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    Warrior, thank you for your reply. I see your point.

    Actually what I would like to have is a "free" guild for testing purposes, so everyone can join and leave freely, with no obligations. At this moment, I don't know any guild that allows that, unless you can recommend one :-)

    I would like to go instances and siege wars but without being a permanent member of the certain group. At least not until I decide I want to not because I have to.

    Thanks for the info!

    Oh, I just want to test how guilds work :-)

    I also don't like the current design of the game that you HAVE to be in the guild in order to participate in instances and/or siege wars to obtain honor points. That's a "discrimination" for solo players like me.

    Unfortunately this did not work for me. Let me explain,

    When I am in the fight with 2 mobs and kill one of them, the other one is attacking me however when I run the macro, that second monster is NOT selected and keeps attacking me :-(

    I don't mind selecting that monster myself but I have 2 problems:

    1. The loot sometimes does not let me select the second monster with the mouse

    2. I am in a SHIELD mode (for Champion) and it's simply difficult to hover the mouse over the monster.

    Is there a macro that selects or attacks a monster who is attacking me?

    P.S. Also another issue with TargetNearestEnemy() is that it seems that it works as TargetNextEnemy() not Nearest

    Is anyone aware about how to use macros in the game?

    I am sure this question was asked before, so maybe there is a beginner's guide somewhere on the forum. I am looking for a simple example on how to auto attack the nearest enemy and/or how to use a certain ability of the character.