• When I click the desktop icon to launch rom, nothing happens, if launched from the launcher.exe the client loads, but when clicking start it says something about a missing Client.exe, and indeed I don't have a client.exe in my folder. Yesterday it worked just fine and I hadn't made any changes to my computer since so this is kind of odd. Could anyone please upload their Client.exe?

  • Please either a) download and patch the latest patch again, manually

    or b) download .zip and extract / overwrite it to your Runes of Magic directory.

    Since this is an external link here's the explanation:

    It's an unpacked version of the patch that I have uploaded for people with broken update.inf / Client.exe etc

    ("Client.exe not found" / "I open the game and get an error message and chinese characters" symptoms ).

    It is bigger than the patch.exe file because I can not patch the data.fdb, thus it is included in full.

    That file was uploaded by me.

    Oh, variant c) IF you are using Steam ... select Runes of Magic in your games list, rightclick > Properties, tab Local Files, click "Check Integrity of Game Files". That should get you a fresh Client.exe if it is missing, as shown [here] .

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