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    The Universal Potion have been spread around the servers via special events. (Christmas, Halloween, etc).

    There is no recipe available and they do not drop off of any mobs.

    NPCs should now be in their proper place, Channel 1 Varanas, near the bank wall.

    I was just on Aeterna and Phoenix a little while ago and moved them in their normal spots.

    If you have already sent in a ticket, we ask for some patience until you get a reply.

    Support will get back to you with the steps required to change guild leadership.

    *Original post by SHAYdynasty

    Macro Name : Donation Buff

    Description : Will keep donating 30k till you get the buff you want, then will stop donating. This macro is specifically for the 3% physical attack "625652", but you can change to your liking by just changing the id.

    Usage : Keep Jess Hays targeted and spam away.

    Macro :

    1. /run local buff=0 for i=1,100 do local _,_,_,d=UnitBuff("player",i) if d==625652 then TargetUnit("") buff=1 break end end if buff ==0 then CastSpellByName("Attack") end
    2. /script ChoiceOption(2)
    3. /wait .1
    4. /script ChoiceOption(2)

    Can also modify the first line if you just want to donate gold fast.

    1. /script CastSpellByName("Attack")
    2. /script ChoiceOption(2)
    3. /wait 0.1
    4. /script ChoiceOption(2)

    *Original reply by Peryl

    Cute little macro there BlankMinded, I took the liberty to redo that first line though since as written it will always recreate the function. Try this as the first line instead:

    1. /run if SwapFocus==nil then SwapFocus=loadstring("local S1,S2 = 6,12 local MName,PName=UnitName("focus1"),UnitName("player") for i=1,12 do local UName=UnitName("raid"..i) if UName==MName then S1=i elseif UName==PName then S2=i end end MoveRaidMember(S1,S2)") end

    I removed some extraneous space, renamed and/or reordered a few variables, and embedded the whole thing in a call to loadstring.

    *Originally posted by Blankminded

    Priest/scout Chain of Light Swap Macro

    1. /run function SwapFocus() Slot1,Slot2 = 6,12 local MName = UnitName("focus1") local PName = UnitName("player") for i = 1,12 do if UnitName("raid"..i) == MName then Slot1 = i elseif UnitName("raid"..i) == PName then Slot2 = i end end MoveRaidMember(Slot1,Slot2) end
    2. /cast Chain of Light
    3. /wait 2.1
    4. /run SwapFocus()
    5. /wait 2
    6. /run SwapFocus()

    Focus a character you wish to swap, and have boss (or monster) targetted during combat. Could be used for other skills such as Group heal or Curing shot. Bypasses the need to target a character in group to swap (by focusing them before combat), and allows you to swap with a character regardless of raid order.

    *Original post by Trogdor6996

    Figured I should pop this in here after helping someone else if anyone else finds it useful.

    Description: Disables and re-enables Click to Move so TS won't try to move you or keep the cast circle stuck if you try to cast it out of range. Just change name to any similar skill like Enlivened Blade.

    1. /script GC_SetMouseMoveEnable(false)
    2. /script CastSpellByName("Thunderstorm")
    3. /wait .001
    4. /script SpellTargetUnit("")
    5. /script GC_SetMouseMoveEnable(true)

    *Original post by Zerienga

    Champion/Warlock Rune Pulse and Dark Energy Strike switch:

    1. /run w=0 for i=1,100 do local _,_,_,d=UnitBuff("player",i) if d==621252 then CastSpellByName("Rune Pulse") w=1 break end end if w==0 then CastSpellByName("Dark Energy Strike") end

    Due to Rune Pulse having a global cooldown and Dark Energy Strike having a global cooldown, I found it difficult to always pay attention to my buff bar looking for Chain Drive, and I often ended up using Dark Energy Strike when I meant to use Rune Pulse. So, this macro uses Rune Pulse only if Chain Drive is active, and if it is not active, then it will use Dark Energy Strike.

    *Original post by potato221

    Follow Party Member 1

    Follows first person in the party.

    1. /script FollowUnit( "party1" );

    Trade Party Member 1

    Opens Trade with the first person in party.

    1. /script RequestTrade("party1");

    Razor Lurker Strat

    Way old instance, but says in party the strat for Razor Lurker.

