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    the 20 slot storage chest is not available in the shop for diamonds it is for rubies only.

    this item should be available for diamonds all the time. people need storage and to have these in the shop for rubies only is not a good decision at all. this item used to be in the shop for 99 diamonds and players bought them some had close to 100 of them in their houses. and then this in turn made them buy house energy to keep all of them open.

    well for me as a player i have to keep in mind that similar practices are abundant with lots of other products.

    example cereals and shampoo. they used to come in a certain size but over the last few years that size has been reduced and prices are still almost exactly the same as they used to be.

    1 lb of bacon used to be $3.99 (454 grmms) now we get 379 grams for $3.89 (these numbers may not be accurate but are close for where i live)

    now for the situation with this game. i am not surprised at this as almost all companies are doing this very thing.

    do i like it. NO i do not but i also see that it is no different than most other companies around.

    i will not join the rage-train here BUT i will say i am not happy with this. i most likely wont spend a lot of money but this factor also has to do with any disposable income i may have at any given time.

    rage if you want but please stay in forum rules.

    can we have the storage chest (20 slot one) added to the shop for diamonds as well as rubies?

    i for the life of me can not figure out why it was decided to make them for rubies only.

    and please keep in mind our forum rules when posting here.

    addons should be in the runes of magic folder that is located here

    steam > steamapps > common > Runes of Magic > interface > addons

    also it would help if you mentioned the addon that doesnt seem to work.

    here is a quote from the steam thread regarding servers

    Hello guys,

    We are currently thinking about new servers for new and returning players, but please note that these servers won't be marked as "only for Steam users" and everyone will be able to join them, same as you will be able to freely join current game servers.

    this to me says new servers will be accessible from stand alone client or the steam client. from what i have read if you want to play through steam and purchase diamonds through steam you will need to download the steam client. i do not know if there will be any achievements with steam.

    we will inform you of any new news as soon as we can.