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    1- Phirius shell limit

    2- Momento limit

    3- Honor point limit

    4- The maximum buff limit should be increased from 40 (to 50 or more)

    5- The food potions stack x30 to 100 or more

    6- Maybe more backpack slot 7-8-9-10

    7- And of course innovations about peak lvl

    Upper limit should be increased, it still seems like 50 lvl patch limits are used. We just need some innovation.

    I hope it will be taken into consideration. Thanks.

    Can it be added to itemshop improve trade?

    For example, for a person selling something for +3k diamonds.

    Because getting something in return for what is sold becomes a problem at that moment.

    217 run solo haunted house portal event loot I write to give an idea.

    0 mage item (comedy)

    6 healer item (1 hd 5 ld)

    5 chain item (5 ld)

    5 leather item ( 5 ld)

    9 plate item (1 hd 8 ld)

    2x talisman (ld)

    1x dagger (ld)

    21 run :2x prof

    33 run: 10x badge

    25 run: 30x dreamland sigil

    33 run: 50x energy

    23 run: 25x mem

    20 run: 3x peak lvl fragment

    34 run: 30x shell

    hello pom event is it possible to extend 1 day?

    Last Year = During the event from 22.03.2019 (00:00 server local time) to 31.03.2019 (23:59 server local time), rally your friends and guild mates together and defeat the bosses from the instances listed below. This will give you a chance to collect the hotly contested “Proofs of Myth”!

    This year = 12th to 19th March 2020 (11:59 PM)

    Battle your way through a range of instances and collect Proofs of Myth to exchange! The bosses in the listed instances are all carrying proofs. Rally your friends and guild members around you to loot them. Remember that each boss has a fixed number of proofs on them, regardless of how many friends you take them down with.

    2019 pom events= 9 days +

    2020 pom events= 8 days +

    I think the unlucky ones like me need more proof.

    Hi, ıdun sw player we want Wing of the dragonking recipe (fire power talisman). Because made dps is getting less. Dungeons also become a problem. There are other sw players. Not equal.