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    The community and the game meant a lot to him. While incredibly sad we lost him so early, I take solace in the fact that playing together with him for years, and in his final days helped ease his pain - at least a little bit. I admired his drive for efficiency in every task, no matter how small or big, and learnt a lot from him as well. I will certainly look back on my memories with him fondly.

    Rest in peace, you will forever stay in my thoughts.

    Doing quests and leveling up in the game is nice up to a certain point. But as soon as you think about instances and post-Ch4 regions, you will hit limitations and outright paywalls. The game's upgrading system was entirely built on pay to win and it has always been like that. You really don't need skill and experience to beat the strongest bosses here. You need enough diamonds to upgrade your equipment enough for crazy high stats. The game is long past its golden days which were ten years ago. By the time Ch3 was released, the playercount was already decreasing. RoM still generates profit for GF and the upkeep appears to be quite cheap for them, otherwise they wouldn't keep the game running.

    The only "p2w" required to do even the hardest instances would be for 3 and 4 runeslots on equipment, and +12 to +16. If I am not wrong most runes in itemshop can also be crafted. That imo is fairly reasonable for an f2p game, with dia promo's and discounts.

    There are support/healer classes also which require 0 gear but are still needed in hard mode inis for those who wish to play max lvl hard modes f2p. You can certainly run normal modes with f2p gear with dps classes etc.

    Just because they made it possible doesn't mean the instances are designed around the obscene end of the p2w. They don't require the whole party to have +30 t11 gear, and t15+30 wep. If you think so, you need to find better parties, or compensate the lack in gear with skill. On the other hand, if they make ini's that require that much gear, then i'd agree you have a point. But as of now there aren't any imo (that are atleast doable, unlike pantheon hm, where even p2w peak 10 max geared can't hit anything atm).

    And if you don't want to buy dias with real money, you can always farm gold using various f2p methods and buy dias with them from those selling, so you can have pretty high p2w level gears while being fully f2p, as quite a few do. p2w does make the process much faster sure.

    Thank you for responding Sarkas. It is great to see you are still reading this thread.

    As you asked, I would participate in the following event: Raiding the New Pantheon

    Event Description: For two days a week, GM's grace the magical world of Tarborea. They will lead the adventurers in exploring the final frontier - the New Pantheon.

    Event effects: The level of monsters in the New Pantheon instance is temporarily reduced by 4 (normal mode) and by 6 (hard mode).

    If you can make this event possible, even if others complain - I will not.

    There are only two things we can answer:

    - We don't know either (Primarily, but not limited to when, if & what will be changed/fixed)

    - We read your feedback and forward it, but that is all we can do.

    Doing that is like making promises. But it is not up to me to make this kind of decisions.

    Can you kindly confirm to us players that you have forwarded the feedback, so the people in charge of such decisions atleast know that not 1 player is happy with this decision to make impossible xp requirements - to run the new content? Noone did when I asked previously, so I guess I need to ask again. Thanks.

    Ever since the new patch has been released, there have been mass disconnects and lag 5-6 times everyday- on Vidar server. Almost the entire raid of 12 people gets disconnected, those who don't are severely lagged and then eventually dead. Even when questing in open zone and you get disconnected, you get massive xp/tp debt. Then you have to spend hours in guild library doing nothing. I hope this is being looked at.

    As has been said before, I will say it again. The amount of exp required for pantheon hm is downright insane. It will be around 2 years of just grinding exp 2hrs everyday to reach peak lv5, for just one character.

    Alts are now pretty much done for. Add 2 more years for each alt anyone wants to play them in the new ini or possibly new zones. Even if I reach peak level 5 someday, I am very doubtful there will even be 11 other players left on the entire server with peak lv5 to attempt pantheon hm. Noone wants to run the same ini's for another 2 years - we already have been running them for 2-3 years now. The system would actually be fine if it was introduced 2 years ago and now the first ini to require peak lvl's was released.

    I haven't seen this myself, but I heard some say that experience point events will also not be run anymore. Can you clarify on this?

    Are you forwarding the feedback about exp to the devs? Please don't just read it (need to even be hopeful for that) and say that is what runewaker has decided, and that is the available information at this time. If that is what they have decided and this is all the information we are going to get - there really is no reason to continue playing the game for anyone who cannot spend 8-10 hours on the game everyday killing the same mob 700,000 times. 1/50 xp ratio is more reasonable and somewhat possible, while 1/20 would be ideal.

    Oakleaf check if there is any runes of magic process still running in the background, via task manager. Close all of it and try restarting a few times if it doesn't work. took me a few tries but finally got in

    Class & Skills: Knight Item-Set Skills 'Howl From the Deep' and 'Lion King Battle Roar'

    Description: Currently when either of the skills 'Howl From the Deep' or 'Lion King Battle Roar' is cast, the other one goes into cooldown. However the description of both the skills do not state that they are meant to have a shared cooldown, when one of them is cast. Nor is it stated that when one of them is equipped through the Item-set Skill menu, the other one cannot be equipped (eg. 'Honorable Fighter' & 'Heroic Spirit Guard' Knight item-set skills states it in the skill description that they cannot be equipped at the same time). The shared cooldown makes the other skill effectively useless. So the fix requested here is one of the following:

    i. Separate the cooldowns, so that the other skill can be used even if the first one is on cooldown

    ii. The descriptions be updated to mention that they have a shared cooldown

    iii. State in the description, set up the Item-set skill interface that they cannot be equipped at the same time

    Server: Vidar



    Let me ask people that play other GF games... do these games require real money to buy progression items in these games?

    If you haven't heard of Aion, its a game that is quite similar to RoM and WoW, and is published by gameforge in eu, they had a 'relaunch'. Players hoped for less p2w and cash required to gear to basic endgame, seeing the way it was relaunched by its korean counterpart with the same. But within 2 weeks they have added all sorts of items in the cash shop - some even of 'legendary/red' rarity, transformation contracts etc., enchantment stones similar to plussing here in rom, ingame kinah(gold) nerfed, without which you are a basically a sitting duck. The list is endless. If the forums and social media communities are anything to go by, it as bad if not worse, and will progressively get even worse.