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    Seems like you can keep full upgrades on your farm alts if you log them off right after SW and log them in during SW.
    But to use that from the start is just bad sportsmanship.

    Sarkas Whats the official status on that issue? Can we report it for Bugusing?
    Also: please fix your method of fixing the buffs :p

    English please.

    But i feel you. Crashes etc are no fun for anyone. But thats not the fault of the change which is being discussed here.

    Idk if quitting sw is a good call. Maybe your points are just not representing your actual combat strength. There we are right with the last posts that the paring system needs some overhaul to be better suited for lower numbers of registered guilds.

    But that at the same time has nothing to do with the change.

    We fought half a SW without a stable buff and still managed a draw. So you can definitely come to good results even from a bad initial position.

    A draw is much more likely for evenly matches guilds since you mostly bash in your heads over the middle.

    And noone really can cap a tower in the last few seconds.

    Yesterday it was hard for both sides to really gain a strong foothold over the other.

    And attacking 2 towers at once mostly meant just being wiped on both fronts.

    Quite fun to play to be honest.

    (Even tho we messed up our defense and had our gate blown up. But we managed a draw in the middle)

    That would make things easier.

    Honestly its quite hard to take a defendet tower against a guild and possibly 3 guards+honour guard when you are not yet fully upgraded. So that makes it a hardpoint to capture by design.

    Could be a worthy addition.

    And once taken, the side should have some home advantadge to retake a tower. (Besides faster spawn obviously)

    Yes i agree with bakken.

    But something that needs to be addressed is the disbalance through merits.

    If you do not defend your hometowers you are in a bad spot quite quickly.

    Coordinated defenses should work quite well now, but if you cant manage that. Well. You are pretty much fricked .....


    Its kinda hard to gain back a tower at your own side once its taken and your opponent starts to have upgrades.

    For our SW today we were the stronger guild in roughly the same rating. 4-5k points on both sides.

    Since advocate for playing a fairly aggressive, it was easy for us to push back to the enemys castle. From there on it got quite hard to dislodge us again.

    Maybe a nerf to the tower farming capabilities are a good idea so the disbalance in raw fighting strength does not get out of hand so fast.

    That gives your opponent a larger window of fighting back.

    Although i have to say, our opponent was uncoordinated and besides one really good attack (they got their right tower and deffed it up instantly) they never really came at us in a full group. So it was kinda easy to just farm them 1 by 1. But thats a lesson you need to learn fighting in a mmo. You're nothing alone.

    Well. T12+25 and t16+30 isnt a fair comparison. And the diff is quite a bit higher than that. (Roughly 15%) doesnt matter tho since in full burn most targets are dead with 4 severed or less.

    But j agree with ainz. You have the occasional low guild that you overrun. (Thats not changing no matter what the guards do)

    And the remaining SW are either fun or against fcap nabs. (by fcap nabs i mean guilds you dominate 58 out of 60 minutes yet tgey still sneak a win)

    And the only change i see, is that fcap nabs drop in points until they can fight properly again.

    2 big WL/ch will be in a higher points region tho. So. CHances are as long as the pairing is somewhat equal, your opponent has tbe same wl. Or counterclasses to warlocks.

    Your argument is always the same: i have a way stronger opponent so i think its unfair that they win a sw because they are stronger.

    So. Easy solution: get stronger yourself.

    Could the class balance be better? Yea. But its not too bad right now. There are so many good classes right now.

    Could the pairing be better? Yea. For sure. At least for the top 10 guilds it needs to be -10 instead of a -20 pairing. So that the top 10 guilds mostly fight among themselves.

    Most high end players dont mind fighting among themselves. It provides the most fun for anyone involved

    And below that the guild ratings overall are not so different anymore. There its anyones game.

    Now. Lets say the pairing is fixed: the chances of running into a warlock like ainz are rather low. Both guilds fight on the same grounds. Gear and skillwise. I dont see why the fcap change benefits either side then. The better one ought to win. Thats how it is supposed to be

    You can fcap the tower with the second fearless since you know. Cast only takes 15 seconds once the guards are dead.

    Yea. The pairings suck right now. But that sucks for both side and has been a problem before the change as well. The fun is roughly the same as before. Burn the gate take they crystal. Takes roughly 10 minutes. That hasnt changed for any guild tho.

    If you want fun regardless of level and gear status go play arkanium. Ohhh wait. Thats dead too because noone actually thinks thats fun.....

    Well. I dont see where i insulted anyone. But hey. Here we go, you will love that one for sure.

    I have 500k hp so i know what i do....

