Eternal Guild Introduction and recruitment

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  • Welcome to Guild Eternal level 13 castle.

    We would like to invite new members end game and beginners, new people and returnees to come join us in ROM. The castle has 7 bank pages, which are accessible after your probationary week is over. There are 6 buff towers for health and wealth and exp plus talent.


    1. no cheating , zero tolerance- that means in game or siege please follow Gameforge rules.

    2. if you need HELP then ask , for gear or quest we will try to help as soon as possible.

    3. We siege most every night PACIFIC time so for those of you who have a much later time zone , its ok if you cant but certainly do TRY , its much appreciated!

    4.We are laid back and easy goin, have alts for buffs and farmers and your welcome to have alts in guild as well.

    Castle is decorated for holidays, if you do not celebrate the same as is depicted. I am very willing to represent any festivity or holiday you would like to see, just let me know and I will try my best!. We do NOT want to offend anyone's religious preference's and our choice of celebrations is not intended to offend nor insult. However we will celebrate whatever we wish and if you find yourself unable to endure it then please feel free to move on, with our thanks for giving us a chance at least to fit your idea of a fun guild. :love:

            <3- Jeannebella -<3

    Rogue 100/ Mage 100/

    - AETERNA -

    <3Leader of GUILD ETERNAL <3