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    36,500 !!

    Since The folks at Gameforge dont update us here on the english forum side nearly as well as they do on the german side. I thought i would take a second to share this info for you. This is from Darcoon on the German forum

    *** "I have been given permission to leak that there will be more / other events (festival) next week.

    And no, the TP is not a mistake. It was announced in advance that the events on the new servers would be different from those on the old ones." ***

    so the loss of a TP event on the old servers is intentional.

    With the wording of "other events" it leaves the door open for dropping at least some of the existing events. Now im worried we are going to lose the secret gardens event as well as the ability to farm Celebration Certificate's in Mirror worlds. Those 2 events basically make it cost effective to play for me.

    Not to mention we will likely get at least 1 week less of the anniversary event cycle due to this.

    Not to mention there is no notes on a festival change over. The anniversary festival is one of the FEW things that allows free players to keep up. and it looks like we wont be getting it until at least next week now.

    I might have spoken to early about item shop things :) todays gift was pretty cool and i can deff use the random extractor :)

    As far as what i would like to see....

    For next year

    1: add on to the Pierrot Raischt quest line.

    2: fix the Jason Baur quest in snow lands.

    3: Add another way for us to get ancient treasure keys in the event would be welcome. I personally don't due the Tempest Heights event due to the drama on our server, and we can only get 1 per day via the snow man quest. If a player does the stop the bank robbery, and the snowball fight daily it leaves us lacking keys a bit. Also encouraging people to get into the spirit would be alot easier if they got the aggregator's from an event. It would allow folks to get dressed up !

    Just a few thoughts !


    the new additions to the christmas events are most certainly welcome. I would like to have seen a bit more added in Pierrot Raischt quest chain

    The daily gifts in our mail is nice though they seem to be the same as last year. maybe break it up a bit with some low end item shop things like transport runes and charges next year "just a thought"

    The biggy is Owenstein and friends. Great job here. lots of stuff for everybody ! "though i wish the Proofs were tradeable"

    This event is gonna keep me busy through Christmas and that's exactly what i want from in game events :)


    I would have done it a bit differently. I would have chosen to do it with Pyro Draconis.

    This is gettable from doing the fairy tale event, would have prevented flooding of the market since you can only get 10 a day unless you want to burn through Guild transport runes and would have given all players a shot at it. just my humble opninion

    Think it was 13. But yea, was a funny bug, and fixed in under 30mins. If only other bugs were fixed that fast... Well maybe if it cost the company huge amount of money it might.

    Isn't it funny that when they make a error in favor of the players it gets corrected in under 30 mins, but when they do something that negatively impacts the players it takes (and I'm quoting Polog here) "SOME WEEKS" to fix the issue.

    As a returning player I haven't spent a dime on Diamonds since i got back. Not that I'm saying much though. we have had what .... a single joke of a happy hour and numerous price INCREASES on item shop items but not a Single thing that benefits the players since the "CHANGE" atleast not one i can think of. I would like to say a big thank you to the folks at gameforge though. I have an extra $250 bucks in my bank since I refuse to pay the diamond prices they currently are charging. that should buy the wife something pretty for Christmas Lol :)

    The simple truth is Gameforge doesn't care about RoM anymore. Let alone the player base that continues to play it. It seems they just want to grab all the cash they can from the existing player base before they kill it off.