    1. /party TANK: 3-1-2
    2. /party TREE: 2-1-3 (use 3 on different players each cycle)
    3. /party WIND: 3- 1 (twice) - 2
    4. /party WATER: Select tank- 1 ; Select boss - 3 (three times) - 2

    *reply by achilleas1

    the problem with the macro u provide is that if u have hide it cancels it. else it casts over and over again. below u can find the proper version (not tested ingame yet but will work)

    1. /run hide = false; for i=1,40 do if UnitBuff("player",i) == "Hide" then hide == "true"; CancelPlayerBuff(i); break end end if hide == false then CastSpellByName("Hide") end


    *Additional info added by Ozmondius related post in old thread:

    This now works perfectly. Thanks for all the help:

    Purpose: toggle hide off and on like the skill used to do. Hit it once, the buff goes on, hit it again, and it takes you out of hide.

    1. /run local w=0 for i=1,100 do local _,_,_,d=UnitBuff("player",i) if d==500675 then CancelPlayerBuff(i) w=1 break end end if w==0 then CastSpellByName("Hide") end

    *Original post by Ozmondius

    Hide Macro

    I liked the old behavior of "Hide" as a toggle, when you used to cast the skill, if Hide was on, it would cancel the buff and if it was off, hitting the button would put you into hide. I hated when they changed that, so I created a macro that mimics the old behavior:

    1. /run for i=1,100 do n,_,_,id=UnitBuff("player",i) if id==500675 then CancelPlayerBuff(i) break else CastSpellByName("Hide") end end

    It works fine if you have no other buffs on, but if you have other buffs on, it just casts or recasts hide, it won't cancel hide if it's on. I can't figure out how to fix it. It seems like when there is more than one buff on, including hide, id does not equal 500675 because it is also seeing other buff id's. Is there an "includes" operator that could be used in place of the "==" or another fix? Thanks for the help.


    Anyone have a macro that will check if autoshot is on for scouts? Can't use cast because itll just toggle it on and off?

    *reply by achilleas1

    1. /run enemy = UnitCanAttack("player","target") and (not UnitIsDeadOrGhost("target")); a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,AS = GetActionInfo(16); if enemy and (not AS) then CastSpellByName("Autoshot") end


    the 6-th output argument of GetActionInfo (AS: boolean) is true if Autoshot is on, else is false. the number 16 is the action slot i have Autoshot skill in the skillbar. that said, u need to set autoshot to some trash-slot in ur actionbar and just check if its on/off through the macro.

    *Original post by Twiiggy

    R/M Premeditation + Wound Attack Combo

    So this is a really basic macro that will cast Premeditation and the straight after Wound Attack. It will then wisper you when Premeditation is back up.

    Just replace 'Character Name' with your character name............

    1. /cast Premeditation
    2. /wait .2
    3. /cast Wound Attack
    4. /wait 60
    5. /wait 20
    6. /w Character Name 10's on WA CRIT

    *Original post by 13lack13ox

    Coat of Arms (Pet) - Warden Warrior

    Put your current target into focus, targets pet, casts Coat of arms on it, re-targets your original target, then clears focused target.

    1. /run FocusUnit(12,"target")
    2. /run TargetUnit("pet")
    3. /run CastSpellByName("Coat of Arms")
    4. /run TargetUnit("focus12")
    5. /run FocusUnit(12,"nil")

    *Original post by Anarko0

    Macro Name : Summon Pet

    Description : Summon/returns pet with 1 click

    Usage : if pet isnt summoned this macro will summon it, else it will call it back. Replace X with Pet Slot number


    1. /run if (IsPetSummoned(X) == true) then ReturnPet(X); else SummonPet(X); end

    Macro Name : Swap equipment

    Description : Swap between two GearSet with one click

    Usage : Just replace X and Y with the respective GearSet number

    X= 1(gearset1), 2(gearset2), 3(gearset3)

    Y= 0(gearset1), 1(gearset2), 2(gearset3)


    1. /script if (GetEuipmentNumber() == X) then SwapEquipmentItem(Y); elseif (GetEuipmentNumber() == Y+1) then SwapEquipmentItem(X-1); end

    Example: changes between GearSet 1 and GearSet 3

    1. /script if (GetEuipmentNumber() == 1) then SwapEquipmentItem(2); elseif (GetEuipmentNumber() == 3) then SwapEquipmentItem(0); end

    Macro Name : Quick Scrutinizer reset

    Description : reset scrutinizer without confirmation


    1. /run scrutinizer:Reset()

    Macro Name : Change Between two titles

    Description : Changes the title, cast a skill and put backs your first title. Replace XXXXXX with the second title id, and YYYYYY with the skill name.


    1. /script a=GetCurrentTitle()
    2. /script SetTitleRequest(XXXXXX)
    3. /wait .2
    4. /cast YYYYYYY
    5. /cast YYYYYYY
    6. /cast YYYYYYY
    7. /wait .2
    8. /script SetTitleRequest(a)