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    Wenn es sich nur um ein einziges Zeichen handelt, das nach dem Einloggen ständig kritisiert wird, gibt es irgendwo eine versteckte Zeichendatei, vielleicht kann jemand helfen, sie zu finden. Löschen Sie alle Ihre Ui-Einstellungen und es sollte gelöst sein. Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, wo es ist. Ich hatte es einmal, als ich ein Haustier beschwor. Entschuldigung für schlechte Übersetzung Ich habe Google Translate verwendet

    i understand that they want to have more money coming in BUT i think maybe that whoever is in charge of these increases in price should try playing this game with an average persons income. i used to spend a little every week then gameforge took over and well lets just say i have spent less than 100 cad in last year. (bought 50 buck package last xmas/newyears)

    i found the newest handheld runes of magic controller

    and that elitist attitude is why most top guilds end up folding. to much epeen for one guild.

    they come and go and if i remember correctly a fair number of players from some of the elitist guilds seemed to go on vacations semi regularly for doing some shady type stuff.

    but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

    everything i have in this game was earned legit, i didn't even abuse the daily quest reset glitch on Reni (lasted like 2-3 months).

    and yet this same elitist approach is responsible for many not wanting to play. it is not fun to have a bunch of bickering in guild,world,party chats or voice services.

    my hope is just to rekindle some of what was lost from a few years ago....... the FUN part!

    sidenote i have had some very fun times running with elite players but like i said when it is no longer fun it losses appeal to me and many others.

    as for sw........ its all a crap shoot as to if higher point guilds show up. there is way more to this game than sw.

    AND i say this as a former sw junkie

    On US servers, as soon as SW fully died out so did our servers. Js. With PvE content always being either super broken or super easy, SW is definitely one of the more appealing aspects of the game.

    check my siggy i have been in some of the high end sw guilds. i know the extent of the player base now.there is more players than some of these people are letting on.

    sw lost appeal to alot of players long ago due to just a couple way to op pvp combos. do i really need to remind you of the p/s nerf that was done simply because it was to op in pvp. was a damage calculation and i had proof. but like usual when something gets nerfed rw most of the time goes to far.not to mention the scout nerf that killed the class for years until it was reworked.

    for me the appeal was and trill is the people that play. this is actually a pretty good community.

    i am sad we lost info from old forums but this seems to me to better with all communities in one add new server for steam release and we just might see an influx of new players. it cant hurt to try anyways. and i will play on new server and hope my experience continues to be positive.for the most part it has been since i started in 2011.

    i dont think you are giving steam users the credit they deserve, not to mention old players and some current players will go to new server and level and gear at a fairly decent pace.

    as for sw........ its all a crap shoot as to if higher point guilds show up. there is way more to this game than sw.

    AND i say this as a former sw junkie

    new server will be fun for me. i have spoken to some old friends and they are gonna return.

    as for tp on quests i dont recall EVER having this. and i have been playing since ch 3 release.

    i do remember them trying once and it did not work so i am betting you would have to edit the tp values in server db to accomplish this and then there is the whole what is it going break by doing it. (in regards to xp events there is no tp bonus on quests)

    tp shortage is real but you will only ever get 10% tp of regular quest total.

    so even if you do every quest in game you will need more tp to top up skills.

    no matter how you decide to level be it fast with xp bonus or without you will need to do alot of daily resets while at cap to build a large number of tp.

    i do not like the idea of an easy-mode server. so plz no progression no huge xp boosts.

    well you can put housemaid foods and potions in a chest and then add them to the ones you get in your pack without them expiring from the time limit.

    seems to me the easiest fix for foods and pots would be to remove the time restraint.

    i have 6 maids 2 for pots and 4 for buffs and i usually get the buffs i want. if pots and foods didn't expire this would allow players to store them where-ever they wanted. and not have to acquire them daily. i have had close to full stacks expire on me because i worked late and did not have ability to log in to try and put them in a chest.

    if for some strange reason they did have a global server kako is correct there would be much qq over the time of any gm event.

    and to address something else , when i play on eu server my ping is usually 125 which is very playable. on us server i get anywhere from 60 - 90.

    i am playing from Canada.

    i have been playing since ch3 release and gms have said many times the difference between devs and publishers.

    and i dont recall saying anywhere anything regarding a comeback.

    i would have rather had the steam release a few years ago . maybe it will get more players maybe it wont.

    i am just looking forward to a new server with nothing in the auction house and nothing cleared.

    i think it will be fun to progress up to cap on a fresh server.

    i think i will try out the new server when it comes up.

    as for progression server........rofl

    i doubt this will happen as it is far easier to just have new server be the same content and lvl cap.

    and as for fixing content. have you forgotten that ruinwanker is the developer and gameforge is just the publisher? meaning gameforge does not do the programming required to actually fix broken content.