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    Saces's Impulse (WL/CH Elite) - Remove healing from this skill. Decrease Intelligence buff to 10% maximum at level 100.

    BTW about it - logical to make this skill Primary for ALL warlocks, not only wl/ch. Looks like discrimination of other warlocks, and most cool ISS exist personally for 1 combo.

    Not sure I've heard of this. Addon RuneCraft helps with combining runes, but only informative. From the automatic I know only the Fusion addon for making tiers stones.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people find problems where there are none. Take a look around, there are really so many things waiting for years that need to be changed, and you find fault with a mob that dozens of people are waiting for to appear, ready to attack it at the same second.

    hiding your interface ~doubles your fps. i think with his interface JustUser would have ~130-160 fps open world.

    for me it's the same... normal places open world 140-170 fps
    instances ~100 fps

    sw ~50fps (in some cases down to 20)

    Exactly. 50 - 150, depending on effects and action.

    Personally, I'd like to know from every anti-macro person:
    Are you against macros because players who use macros beat you on each encounter or are you generally against macros because you think you only face automated tasks?

    Let me try :D

    I would single out 3 categories:

    1) People are narrow-minded, conservative, not accepting progress.

    2) People are lazy. Someone will say not smart enough, but no, just lazy. Macros are not that complicated.

    3) People who aren't good enough at the game and get killed anyway (with or without macros) who will always blame someone or something for their failures. When an attempt to vine on macros fails, a new topic with a new reason is quite possible (for example, to ban the pvp set or Pantheon HM weapons and other nonsense).

    What I definitely agree with is that it's time for GF to get off the path of the casino, this clearly does not add to the game's popularity.

    Thus, the game simply sank to the level of browser-based flash games, the latest flash auctions confirm this.

    I'll put in my 5 cents. For almost 2 years of playing, the first year I was a pretty active donator, rarely missing promotions. And my purchases averaged $100 each time. After I spent 100+ jewels on 1 crossbow and 100+ jewels on 2nd crossbow and about 100 on both rings and got +26/+27 crossbows and +22/+24 rings I just stopped spending money. I consider these jewels the biggest scam that has happened to this game in 14 years.

    Edited: My friend had hammer +29, after using some amount of jewels he got +25. He doesn't play anymore :/

    You know what... I'm going to make a dedicated video about this problem and how absolutely completely amazing of a job CleanMem does of fixing it to let people play the game on higher details.

    It would be cool if there were craftsmen who could combine this program with the game as an addon, for example, which would clear the memory after each teleport. Yes, I understand that this is already beyond the scope of the addon, most likely, but purely theoretically - is it possible to do this?

    As I said I didn't have this problem for a long time but... I'm playing lowest graphics. Would be nice to see something bit better in 2023 :)

    Haven't seen this problem for last 1.5 years. I think you're exaggerating a little about losing players because of this problem. There are much bigger problems, unfortunately.

    Thanks for clarifying Ainz. My respect :thumbup:

    This is the problem of modern RoM - the lack of full-fledged guides. Information has to be collected bit by bit from different sources and only the most stubborn reach the end. It is also worth considering the number of players who own information, but are unwilling to share it to continue their hegemony (I will not touch on the topic of cheaters and exploiters, etc. here.). With today's competition in the world of games, this clearly does not work for the benefit of the project.

    Well, note on wiki says:

    • You must have all 12 of the same age to get the 13th, so if you want the Secret pet don't upgrade any of your pets until you have all 12 of that age.

    So, I decided if I already made adult and legendary, then I can't get secret pet. Thx for the answer, now I have what to do for a while in game :)

    Is there any way to reset pets for newbies who unknowingly (to be more honest due to a lack of information) created several zodiac pets/dracos and are now unable to create a secret pet? Unfortunately, during the first months of the game, I followed only the advice received from random people in the game, and only later began to scour the Internet for information. And even then, I understood the importance of the secret pet again from the chat, even in the wiki there is not a word about the fact that it gives enhanced buffs.