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    Taking my words out of context won't help there. Macros that last for minutes are tolerated for easy things like standing at a tower and level your weapon, because we know how frustrating it is, not more or less. Desicions like that were made and communicated on the old forum and nothing has changed ever since.

    Using alts is forbidden by the rules but tolerated by the RoM teams. If they are used in a way that gains an unfair advantage over your fellow players, like things that are supposed to be done in a group of people we are supposed to intervene.

    What people also don't know, they keep blaming new GMs, while all decisions are done in a team. So if you complain about a person that you don't know of, you actually complain about the entire team, including the coma, which are aware of it all.

    Next to this we do not tolerate the discussion about suspensions about how and why they take place anywhere else but the support system. That being said, this case is closed.

    So I will reply to this thread first coming up with some facts:

    Things that are forbidden are not to be discussed in the forums.

    - Model Folder: Not allowed

    - Discussion about Model folder: Not allowed

    - Accusation of someone doing something: Not allowed


    To answer those who came up with the 'I'm invisible and they see me'

    They don't. When they have had you in target and you become invisible afterwards. You are invisible until you are part of any combat again.

    When we recieve reports about people being in hide/invisible/whatever with screenshots showing they got you in target there's nothing we can actually do about it, because technically they lost your target, but it doesn't update on the invisible person's end.


    Accusation "someone did something"

    It doesn't matter what it is. If you want to draw our attention to it, report it via support:

    I was going to open this thread again, but knowing it's all about models and how everyone has an opinion not suited for this forum - yes, we have rules and you accepted them - it will stay closed.

    Opening a new thread about folders might get you in some trouble that you could possibly avoid.

    Thanks for the attention. You can breathe now, I'm done ranting.

    Temporarily closed. I will sort this out later. Some posts have been disabled and some will stay like that.

    Do not open another thread about models.

    Yes, they are forbidden.

    Caladin: well written, with good and true arguments, and at the end quite depressing conclusions…

    the likelihood of them continuing much development for international hosts is not high, and definitely not going to be a high priority.

    Sarkas: you gave this text a thumbs up - obviously this is your opinion also.

    Why should we contribute suggestions for improvements, if you don't believe in the future of RoM yourself?

    Oh the good ol' "there's an action that irritates me must reply in most passive agressive way possible"

    The reasons why I like a post vary from, ha funny to yea at least some points are made over to yep that's a great song.

    But I will gladly enlighten you on this button click desicion:

    It's the kind of feedback we need to have. Honest, but also well mannered. I don't have to completely agree with a post in order to see that it's a good post. Also I don't have opinions. I'm a teamler. The only reason I exist is that rules be followed and forward some feedback.

    Now if I was only there to function, I wouldn't have started this. Instead I want to say I believe in my players and having had a conversation with caladin before I can say I don't need to personally agree with anything but yet his feedback is very helpful and therefore deserves all the likes in the world.



    Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with Froggie US because I'm only in the US team since err 2015 mebe.

    The reply to diamond trades for free (no real money involved) has been frauds. I don't know where to find the post right now but I know Phelan said something to this topic.


    I wish the comas now could see the fun and wacky things froggie us employees did to make Rom engaging.

    Until the person(s) in charge of Rom @ gf start caring about what brings people to a game, it's only going to keep getting worse.

    I was able to see the fun because this was not only limited to US and if you have suggestions into this direction, you can also drop me a pm, my rememberance is not always the best


    The changes that were made to the game pretty much came out without any warning whatsoever and the players were testing the changes for the developer.

    Communication in the past has been the worst possible thing sometimes, there's no way to talk one self out of this. However, although slightly, it has made a progress and we will continue assisting with this.

    Players unfortunately are always be put in as "free tester" but that's not limited to RoM and Gameforge.


    I'm not a baking person either, so those events would have never appealed to me if I had to participate. We're trying something else for similiar rewards because the rewards from that event have been declared as "not that bad". You can check the news archive, if you're interessted as to what has been given out.

    Anyway, even at events - though to a lower degree - still includes effert/cost/gain. I don't mind all the preparation. It's one of the most fun steps, but still difficult step with a team as tiny as ours. What we were trying to archieve was having some fun and get some extra stuff (prizes) next to that. Prizes have to come with an effort worth and willing to participate for. When a prize is not appealing enough to bake a cake, that's fine there will be different events at some point. But the willingness in participating at all stands in foreground. Successful events can get repeated and eventually it will be likely to get better in performance and prizes, but it lives only from participation and feedback.

