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    you guys need to create a better support system. it shouldnt take days or weeks to get a response.

    you should vet your gms a little better. paying regular players diamonds and giving them an account with ban power so that they can go around banning their enemies and people they dont like is not helping anyone its paid harrassment

    Would it be possible to make it so you could reset the guild title questline? so all of the accounts that mess up and miss out on important title skills can work on getting it instead of having to start over with a completly new charachter to be viable"?

    making a mistake a decade ago when there was no information available should not be affecting my toon now

    new players that dont know what they are doing should not have to reach end game and find out that they need to restart

    its rediculous. make it so that either you can reset it and get your badges back.

    or make it so you can get all of the titles by being able to do the title quests that you did not do once the line is finished

    its a decade old problem that could have been fixed a thousand times over by now