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    Just curious, is there a way to just start all your account clients? What used to take 3-5 minutes now takes 10-12.

    Thanks for replying, I have tried with and without autologin. I have tried with a fresh install and added one addon at a time. I think I started with auto except invite and it didnt work. I tried come on in, lootomatic, and a couple mail addons. None of them worked. The only addon I can make work is autologin, but it doesnt do anything after youre in the game. Thats when I have addon problems. I uninstalled RoM, defragged drive, wiped all blank space on drive, did all windows updates, scanned for any virus, and restarted computer twice. Now its 46% downloaded again. Im going to try to see if macros work clean and then try to add a single addon at a time again. Meanwhile, I'm looking for another game to play.

    I hope you all get this fixed because I have enjoyed the game for a long time (have never played another game for any real time) but its just not realistically playable without addons (who wants to make a T13 weapon manually).

    So, is auto login not a supported addon? is it now useless with new launcher? if so, why?

    Autologin works fine for me, its the only addon that is working though because it runs before the game starts.

    Did you also download through the Client? Because if you have a fresh installation you need to copy your addons over

    This is the worst part about asking for help on anything in this game. You replied to my post that clearly said "Yes they are installed, yes they all worked before." But, yes I did download through the client, and yes I copied everything from the Interface/AddOns folder over. And now I have uninstalled, reinstalled, re-copied the addons and guess what.... now addons and macros don't work either.