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  • With the registration of an account in Runes of Magic you accept the "Standard Terms and Conditions of Use" for the game as well as the following rules:


    • The threatening and extorting of other players is forbidden. If you feel that another player is not following the rules, please report this using the Support System with supporting screenshots or similar evidence.
    • A perceived insult is not always an insult, as they can be interpreted differently by different players. Runes of Magic Team will only pursue an insult that could be punished as improper behavior.
    • Asking other players to do something against their will is against the rules and can result in blockage of the account.

    Chat in Game

    • Runes of Magic is offered in the following localized versions: English / German / French / Spanish / Polish. This corresponds to the official boards, Game Support and IRC chat rooms.
    • The language used in the in-game trade chat, map chat and normal chat should correspond to the common language of the server for better communication between players, but the use of other languages is permitted.
    • Any content that contains vulgar or offensive language, regardless of the used language, is not permitted and can lead to a lock out from the game depending on the severity of the offence.
    • Use of abbreviations for vulgar language and/or replacing some of the characters (ie, leet speak) is not permitted. This also applies to the chat filters.
    • The Runes of Magic Teams reserve the right to silence, kick or in extreme cases ban players without warning should these rules be broken.


    • Please do not spam the chats. Spamming is defined as the repeated sending of a message in short time frames in trade, normal, war or map chats.
    • Publishing links or information that have nothing to do with Runes of Magic as well as other games is not permitted.

    Real Life Threats

    • Any Real Life threats made against either staff, players or Gameforge representative will result in a permanent exclusion from any of the Gameforge related services and are strictly prohibited in any way, shape, or form.

    Chat/Trade Macros

    • Trade macros are allowed provided they do not spam the chat.
    • Trade macros are only permitted in the trade chat designated for such activity.

    Rule breaking can be punished with a chat mute or a lock out from the game for a certain period of time. The severity of these punishments will be calculated by the game team.


    • Exploitation and utilization of bugs and/or programming errors is prohibited. If a user detects a bug, they are obliged to inform the Runes of Magic Team immediately.

    Cheating / Client manipulation

    • Modification of the game client is strictly prohibited. Players are not permitted to decrypt, hack or manipulate data coming from or going to the Runes of Magic servers.
    • Usage of third party programs or macros for the purpose of altering or automating the game flow or to gain an advantage are prohibited and will lead to a ban.

    Banning of Main and Secondary Accounts

    • Users whose account(s) are blocked as a result of cheating or hacks will face a ban across ALL of their accounts (main and secondary) on all Runes of Magic servers.

    Account Data

    • The user is obliged to keep log-in data and all identification and passwords strictly confidential.
    • The user is under no circumstances entitled to use the log-in data of another user.

    Sale of accounts/items with real money

    It is strictly forbidden and against the Standard Terms and Conditions of Use to sell, procures or offer accounts or items.

    You may:

    • Exchange item for item free of charge.
    • Exchange item for in-game gold (the 'normal' trade).
    • The equal exchange of game items is allowed.

    You may not:

    • Exchange accounts for real money / PSC (PaysafeCards ) / cryptocurrencies or any means of real life payment.
    • Exchange accounts for other accounts (neither for any of Gameforge games nor for other games).
    • Exchange accounts for premium currencies.
    • Exchange accounts for in-game gold/currencies.
    • Exchange accounts for items.
    • Exchange items for real money / PSC (PaysafeCards ) / cryptocurrencies or any means of real life payment.

    Runes of Magic Team

    • The Runes of Magic Team members are not allowed to hand out any items, premium currencies, to help players with leveling, monsters or to join guild, party or raid. Exceptions: in instances of bugs or events.
    • The users are not allowed to make such requests. Constant requests of this type may result in a mute and/or a possible kick from the server.
    • The instructions and decisions of the Runes of Magic Team are to be obeyed.
    • It is not allowed to circumvent a decision made by Runes of Magic Team by going to another Support/Team.
    • If you need to complain about a behaviour/decision of any of the Runes of Magic Team member, please contact the level above them.


    • During an event the instructions of a Runes of Magic Team are to be followed. Should these instructions not be followed, there is a chance you will be removed from the event.
    • Every player should keep the area around the jump gate/warp portal clear so that other players may enter the map/event.
    • It is not permitted to harass Runes of Magic Team during an event. They will have their hands full at that point in time, with the administration and management of the event. Please send your questions afterwards via PMs in the forum, IRC or via email.
    • After the event it is not permitted to solicit for prizes. Users have no entitlement to a prize.

    Messages from the Team

    • The user is obliged to react to messages from the Runes of Magic Team members.
    • If no answer should appear within a fairly long period of time, yet the user continues to operate within the game, the Runes of Magic Team has the right to assume that the player is using measures to automate their game experience.

    Combo Ban Rules

    A combo ban rule is affected when a significant rule is broken in the forum. This then applies to the game account in-game.

    Rule infringements which will in future lead to in-game punishment are as follows:

    • Multi-accounts in the forum
    • Offensive posts/links
    • Serious/severe insults or attacks
    • Bating of members, team members or GF
    • Racist comments
    • Pornographic content

    The duration of the punishment will vary according to the severity of the infringement.


    The Runes of Magic Team reserves the right to change the Rules at any time.

    The Runes of Magic Team will decide whether an action is an infringement of the behavior and game rules.

    The Standard Terms and Conditions of Use are supplemented by these rules and must be observed at all times.