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    On most toons I normally alternate between 2 sets of gear using a macro to swap to the previous gear. For example I have a toon that swaps between a physical DPS and healer equipment on daily basis.

    /run SwapEquipmentItem(-1)

    1) Before it can determine which was your previous gear set you need to check manually which two equipment swaps numbers you are going to use. If you only have 3 equipment swaps then it should be easy to check when you have the character interface open while using the macro. Set the swap to one of numbers you will be using

    2) Activate the macro. If it doesn't swap back to one of the correct swap numbers you need to manually set it to one of the two swaps and repeat this step until it memorizes it.

    3) Once it's swapping correctly you can exit the game to save it before it crashes.

    You can reuse the macro even if the equipment swap numbers change after you restart the client. If you use more than 2 equipment swaps on a frequent basis then there is no easy work around.

    I went back to the Justice vendor another day and after 11 tries I got a Protection of the Panetheon. Odds don't seem very good, but its seem about the same as it has been over previous zones before Chassizz. It's probably like a chance to get that stat from 0 to 3 times after 50 tries.

    Last night I was trying to get a stamina/defense stat from the EOJ best rewards. I pulled from the plate gear 27 times without seeing the stat I wanted. Maybe the stat isn't possible to obtain from Chassiz, but I'll try it another day to confirm it. It's also not the first time I tried +20 times in one day not getting the stat from the best rewards.

    A couple of years ago it was the first time I saw a Strength/Physical Attack drop from the last boss of normal mode Sun Temple after +25 runs. Before that I always thought it was some myth that got started to encourage people to run normal mode if they couldn't do hard mode.

    The stats from EOJ regular rewards seem to have the same stats odds as pulling with shells and honor points. Plate has a chance for normal mode instance Stamina/Defense stat, but sometimes it takes over 5000 to actually get that stat. I wouldn't recommend pulling from best rewards unless you have lots of EOJs to spare. Last zone to have good stats from the best rewards was Splitwater.

    I'm not sure about your server but it can be cheaper to buy a Accuracy X rune from someone that farms runes from Tempest Height than to pay someone in gold to buy 125 Accuracy VII runes. You could also just farm and buy the runes to make it yourself to test it. If you don't like the rune you could always sell or convert it into a more useful rune.

    Title: A Enoch daily NPC missing after doing quests in Vortis

    Quest: The Personal Amulet of an Old Comrade

    Description: I have 2 toons that have finished questing in Vortis, and 2 toons that have done most of the quests in the new zone. The 4 toons that quested in Vortis can no longer see the NPC Anka to get The Personal Amulet of an Old Comrade daily in Enoch. My other toons that haven't started Vortis quests are still able to see the NPC to do the daily. I am not sure if this was intended as part of the storyline or not, but was hoping to still be able to do this daily.

    Server: Aeterna