    I mean depends on your class. I dont expect a heal to solo guards. But a heal should never play alone, and they are in high demand everywhere.

    If you are a dps, with 500k hp. And you claim you know what to do, and have not figured out how to take a tower. Now sorry to burst your bubble. But you dont seem to know what to do.

    So if you read closly what i wrote above: stop crying and learn it. Gear obviously isnt a problem for you it seems.

    New people join your guild everyday or every other day? Good. So teach them how the game works. If they are below level 100 they are not the main focus of SW balancing tho. They have some jobs they can do. But the expectation that they should have a game winning impact on the SW is just wrong.

    Its about equal opportunity not equal outcome. They can easily level up and gear themselves and provide a much higher impact (opportunity) but they should not be able to just go to a tower and take it because inviscap is a thing (outcome)

    Those 2 get mixed up so often its annoying. Sorry. Affirmative action is BS in a game. You have equal opportunity. But you need either time or money to get to the outcome you desire.

    Expecting a game to give everyone the same outcome, regardless of their input. Thats something that does not work. The game was never made that way. (The SW changes do not affect that in any why tho)

    Play the SW. You will see the challenge of taking towers is much more fun now, since defense actually matters now. I still dont know why that should be a bad thing regardless of points/strength.

    Also, i checked the SW results yesterday. Below 300 points it was all draws.

    Some freak pairings that resultsd in obvious losses. 20k vs 900 points.

    But other than that is was a nice mix of win/loss and those were fought over battles. I like that look.

    Expecting that any 900 points guild should even consider winning against 20k i laughable and an insult to the higher guild.

    Class balance is easier said than done. Right now pvp is in a good spot. I play multiple classes over all 3 races. And there are quite a few things that work very well. There is not one completly broken class right now. Everything has strong counters and the interplay is quite fun. (Yes even warlocks have strong counters, and no, its not a KM)

    Regardless of class/race i chose to play, i never feel like i am underpowered against anything. (Well, maybe as mage, they really need a buff, not just for pvp tho. That class has been castrated and needs a rework)

    Well. If you already consider stopping before even learning the ropes of the new SW sorry mate. But then you wanted to stop anyways and you just found your excuse :)

    my alt uses either an old t14 crossbow. Or a new t13 dagger. Both combis take me less than 10 seconds to burn a full tower.

    Now. I get that some people cant do that. But maybe. Just maybe, stop crying and learn how to do it?

    Now, ofc. Killing guards before an enemy kills you is tough. Thats by design. A guarded tower should not be free for the taking. You can use fearless to fight the guards. And you can use it again 2 min later to take the tower jf you havent already.

    But suddenly a fearless is used to fight. Not to fcap. Which is a huge improvement.

    It is also by design that players should not be able to do everything by themselves. When i do SW with a guild at like 4k points i still look that my attacking side has tank, dps and at least 1 heal with them. That was always the case. That shouldnt be a new concept to anyone.

    If you are alone then your points are low anyways and down there its mostly draws. But yea. Sorry. An mmo is not optimized for weak solo players. You really dont matter to GF that much. Your not many. And your not the ones spending money. Sorry :)

    Ne. Aber anscheinend kannst dus nicht dazu benutzen dir einen turm freizukämpfen. Als verteidigung isse natürlich fein. Dein gegner muss sie ja auch töten wenn dus aufstellst.

    Holy f*** give us a tldr.

    Just a few pointers: what exactly is your wellpraised strategy. Camping in a castle for 55 minutes and then fcapping 4 towers? GG much strategy involved.

    A strategy that can be fullfilled by gatealts that just run on scripts and a few rouges that jump over the mountains?

    It was always laughable that is was possible to take a guarded tower by default because you had a rouge with cicada, immune and complete invis.

    Now that thats not possible everyone starts crying. Cmon just learn to fight.

    You just need to actually beat you opponent now. If thats too much for you, you probably dont deserve to win.

    Now you just need new strategies on how to win. Tower defense is actually useable now since it can prohibit the other side significatly. Instead of a rouge rushing through everything because i am a rouge, that dont matter to me.

    Its known in wars that you usually need a 3:1 ratio in manpower to attack fortified positions. Now work with a rouse. Attract attention to one tower then quickly strike the other.

    Teach your fcap nab rouges to actually fight. My little twink rouge can burn a full tower in like 7 or 8 seconds. So maybe utilize some of their damage?

    Winning by default is a shit strategy. Always was. And its the best thing that happend to SW since i started playing runes.

    Tldr: learn to fight and dont cry because your one winning strategy doesnt work anymore.