    Unfortunately running events always been like cycle with a one wheeled bike through a field of mines. All planning in the world can't help with that one occurrence that happens during an event.


    You can't imagine the good news are that you bring to me with your post!

    • Mount races were turned into "global" events. Meaning the coma team is in charge. Global events mostly mean better prizes but also every server has to run them. If one team says nope can't do in given time frame it's not gonna be run at all for the fairness to all. Highly understandable I think.
      Planning mount races and run them is the most difficult thing ever, but they are also the most fun!

    • Hide and Seek is possible to run but we don't want to exclude players from events. Hide and Seek events from the beginning were designed as lower level thing. Literally everyone is invited to participate. If you peoples are interested, we can surely plan those again.


    I can't give you a direct answer to any of your suggestions, but I guess you knew that already. There will be no immediate response to our feedback, because as it always has been, it all comes together from various games and communities.

    The calculation though is pretty simple -> effort/cost/gain

    The outcome of this on the contrary is not that simple.

    Simplified it means, what does a company gain when they substract an amount of menpower from a project to another project. What's the cost, stopping the work on the other stuff, what's the result of increasing the menpower for a certain aspect.

    This isn't a new concept, it's always been like that.

    For example: When the community was longing for house energy, they kept posting about it and we kept forwarding this feedback over a course of several months straight. And it only happened with the help of the community.

    Now what's all that even supposed to mean now? Well, imagine you work for a company that sells car wheels and 3 of your regular costumers say 'hey it'd be great if you hire a magician in front of the entrance to do magic tricks and gift baloons to kids' They'd have to convince you and explain why this is helpful.

    Instead of just throwing in 'I like that, do this' and after that never show up again, they'd have to come up with reasons. In that case they could say 'there's a school on the other side of the street, kids have parents and parents mostly have cars' something like that. Eventually it's still at your boss' risk, wether the costs this would create would be still worth the cost. Depending on that, decisions are made.

    As for the things I said about "deserves its own thread" well I got carried away from the topic I wanted to have. I got a bit too excited when I saw you taking the effort and actually respond :)


    To everyone:

    Replying to the 7) of Warrior's points from first post:

    The amount of events reduced for various reasons. The main reason though always has been participation. Speaking of effort and cost, we're not really willing to run an event that has a participation of one single entry (Yep this happend. More than once.) or a server full of players not even caring at all, just waiting for it to end so they can get prizes for doing nothing. Doing nothing well, who cares, but there are some players who just love to ruin it for everyone. Sometimes it was so bad, we even stopped in the middle of an event. I don't mind this at all, because it wouldn't be our loss.

    There's a big process from the basic idea until the actual event on the server. This means, besides our actual volunteer thing, we put in an extra amount of free time next to that. (Feel free to apply and help hint hint)

    Nevertheless we would like to bring more local events to you in (hopefully very) near future.

    Local events are entirely run by the respective volunteer teams. Bring some joy (I know that's a difficult task) and have fun. For this I'd start a new thread, give you guys some guidelines as to what we're possibly capable of regarding planning those events.

    Now the question is, would this be in your interest?

    Any other questions regarding this?

    I didn't take any offences in that anywhere and I'm certain you don't take this as an offence either: I'm well aware of what is part of my job and what is not.

    I can only respond with the honesty I always did and always will do:

    I cannot make any promises and never will. Especially not just for the sake of some activity. Activity will help, but any kind of activity still takes time to respond to, if there even will be any response to. Your (everyone's) text is already so helpful, you probably can't even imagine. It supports the feedback I give to my coma better than anything I could ever come up with. And I am more than just thankful for this.

    6) I didn't forget any of your suggestions, I simply can't answer with something whereas I simply don't have the knowledge of what is planned. (Again promises, I don't make promises)

    I will include it to my next report, but as usual I can't make promises.

    you guys jump from a side to another,my question was if is any news about merge, a simple yes or no would be great so we should know if we look for another game or not,i dont ask about patch because change nothing,we need more people,more people mean more diasellers ofcourse,more diasellers mean more profit for company its easy dont need big brain for that,thx

    From the knowledge I have right now there is no new merge planned currently.

    My last posts might sound very off topic-ish but I'm trying to explain how it is with the general feedback, including - but not limited to - merges.

    You need to stand up for your needs, continue to write feedback instead of getting back every few months. Continuous feedback gets more attention. Especially when you're able to phrase your needs in a manner you prefer.

    If english is a difficult language for you (everyone not belonging to Vidar, Idun, Aeterna, Phoenix reading here) continue in your respective board with the language you prefer. There's still de, fr, pl es

    Especially the latter 3 ones. They look very inactive, but the teams are always here for you and will forward the issues you have.

