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    Due to a mistake on our side, not all prizes have been delivered. We will fix this issue before we can accept any new tickets.

    We apologise for the inconvenience.

    Questions have been asked and we are here to answer:

    • This is a group submission to be send by one member of your guild
    • We want to see screenshots of you and your guild at places special to you and we want hear from you why these places are special to your guild.
    • If you like, you can send more than one screenshot within one submision.


    Guild Meeting 2020

    Runes of Magic is a game where you often hear that Taboreans always meet and spend weekends together. Since this is not allowed now, we want guilds to sit together in beautiful places and let us take part in it.

    In addition to the screenshots, we would like to get to know why this place is something "special and extraordinary" for you.


    Only one Entry per person!

    (Multiple submissions will be ignored, any guild member can do the one allowed submission)

    Send your entries to

    Please use the following template:

    Guild Name:

    Character Name:

    Server Name:

    The entry must be sent from the email address connected to the game account.

    Steam players have to mention their Steam ID.

    Any entry recieved after 09/25/2020 at 23.59 CEST will be ignored.

    Every successful entry will recieve the following prizes:

    50* Original Sin Essence

    10* Soul Core

    190* Dark Night Pearl

    190* Exquisite Wooden Chest

    190* Moonlight Pearl

    5* Magic Instrument Collection Box

    1*Angel Girl Statue

    1*Giant Colorful Tree Decoration

    Any guild that successfully participated will addtionally get one of the following items:

    Majestic Water Fountain

    Gorgeous Water Fountain

    Scenic Water Fountain

    Big Water Fountain

    Please mention which one you would like to recieve.


    • Only one entry per person and guild is allowed and only the first post received will qualify to be eligible to get the prizes.
    • The Prizes will only be delivered to Vidar, Idun, Aeterna and Phoenix.
    • The Prizes will only be delivered to people that correctly participated.
    • Entries have to be send from the email adress attached to the game account with the character name that has created the submission. Steam users have to mention their steam ID.
    • Entries sent after September 25th 2020 at 23.59 CEST (11.59 PM)* will be ignored.
    • The Runes of Magic team reserves the right to make changes in these terms, prizes or any other detail of this contest at any given time, if it was required to do so, due to any unforeseen circumstance that forced us to do so.

    *What is this at your time? (link)

    I do not believe GF ever came out and officially said why they removed diamonds from AH.

    The inflated price rationale was player speculation, and when you get right down to it makes no sense. Why would GF care what price players are selling diamonds for. GF, if interested at all, would only be interested in high player prices since that would drive more cash purchases.

    Nope. That NPC won’t come back. Never before and never after did we have such a massive fraud issue than then. The fraud there were otters that farmed gold and then sold the diamonds. Same goes for official Diamond trading, albeit from another angle. Here it is credit card fraudsters that buy diamonds and sell them afterwards. Tradable items are always a huge incentive for fraudsters, making this official will get us legions of botters and credit card fraudsters. Sorry for being so harsh there, but credit card fraud is really one of the biggest problems for a publisher. It is not only that we loose money, with every charge back we loose in our creditscore, and the lower you get, the higher the fee is that you have to pay.

    Opening a new thread regarding the same topic when it was closed is against the forum rules.

    If something within your ticket wasn't answered to your likings you can respond to the ticket and ask your questions there.

    Dear Players,

    Unfortunately we faced some issues during the maintenance.

    These being:

    - EU SW time was moved to an hour later (Register Phase at 19.00 CEST)

    - US server name Aeterna is shown as "Artemis"

    We will continue to address mentioned issues and inform you once they are resolved.

    In the meantime we apologise for the inconvenience this might cause and thank you for your patience during this time.

    Your RoM Team

    We do care. We do care about each and every player.

    The highest position of a ticket is the community manager and if you are unhappy with their decision you can tell them and they will coordinate with their superior.

    Since everything that can be said to this topic has been done so, this thread will face a closure.

    Only thing I see worth deleting is your post.

    And you wonder where my attitude about this comes from... what exactly did I say to provoke that kind of response, just for saying inb4 lol? And I actually provided a real answer...

    The 1 and only time I was banned on forums was because I said a forum mod lied about something. This game has had a history of corrupt GMs having collusion with in game guilds and bans without warnings to people they don't like. I would love to bring up examples/proof but I don't want to 'flame' or get banned again for just talking about issues.

    I tried to complain to other the GMs about a specific one a couple years ago but he just came in and ended my ticket lol -he's gone now-

    Couple of years ago. Aha. Okay. Never heard of that, but here's how it goes:

    At present day no GM ever does process tickets about complaints to themself. If you have any issue about a GM not doing something the way you would like to have it, submit a ticket to support and someone up higher than said GM will process your ticket. Said proofs you can add to your ticket just like any other kind of name calling it would get removed from the forum, because this is not the place for it.

    We don't take any insults and name calling towards other players as well as teamlers (GMs, Mods, whatever) that you have an issue with.


    Data privacy still exists, hence no one ever will be able to help you with a ticket on the forum.

    All I can say for now is that your ticket is NOT being ignored.