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    They should change the message you get trying to log in during a maintenance. Always 'Connection lost, please check connection or firewall setting'. Would be so much better if they mention anything like the server being offline or a maintenance is occurring.

    I'm not so sure if this post belongs in this forum but, I strongly advise to change the maintenance announcements already.

    The maintenance announcement regarding there not being a maintenance are fine, but over the past year(s) when there been a maintenance there is never been released any information about it anymore. It just happens, and at best it's mentioned 'due to some technical errors'.

    Keep your players up-to-date with the changes and the work being done, for example with steam. That way everyone knows what is going on, even if it is totally useless for us to know. Atleast we know, which is a lot better as staying in the dark every time.

    (Especially bored players who are inactive or quit would(ve) liked to know what you guys are progressing on... correct me if im wrong)

    Edit; In the past there has always been additional information about the maintenances, even when nothing special was going on.

    Personally, new players would be great. The problem is if you are going for a new server you don't solve the problems you are running away from it trying to get a fresh start.

    But of course it is only getting looked into so far, let's think it out really well before we take actions drastically. Possibly there might be good things or rewarding things in the new server & a way to get old servers merged in the new one, uniting a large amount of people to enjoy the game together :)

    And currently which guilds are most strongest? Not only from Vidar, but generaly from every server, which guilds are most strongest ? Is Dragonlords the most powerful or there is someone stronger ?

    Dragonlords is the strongest in our server if it comes to siege war, there are a few stronger guilds however. Sacred is currently the leading active siege war guild, immortals and asgard are currently inactive they dont play often but are on top as well.


    I am new and I am looking for siege war guild. Any help, where I should write ?

    Hey Asaledr,

    Here are a few siege war guilds in the server Vidar written below:

    Dragonlords - Contact player Masau

    Astral - Contact player Arcanenl

    Fire - Contact player Armitek

    Unbreakable - Contact player KKatze

    Anakrasra - Contact Unniversalwhite/Unniversalblue

    If you happen to be hungarian, Forsakensouls

    I have removed the bugs and placed them at the Technical help & bug report section. I understand it is not up to the moderators to make the gamedevelopers create good content with no bugs. I also understand it is difficult if not impossible to have no bugs at all at the start, however latest patch including the instance 'Sun temple of Eternal sleep' bugs/faults are extreme.

    The game could be a good game but there have to be effort put in it to be good. There are 400+ bugs known, some even from the very start of the game. You can't make a game good with a bad base. Perhaps not all bugs are as important to be fixed but not fixing them causes more and more problems in the long run because then we'd have to dig very deep to fix them.

    As far as the Itemshop, I understand there are many teams in this game every one doing their own part to make it better. Perhaps it is not so bad to think of the teams being too much. One thing I have learned is the more teams there are on the same project the more difficulties come along, mainly communicative.

    Maybe you could explain why we have put a lot of effort on a new forum, on joining steam.. but it is said to be impossible if it comes to game content or anything related?

    Title: World Domination (Bonepeak)

    Class: Knight

    When swapping the secondary class as a knight the itemset-skill is not working. It needs to manually be removed and equipped again to have the additional effect of the itemset-skill.


    Screenshots: diSamY.jpg



    Title: Protection of Twilight (Bethomia)

    Class: Knight

    Description: The itemset-skill can be stacked with the elder one 'Honorable fighter', providing a total of 25% permanently decreased magical damage. This is tested, with some more magical damage decreasing skills active the player is immune to receive any magical damage.


    Screenshots: -

    I am happy to see the work done on the forums and the expanded option for steam. Keep up the good work & listen to the players to improve the game even more!

    Here are some more changes to think about:

    [Game content]

    Release new good content of the game, tested and fully intended to work.

    Finalise or do additional changes towards Siege War, so it gets out of Beta and prevents crashing 50% of the time.

    Increase the stability of the game for less lagg, less crashes, and possible options for players to play with higher graphics without loss of performance.



    Balance out the prices on popularity & most demanded items.

    Have more new content or promotions to keep the itemshop interesting

    Perhaps invent a '' Itemshop transmutor '', exchange 5x a experience potion for a 250% experience potion.

    (If anyone else can add to this, feel free)