    Also, I know how all of this sounds. I'm not disillusioned.

    I can't and don't want to make you false hopes, so this is all I can say about it.

    Hey there!

    Thank you so much for this input. You da man :S


    1) Class balancing:
    A never ending story in any kind of somewhat mmo related game. RoM was kind of balanced in level 50 and after that it became only more and more difficult. Alot more time will pass before new class balance attempts can be made.

    2) There are plans, more I can't say! But you guys are very welcome to provide more suggestions related to only this topic in an extra thread. What kind of instances would you like to run and what kind of currency would you like to earn by this?

    3) Should also earn a thread by itself. Because like any suggestion ever, as soon as we provide "bulk suggestions" it gets lost. It's better to flesh out one idea at the time per thread!

    4) Siege War is a whole new story again that doesn't even fit into one thread on its own because there are so many aspects to think of.

    5) Just the same as all other points. But generally there's a) too much gold on the server and b) the items you get for your money aren't as worthwhile as mostly expected (cost/performance ratio)

    Also to the you and rest of the posters, especially Crevan thank you so much, it's alot of useful up to date stuff that we can use to slap peoples again, most appreciated!

    Don't let it rip <3

    If you used only half the energy wasted on ranting how bad it is that we're trying to encourage, the teamlers at least had a base to start of

    The "everything is bad do something" feedback is the least of use that you can imagine. I know everything is bad, you know everything is bad. Someone up in the clouds thinks well this isn't the best situation but it's still running.

    You can try to convince these people (how that is I explained countless times) or you can leave it as it is. I will continue to forward it.

    I mean even this thread although the most off topic thing recently, still a progress. And I am thankful for it :)

    Because here we have much more than one person expressing their opinion and much more movement going on. This is a big progress compared to the last 5 months. Please do not stop here.

    So if i understand right, we can just get a change if we post some Feedback and a lot of Player like this Feedback?

    Otherwise nothing will happen?

    Likes are optional to support the opinion of your feedback. What we need is the community engaging with the forums constantly.

    When I repeatedly forward your feedback, the response is "everyone" is not a measurement.


    Someone: This is still up to date

    Someone else: Who said that

    Someone: 3 Users in the beginning of 2010, 4 in 2015 and the rest keeps telling us how nothing gets changed every now and then

    Someone: This is still a severe bug

    Someone else: How many suffer

    Someone: 1 user reported it and same 2 users poke once in a while


    Of course I might be exaggerating a little but this is how it generally goes. In all games.

    This is how priorities come in effect.

    Get together, call your friends, give feedback all the time.

    And for the love of alpacas, don't give me more trolls, my pure white soul can't handle it and then I have to call the dio to clean up the mess :saint:

    Break rules, thread closed. I don't know how this is so difficult to understand. Please enlighten me. Give us a feedback with a proper attitude and you can say whatever you want to. Always been like that and never will change.

    But instead you show an attitude that we can't take serious. It's not our fault if you start raging. It's not our job to eat up your colorful language.

    I keep telling you guys how we all together can archive a change. But if you want to keep it like that instead of starting to accept my suggestions of how we can enhance the communication between players, teamlers and product team, you fire an unrelated comment at me. I am not upset at all. I will just continue to support the community as much as I am able to. And if players keep jumbling with that, I can clearly say we tried.

    Of course we do our oopsies and ouchies, but we continue to learn from this. That being said, we also believe, that you are also able to read and listen.

    Please understand:

    We have to count the amount of players and the numbers of likes (optional) in your constructive feedback.

    Get everyone and your grandma abord. Tell them "Hey I posted feedback here. If you like it please help" Something like that. Communication on the forums needs to improve. And if you have suggestions how we (as in team) can help with that, please feel invited to do so!


    We do not go through pages of countless off topic, false assumptions, more off topic, insults and even more off topic again.

    It's not in our responsibility to play babysitter.

    On an unrelated note, I have been away for the past 2 months and still the same is happening. I was asked to write a bigger report about the recent situation, but also supposed to use the forum for this. There's not a single useful thread.

    Either it's just one person suggesting, very few responses or someone thought it was great to throw with words that smelled like dung.

    We (the teamlers) do know that you want a change, we do understand all of your issues and here I am telling you how we can archive this.

    The choice is yours.

    This is my personal feedback right back at you. You can ignore it and continue with whatever or start to help make things better.

    It is by no means happening over night. It's a slow process, but at the current state this process is at a full stop, because there are simply not enough helpful posts.