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    Unable to login on Aeterna. I launch the client, the splash screent gets stuck on "checking for updates". Eventually the screen that should let me choose the account account I want to play and enter my secondary password appears, but it is solid blue with only the title bar appearing as it should. In addition, the following pop-up error messag appears:

    Gameforge Login

    An unknown error has occurred. Processed cancelled.

    If I close the pop-up, and click on "Home" in the title bar, I can see three ads for other games. If I click on "Library" in the title bar, it is a blank blue screen.

    I'm the crafter for my guild. From experience you'll need multiple alts that have maxed Planting in order to get the basic materials you need to raise and use crafting. The special Crafting Festival weapon recipes (blacksmithing and carpentry) for levels 35 and 45 are in demand and are very useful. Except for Cooking and Alchemy, with very rare exception no one will want anything you can craft for levels 46 to 95 except for the occasional Root of Nightmares (staff). The reason is that while they are running the same level 55 and 65 instances 100+ times each to get their item set skills, they acquire better dropped gear than you can craft. The dropped armor, once stated, can do most folks for 20+ levels. Most people don't want to pay the price in time or diamonds to stat gear they are going to throw away if they can get by until they absolutely need to replace it. The OD blue quest gear serves most folks well "until I get the OD instance drop stuff" gear. The level 95+ gear is useful for people in guilds that don't run end-game instances (it may be valuable to people in end-game instance running guilds, but I wouldn't know as that's not us).

    Recipes for armor with an extractable skill that increase the crafting XP you get from crafting items is available in Dalanis.

    You need to get into a guild and run the Drill Ground daily so you can spend every Honor Point you earn on rare materials at the Honor Point merchant in Obsidian Stronghold (your guild mates will be spending their Honor Point on stat pulls). You need at least one alt that you level with strategic slowness. That alt has to run Goblin Games 100+ times before advancing more than 5 levels so that you get enough of the special materials you need for items at each level (Cooking and Alchemy do not require special materials). You can burn through 5+ special materials per item before getting an good OD item.

    Looking back, I don't think I saved a single gold coin from crafting vs what I would have spent buy gear in the Auction House. Raising crafting in not cheap even with the Crafting Festival. Sure crafting gear will help your characters here and there, but only Cooking and Alchemy will help your characters consistently. The best Alchemy recipes are rather low level (Hero's Potion comes to mind). Food buffs get better and better all the time. Hence the reason people keep advising Cooking and Alchemy with Cooking being the one to max.

    All crafts except Cooking and Planting can be raised (relatively) quickly at the Crafting Festival using the special recipes and materials available only during the festival. Cooking and Planting need to be raised the old-fashion way. Planting does not count as a crafting skill, so it does not prevent you from leveling another crafting skill to 100.

    If you like helping guild mates out (I do) then it's worth it. Otherwise you need to understand that even with the Crafting Festival you are giving up at least 100 hours of time you could be playing the game to get all crafts to max level.

    Hope this helps.

    Rath, welcome to Runes of Magic.

    You might find these two threads helpful:

    PvE Instance Class Tier List

    What are the most effective classes for a new player?

    Aeterna (US) is the server that has player accounts that have been active for years (and new players too). Phoenix (US) is a relatively new server so it won't have characters that have been around for years (it likely has players that have been playing for longer than the server has been active. Unfortunately I have never been on Phoenix so I cannot give an accurate comparison of the two.

    Sarkas, I always appreciated the in-game events, even those I chose not to participate in. Fear of the lag in the more popular events was what normally kept me away. That why I like Warrior’s idea of hosting events for different types of players.

    For example, the general consensus in my guild is that a mount is the single most important item a new player can acquire to make the game more enjoyable. So an event aimed at converting new players into long-term players would have as its main reward a 30 day mount and maybe a Big Angel Sigh or three.

    Taking into account the level of effort vs the return on that effort, the event would look something like this:

    • A GM logs into a server in stealth mode, and notes the number of characters currently logged in that are level 35 and under. If the number is more than X, the GM notes the names of the characters then announces in world chat that:

    • A “Hide and Seek” even will be starting in 10 minutes near Logar. The event is restricted to characters level 35 and under that were on-line 5 minutes ago. The reward will be a 30 day mount and a Big Angel Sigh potion for all participants. Each participant can ask 3 questions in Zone Chat to narrow down my location.

    Low participation is not really a problem for the event as the goal is specific to new players. ANY new player that becomes a long-term player is a win. In addition, the event will likely encourage new players to purchase a mount, so the event encourages diamond sales.

    A similar event offered to characters between level 35 and 54 could offer three Tier 5 mana stones with stats like Cougar X, Force X and Savage X. These rewards are helpful to the characters of level 35 through 54 for stating a piece of gear to help them move forward in the game while discouraging experienced players from logging in with every alt they can to crash the event.

    Events like the above require little planning and little coordination. They are simply random acts of marketing.

    If you want to get a little more ambitious, ask guilds to sign-up to sponsor a scavenger hunt for characters under level whatever. List the dates and times available on a forum “sign-up sheet”. Each character in a guild that participated at a designated event stop passing out the scavenger hunt items (low level food?) would get a “thank you” gift (ABL?, Wedding Food?, etc.). The general public participants could compete for a different set of rewards (it’s late, so don’t ask me what).

