Easy way to keep everyone happy would to have event NPC'S in place, 1 for XP ,1 for TP and 1 for drop rate, 24 hour buffs and people that do not want to quest when standard XP event is running can choose TP and Drop buff npc's only simple really to keep everyone happy at the same time instead of alienating the new players who want to level up faster while they have time to play during the holidays, and incorporating an XP boost when new zone is open is a waste of time unless you raise level cap to 110 as anyone hitting Farastan at level 98 could hit 110 on the existing zones in place without breaking a sweat already.

    After the major disaster of the last XP event when so many epic line quests were bugged and nothing was done about them until after the event was over despite many 100's of tickets being forwarded I know of many players that quit the game but I managed to hold on to quite a few as well explaining that there is always an XP event over Xmas and New Year so be patient, my chances of holding onto any new players now is remote as there is SERIOUSLY!!! no XP event this year,stop catering to the whims of high level dia buyers (of which I am one BTW) and encourage more new players to play the game and keep them.

    Armour crafting chest recipes for lv 60 gear is an absolute joke,started here on Idun the day the server opened and have main plus 7 alts doing either Andor or Malatinas everyday and still not got them so I gave up and quit this alt as a crafter.

    Not to mention the fact that to make things even worse *there is no maintenance this week* what a joke no wonder people have quit this weekend, they got nothing at all from XP event and now the ones that have not quit yet will have to wait even longer to star questing again.