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    I play some m/wl as dps, It isnt top tier or anything but it can contribute. on burn bosses i do between 15-30m and on sustained bosses 70-100m. More if a m/d is in party. I've played wl/m and it is just pretty bad because the way the support skills work and how its dps skills work don't mesh well. if you were in a party youd be expected to do the 3 support skills 36% dark/fire damage stack, warp charge and SS to build those 3 up and time to auth det, Your dark damage buffs would already be up if you hit them during cd by time you got all those off. Most i ever do on warlock/mage is like 7m burn bosses and 40 sustained bosses.

    The xp ratio is a complete joke, 1/100th xp rate makes getting to peak 5 take 70 billion normal xp. Lets say you used daily resets to get there, the most common repeatable daily is bottles daily in balu village. Balu village gives 63516 peak xp. The highest you can buff that outside of event if you got wishing well buff, hall of earth buff, zodiac, and two quest potions is 170% which would give you 171493 peak xp. The amount of peak xp needed to get to peak 5 is 700207338. 700207338/171493 is 4084 daily resets to reach peak 5 or 142940 diamonds. that many diamonds is 3400 USD.

    Does the game expect us to literally NO life the game grinding xp or spend 3400 dollars to continue to be end game? please tell me there is a mistake in my math because LITERALLY no one will do this.