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    Oakleaf check if there is any runes of magic process still running in the background, via task manager. Close all of it and try restarting a few times if it doesn't work. took me a few tries but finally got in

    Class & Skills: Knight Item-Set Skills 'Howl From the Deep' and 'Lion King Battle Roar'

    Description: Currently when either of the skills 'Howl From the Deep' or 'Lion King Battle Roar' is cast, the other one goes into cooldown. However the description of both the skills do not state that they are meant to have a shared cooldown, when one of them is cast. Nor is it stated that when one of them is equipped through the Item-set Skill menu, the other one cannot be equipped (eg. 'Honorable Fighter' & 'Heroic Spirit Guard' Knight item-set skills states it in the skill description that they cannot be equipped at the same time). The shared cooldown makes the other skill effectively useless. So the fix requested here is one of the following:

    i. Separate the cooldowns, so that the other skill can be used even if the first one is on cooldown

    ii. The descriptions be updated to mention that they have a shared cooldown

    iii. State in the description, set up the Item-set skill interface that they cannot be equipped at the same time

    Server: Vidar



    Let me ask people that play other GF games... do these games require real money to buy progression items in these games?

    If you haven't heard of Aion, its a game that is quite similar to RoM and WoW, and is published by gameforge in eu, they had a 'relaunch'. Players hoped for less p2w and cash required to gear to basic endgame, seeing the way it was relaunched by its korean counterpart with the same. But within 2 weeks they have added all sorts of items in the cash shop - some even of 'legendary/red' rarity, transformation contracts etc., enchantment stones similar to plussing here in rom, ingame kinah(gold) nerfed, without which you are a basically a sitting duck. The list is endless. If the forums and social media communities are anything to go by, it as bad if not worse, and will progressively get even worse.