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    Characters that have not logged in since 2014 have been deleted, not the accounts though. If you can remember your account details, we will be able to assist to recover your account. Remaining not spent diamonds will be still available after recovery.

    Sorry. I speak only English and a limited amount of French. I tried to figure it out based on the limited amount of English in the post, but I'm not able to.

    Let me try to give an example of unintended problems.- R/M has a passive elite called Live Rope Throw. It modifies combo throw. When I switch to R/W, I cannot use combo throw without first removing it from the action bar and reloading it. Illusion Blade dnace remains on the action bar even though it is not useable. The skill I had placed in that action bar slot as R/W is now gone. EVERY TIME I change secondary class, I have to rebuild my action bars to to match the new elites. It discourages the heck out of me.

    It's not "maybe you will get stuck with whatever secondary class you had before". It's Guaranteed I have to screw with my action bars every time I swap.

    That's a fail by gamedesign which no addon can fix (as far as I'm aware of). The workaround for this is to always not only swap the secondary class.

    There's a thread that might help with your issue. The addon is vActionbar. Instead of adding action bars that drop the performance more than needed, it makes use of the existing action bars and switches them accordingly to your prefered secondary class. It is also said in the thread that the addon can't fix an error caused by runewaker: If you switch only your secondary class, it might get stuck with whatever secondary class you had before.

    If that's not your issue, you can find the thread here:

    vActionbar Mods

    Please take your catfights into private messages.

    Ainz Telling someone you highly believe someone played just for 3 days, we've seen your post, we got it!

    oswayal If you refuse to advance in game, refuse to take anything the game is giving to you, partly even for free, then this is the wrongest possible thread to weigh in!

    Open your services (hit the windows key and type in "service" if you don't know where to find it, windows will find it for you)

    Hit the "N" key so it helps you scrolling to the services that start with N.

    Deactivate the following services:

    NVIDIA Display Container LS

    NVIDIA FrameView SDK service

    NVIDIA LocalSystem Container

    Remember to enable them again, if you want to install an Nvidia patch delivered by your Nvidia control panel.

    I don't know, if you are aware of it, but that's quite the opposite of an MMO. Of course it's your very own desicion how you want to play this game. There's no shame in that. I don't mean to be rude. It can be fun and how you describe it, it might make sense to you to not advance further in the game than up until this part.

    There are a few nvidia services that you can savely stop running to stop that error. Unfortunately I don't know the names of these by heart. They only need to get activated when nvidia has got a patch for you to install as the deactivation of those stops the nvidia control panel working properly.

    I've had the same issue with one of my older graphics cards.

    I''m trying to "keep it civil", but you seem to just be making stuff up.

    There is no issue with having different opinions and stating those. If you want to be heard, it's a big difference how you phrase it though :)

    I actually find this statement encouraging. The players are not happy. Gameforge is not happy. Unfortunately, there is a third party involved. After the atomic bomb that was Dragon's Prophet, I would think that Runewaker would want to do everything to keep the award winning (No, it really won a TON of awards when it came out in 2009) RoM healthy and growing, for the sake of their reputation if no other reason.

    I can't give any official statement since we simply don't have more information about it. All I can say is Runewaker still does things (simplified spoken). We contineously send over requests and reports and mostly have to live with the responses.

    On the other hand, if new content was around the corner, I wouldn't be able to deliver information about it either.

    There is no switch button for change of festivals. When a patch only contains the next festival it's still delivered by Runewaker.

    I am not sure to what part of the conversation this comment is addressing. We are talking about raising peak, and you are talking about festival changes. If you are stating that RW is still involved in the game, sure, agreed. Not posting ROM on RW's website of games they publish is only honest. They don't publish it so why would it be there?

    On the other hand, there's no real movement toward new content. MMOs need new content to keep long-term players and to bring former players back to the fold. Right now the game for me contains only dailies, Mirror world, and endless grinding in the front hall of TOS, with occasional instance runs. For me, crafting is boring. Siege war raises my blood pressure too much. Festival events for zodiac pets means more transmuter charges which would mean even more RWT to obtain more charges than the 60 toons I am currently moving through dailies can provide,

    It addresses the question of the thread title. I don't want to bring your attention to festivals for the mere sake of festivals, but it's been questioned, so there's that response.


    We're not happy about the state of how things are either, alas it's not possible to "hit sense into someone until they grasp what we want and get exactly that".