview Window Resize

    Description: Changes the size of the preview window in game, and moves it.

    Use: To be able to more clearly see what is in the preview window, since it is so tiny.

    1. /script ItemPreviewFrame:SetSize(240*1.75, 330*1.75); ItemPreviewFrame:ClearAllAnchors(); ItemPreviewFrame:SetAnchor("TOPLEFT", "TOPLEFT", WorldFrame, 75, 75);

    The first 75 is the horizontal location of the window, and the second 75 is the vertical location of the window. For example if you were to have 800, 500 it would be in the lower right corner of your screen. 75,75 puts it in the upper left.

  • *Original post by Blankminded

    Macro Name : Swap 'n Cast

    Description: Swap current player raid position with target's raid position, Cast Skills X, Y, Z, Return to original party position. Good for minimizing number of clicks to move and buff in raids (can be while not in raid as well)

    Use: Change X, Y, Z, and/or add in additional waits/skills.

    1. /run israid = GetNumRaidMembers() > 0 ismover = (IsRaidLeader() or IsRaidAssistant())
    2. /run if israid then if ismover then if not UnitExists("target") then TargetUnit("player") end MoveRaidMember(UnitRaidIndex("target"), UnitRaidIndex("player")) else SendChatMessage("Give Assist Please", "PARTY") SendChatMessage("You are not assist", "WHISPER", 0, UnitName("player")) end end
    3. /cast X
    4. /wait 1
    5. /cast Y
    6. /wait 1
    7. /cast Z
    8. /run if israid then if ismover then MoveRaidMember(UnitRaidIndex("target"), UnitRaidIndex("player")) end end

    **NOTE: You may need the addon ExtendedMacroIcons for all of this code to fit in one macro.

    example: Replace X with Sublimation Weave Curse (and remove the other /cast lines). Warlock in group 2 targets a player in group 1, hits the macro. Target a different player in group 1 and hit macro again (to buff the moved person) -- everyone in group 1 is now buffed. Remove target, hit macro again, group 2 is now buffed.

  • *Original by Lifefire

    Macro Name : Dailies

    Description : When used with the addon "DailyNotes"... It will accept/complete your daily quests, and if you do all 10 quests then it will use a "Daily Quest Ticket" then continue to do quests turn-ins.

    Usage : Target the NPC you have daily quest items for, make sure the quest is set to auto-accept/complete in "DailyNotes" then spam the macro non stop.

    Macro :

    1. /run local Count, Total = Daily_count(); if Total-Count==0 then UseItemByName("Daily Quest Ticket") else CastSpellByName("Attack") end
  • *Original post by marcelcrazy2

    Heffner quick daily macro Ern a Reputation

    Macro Name : Ern a Reputation daily

    Description: Target npcs related to the daily( Quest giver and Unconfortable ) and interact with them. Daily notes is needed, and Ern a Reputation daily has to be marked on auto accept/turn in.

    Use: Stay near the npcs and use the macro. Might need to increase the waiting timer after the /cast attack, if you use the macro a little far from the npc, so it has enough time to walk up to him before start talking.

    1. /run for i=1,15 do local x=UnitName("target") if not (x == "Hugope" or x== "Uncomfortable Adventurer") then TargetNearestFriend() else break end end
    2. /cast Attack
    3. /wait .2
    4. /cast Attack
    5. /run ChoiceOption(1)
    6. /wait .3
    7. /run ChoiceOption(1)
    8. /wait 2
    9. /run TargetUnit("")
  • *Original post by Anarko0

    Macro Name : Summon Pet

    Description : Summon/returns pet with 1 click

    Usage : if pet isnt summoned this macro will summon it, else it will call it back. Replace X with Pet Slot number


    1. /run if (IsPetSummoned(X) == true) then ReturnPet(X); else SummonPet(X); end

    Macro Name : Swap equipment

    Description : Swap between two GearSet with one click

    Usage : Just replace X and Y with the respective GearSet number

    X= 1(gearset1), 2(gearset2), 3(gearset3)

    Y= 0(gearset1), 1(gearset2), 2(gearset3)


    1. /script if (GetEuipmentNumber() == X) then SwapEquipmentItem(Y); elseif (GetEuipmentNumber() == Y+1) then SwapEquipmentItem(X-1); end

    Example: changes between GearSet 1 and GearSet 3

    1. /script if (GetEuipmentNumber() == 1) then SwapEquipmentItem(2); elseif (GetEuipmentNumber() == 3) then SwapEquipmentItem(0); end

    Macro Name : Quick Scrutinizer reset

    Description : reset scrutinizer without confirmation


    1. /run scrutinizer:Reset()

    Macro Name : Change Between two titles

    Description : Changes the title, cast a skill and put backs your first title. Replace XXXXXX with the second title id, and YYYYYY with the skill name.


    1. /script a=GetCurrentTitle()
    2. /script SetTitleRequest(XXXXXX)
    3. /wait .2
    4. /cast YYYYYYY
    5. /cast YYYYYYY
    6. /cast YYYYYYY
    7. /wait .2
    8. /script SetTitleRequest(a)
  • *Original post by 13lack13ox

    Coat of Arms (Pet) - Warden Warrior

    Put your current target into focus, targets pet, casts Coat of arms on it, re-targets your original target, then clears focused target.

    1. /run FocusUnit(12,"target")
    2. /run TargetUnit("pet")
    3. /run CastSpellByName("Coat of Arms")
    4. /run TargetUnit("focus12")
    5. /run FocusUnit(12,"nil")