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  • ist mein schreiben angekomen? acc xsonicx betrift nefatari hab ein problem beim schneide der isr lvl 80 nd war schon auf max büdde wieder herstellen bin am verzweifeln was kann ch tun

  • Sorry i don't give account info.

    Accoun id: Creashift

    Server: Vidar

    Character Name: Nelian

    • Hello Anelion,

      We are not able to provide ingame support via our forum.

      Please visit our support portal: http://support.en.runesofmagic.gameforge.com/

      Just open a new ticket end explain your problem. Our support will take on your problem and help you :)

      Best regards


  • Hi Terrybill;

    I have a problem. My 60 level Leather Armor packege is lost.

    My backpack was full and i accidently opened 60 level item package. I have weapon package but armor package is dissepeared.

    Can you solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.