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    Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other: Item shop

    Description: When you press "buy", screen gets a bit darker, but doesn't change to next one and item don't go to IS backpack

    Server: Idun, not sure about others

    So, I'm playing in Idun, in the Old School way I used to like, and everyone who had interacted with me a bit in game knows I am "The wardrobe crazy lady" (another reason to play in Idun: as I cannot have page 7 of wardrobe and both my main toons in Vidar are in same account, I split them into 2 different accounts in Idun, so each of them can have 6 pages instead of 3 :P ). Since 2011 I used the Blue Star set skins in one of my toons, and those were removed ages ago from the item shop. Seeing them available again made me happy and extremely annoyed at same time. Reasons why I am annoyed:

    1) I had spent ages farming similar skins that would match those. I literally had finished to make a new look when the Blue Star was implemented again in Item Shop.

    2) Lots of other nice skins that I was planning on buying for my other toons were removed from the Item Shop. Seriously, why prevent people from buying items? It brings no real advantage upon other players, buyers get happy and Gameforge gets more money. Everybody wins like that, no?

    3) I want to buy and can't, as described above. Screen completely freezes. I closed Item shop and tried to buy another piece (just in case it was a server delay and I would get it later), but no luck. Restarting the game completely doesn't solve the problem. Trying to buy and leaving it opened like that for ages also doesn't work. And it is a problem with that skin specifically and not item shop, since I could buy wings and gift an ABL with no problem.

    I have diamonds in one account and I wanted to gift my other account with a pack. that is my own money, my own diamonds. But I can't because someone had the "brilliant" idea of not making the item giftable...

    Everything should be giftable. Everyone wins.