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    Making diamonds transferable, either through the AH or in the trade window, would reduce the rip-off artists and possibly increase the number of diamonds being purchased from GF.

    how about instead of asking to make diamonds tradable again one would ask for an "auction" button in itemshop next to the gifting button that is already there

    instead of selling diamonds why not put up on the AH items from itemshop, if the auction sells - the seller gets the gold the buyer payed and the rubies corresponding to that particular purchase, if the auction does not sell - the seller gets back the diamonds he spent on the item

    All suggestions would probably be better than what we have now... too bad GameForge won't do anything save for sit on their asses and twiddle their thumbs while the game continues to become more unplayable economic-wise.

    I love this game. Always have since I started playing in 2011. Now though I don't want to play it because I know GameForge is just going to continue to drag it through the mud. Nothing beneficial for the players is going to get done. I don't even know why we continue to try. We're just howling at a statue at this point that'll never do anything about our problems/complaints. It took how long, about 6 months before they attempted to adjust the Peak Level System? Something that many players took one look at and gave up on immediately.

    Big oof.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention. I suppose they DO act on one thing though: Taking away player agency. Oh, sorry - you finally possibly found a way to clear the dungeon that you can't even clear WITH Peak Level 5? Nope. Good bye Warden Pets!

    How about ppl selling items for dias? or bringing restriction for botters, like only players who reached 100lvl, or accessed peak lvl is able to trade gold/dia. easy for them to detect the cheaters

    Easy. Too much work, not enough gain. GameForge doesn't care at all about the game anymore from what I've seen. They're content with putting more random crap in the IS while not doing anything in terms of making the game more friendly for F2P players, new interesting events, etc.

    I am not a Scout, nor do i play one on TV, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Aren't there like two crit buffs you cast, and two damage buffs? I'd think you'd want those on for the AD.

    I mean attack rotation. Buffs is a list of about twenty different pots/skills/things that I really don't want to type out.

    Keep in mind I've played a limited amount of Scout/Rogue (but played Scout/Warden for a fair bit), so people are welcome to correct me if I'm wrong.

    To my understanding, the typical rotation is as such: As soon as you run to the boss or the fight starts, you use Vampire Arrows and toggle Autoshot on. Next, depending on your cast speed reduction you start to cast Snipe to land on AD. Right after snipe, you cast Deadly Poison Bite that should still land on AD. After Snipe + DPB, in best case scenarios the boss should be dead. However, Piercing Arrow, Reflected Shot, and a few other abilities are good to use. However, after about 10-15 seconds as a Scout you're pretty much done and the best thing to do is let Autoshot and Shot do it's thing if the boss still hasn't died.

    I would say it depends on the dungeon, and more specifically, the boss. If you can burn the boss, then yes, odds are one real person could solo that boss/dungeon. However, odds are that one real person would be playing upwards of six to twelve different clients/characters.

    So, yes. Endgame stuff can probably be soloed by a single person, but not a single character.

    The xp ratio is a complete joke, 1/100th xp rate makes getting to peak 5 take 70 billion normal xp. Lets say you used daily resets to get there, the most common repeatable daily is bottles daily in balu village. Balu village gives 63516 peak xp. The highest you can buff that outside of event if you got wishing well buff, hall of earth buff, zodiac, and two quest potions is 170% which would give you 171493 peak xp. The amount of peak xp needed to get to peak 5 is 700207338. 700207338/171493 is 4084 daily resets to reach peak 5 or 142940 diamonds. that many diamonds is 3400 USD.

    Does the game expect us to literally NO life the game grinding xp or spend 3400 dollars to continue to be end game? please tell me there is a mistake in my math because LITERALLY no one will do this.

    99% sure we can't even do quests for this system. Daily repeats would easily be the easiest and quickest way to do this, but yeah. Why do they expect us to spend 100+ hours of constant grinding just to be able to attempt the new dungeon. My guild thinks that they are done with the game and are trying to get people to quit playing so they can close the servers. And if that is their goal, well, it's worked with getting people to quit.

    • The new instance "New Pantheon" has been added.
      • The instance will offer 3 difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard modes.
      • The New Pantheon difficulties are balanced around different Peak Levels following a progression.

    If you don't want to farm the new instance, why do you want the peak levels in the first place?

    Because maybe we just enjoy running the latest dungeon, not spending 120+ hours of hardcore grinding in order to actually do what we enjoy doing in RoM.

    My guild was really looking forward to coming back just to run the new dungeon. We're all either working or have school and do not have the time required for this massive grind. This 'Peak Level' system has single-handedly caused my entire guild to pretty much quit the game for good because none of us are interested in doing content that has been further gated beyond the ridiculous gear requirements for endgame. We've slogged through this game for hundreds - if not thousands of hours - and spent hundreds to thousands of $$$ in order to actually do this. We want to be able to delve right into what we want to do - running dungeons.

    In the long history of GameForge screwups, this is the single worst one that we can think of. Y'all are SO disconnected from your playerbase it's like y'all are purposefully TRYING to get people to stop playing the game. I found it funny at first, but not anymore. This is downright ridiculous.

    So if I use the steam client, how can I login to my character on the US servers? When hit the button, it sent me to the European servers, with no chance to change my region to the US servers.

    You might of registered/be loaded into the wrong region. For example, EU and NA, have separate accounts. If you registered in NA, you can't login to EU, and vice versa. You can change the region on the launcher to the one you registered to, and that should fix it.

    I had a small question, since all the wikis differ. Us on Pheonix server have finally downed hackman, and its been 24 hours and he hasn't spawned. Whats the timer on the world bosses? Is it 24 hours or 72? and will he always spawn small boi or will he spawn 50/50?

    May i ask how far Phoenix progress is? Because on the new DE Server i think all WBs are already downed. And if you managed to kill Hackman, mandara shouldnt be a big deal either. Just use Unipots.

    Right now, the highest hardmode instance we've cleared is Grafu Castle. We could probably clear ToSHH if we sat down and tried it. We could probably do most instances up to Bethomia though somewhat easily. To my knowledge there is one player who can solo farm STE, but, usually every night we get a group of 6 together and do a few runs. We've killed Resentful Hackman and Resentful Mandara, but no idea if we could do more. We intend to do Grotto soon to test our luck there.