    As Warrior mentioned, an event for end-game PVP players would look different and offer appropriately aimed rewards.

    I’d like to add another perspective to Warrior’s well thought out suggestions. First, I’ve been playing for years, I’ve reached level cap, but I’m not an end-gamer. I play ROM to relax from a very stressful life, so the thought of running high-stress end-game instances makes me shiver.

    My guild has attracted a constant stream of new ROM players, and here is what I have noticed: XP event burn-out is a real problem. I know there are players that want to level from 1 to 100 in a week. Most new players think they should hit every XP event hard. When the XP events are too long and too close together, ROM goes from being a game to being a chore. Those events may produce spikes in diamond purchases from new players, but if the cost to the game is the loss of those new players two weeks down the road, I’m not sure the diamond buying spike is worth it.

    One of the other things I’ve noticed is that most instances from level 55 to 80 cannot be run by a group of two or three players… not because of the strength of the mobs, but because of traps or puzzles. Getting two experienced players with enough time to run a newbie through a mid-game instance can be a problem. If a new player cannot find a group large enough to do a run, that instance might as well not exist in the game. I’ve heard many new players express their frustration at not being able to do a level appropriate run.

    Adding to Warrior’s excellent suggestion to unbind the purple drops in instances, I will point out that even if restricted to instances under level 80-ish, it would go a long way to helping new players get their item-set skills and some decent leveling gear.

    Some of these mid-game instances have poorly programmed trash mobs. KBN is a prime example where the trash mobs hit harder than the bosses. It appears that these mobs are programmed to do a fixed percentage of armor-bypassing damage, thus negating the time, effort and diamonds a player has invested in their armor. I cannot believe that such mobs create a favorable impression on new players advancing though the game. As Warrior pointed out, the stats they are going to get from these instances are worthless, but the gear drops could well be helpful if there was a higher chance of OD drops. Any mid-game trash mob that hits a character harder than the instance’s bosses desperately need rebalancing. Rebalancing these trash mobs might also make more instances attractive to level capped players as something else to do on a slow day. Throw in a 33% chance of a bound “Lesser Titanium Hammer” for armor or weapons in the final bosses’ loot, and running some of these abandoned instances might be popular again. I know, Lesser Hammers don’t exist, but if they did they would only work on gear under level 80-ish.

    On a related point, some mid-game instances seem designed to drive players away. If the standard strategy for a mid-game instance includes “take off your gear and allow yourself to be slaughtered”, that’s a bad instance design. Since those instances are no longer end-game and thus don’t have to challenge end-game players, those instances don’t have to be so discouragingly deadly. I may be wrong, but I think most players don’t find dying to be especially fun.

    All classes, especially priest, need a skill that allows them solo gobs. It’s sad to see the priests waiting outside gobs begging someone to run them through. The Blessed Spring Water skill slot is there not being used.

    My last point is that the class-guides, instance guides, and event guides from the old forum need to be updated and migrated to the new forum. It’s very hard for new players to find information on useful vs useless skills. Even out-of-date info is better than no info. I don’t think I would have stuck with ROM had the guides not been there for the first couple years I played.

    As Kisshenoy, Caladin, and ycavan have noted, ruby items should also be available for diamonds.

    I worry that a percentage of new players trying out the game will get discourage at the prospect of plussing their gear without ready access to the lowest level perfect jewels. The XP events we've had recently have allowed new players to effectively power level their characters to the point at which stat'd and plussed gear is needed to enjoyably continuing with the game.

    I do like Alissya's idea of giving more rubies for one-time items like mounts. I always advise new players that a permanent mount is the best purchase they can make to insure they enjoy the game. Having such a purchase generate an effective amount of rubies would also help the newbies out, and hopefully convert more of them to long-term players.

    Postponing diamond sales while new and old players are willing to pay full price to buy items like the Dragon promo pack are what I'd recommend Game Forge do. When the promo start again like today, I would recommend Game Forge start with smaller promos like today's. What can I say, I am an accountant.

    I also have patience and can wait for a better promo than today's, and I can comfort myself with the knowledge that the more money Game Forge makes off of RoM the longer the game will be around and the more love it will receive.

    All that said, per Renovatio's example, a 50% promo would equate to a 6.25% price increase for diamonds. Assuming no change to item shop prices other than the recent drop in the price of the Dragon promo pack, that is a pretty big jump in prices at one time.

    Inflation is a fact of life to which I am resigned, but a slower phase in of what appears to be the actual final price increase might have prevented sticker shock with the old player base.

    I do not work for free and I do not expect GameForge or RuneWalker employees to work for free either. That is why I buy diamonds regularly (when they are on sale). Lately I have been finding it hard to spend diamonds. That makes it hard to justify purchasing more diamonds. Items I am interested are not regularly stocked in the Item Shop, and the weekend sales seem to cycle through the same items every four weeks. When an item I am interested in purchasing is in the Item Shop, it is only available for rubies. I cannot buy rubies from GameForge for dollars to support the game and possible further development. Can we get more of the existing items in the Item Shop at all times and can all but a very few items be available for diamonds? I would not mind the same item having a two prices: one diamond and one ruby.