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    Cher unpokable,

    merci beaucoup pour ce compliment :P

    Your thread was closed for off topic and you needed to keep discussing moderation, which is forbidden by the rules. Further misconduct will result into serious warnings. If you wish to have your thread re-opened, you can do so by writing a private message to a moderator.

    In the team members list *link* you can find all the team members. Neryxos, Minoa and Kennen do speak french.

    Il faut écrire en Anglais car l'admin FR ne comprends pas le français me semble t-il

    I'm learning your wonderful language still, but I understand most of it :)


    Moderation and moderated posts are not to be discussed in public, rules you accepted with your registration, since maintenance from Aug 29th 2018 is over, I will close this thread.

    For those who are still trying to get costume parts, type in the search what you're looking for. You will find a greyed out diamond price. Click on the item name and from there you can choose the parts you want to purchase.

    The amount of rubies to recieve was already too low beforehand in everyone's opinion, but this is something that has to be adressed seperately. If gameforge decides to use a certain percentage for the additional rubies you get per purchase, it is only natural that they get reduced with the current changes. But as said, we do forward these kind of things as well as anything else that is important to you.

    Der englische Support hat es doch tatsächlich geschafft, mir nach zehn (!) Tagen zu antworten.

    Client neu installiert - voller Vorfreude auf den nächsten großen Patch, wenn alles wieder von vorn losgeht.

    Thema kann geschlossen werden.

    Das könnte unter Umständen daran liegen, dass es noch andere Spieler gibt, die ihre Anfragen vor dir gesendet haben. Ist aber nur eine Vermutung.

    It is difficult for us to help in such a situation because initially the gift option (as you can read very well) was made to send present to another player's inbox. And for a long time this was used as argument (a valid one) to say well you're on your own. Sounds harsh I know.

    Now there's one exception. Make screenshots of your conversation with this so called seller showing a trade was going to take place and submit a screenshot to support. We cannot promise that you will get back your gold and definetely not your goods (which is for the latter probably not the answer you were hoping for), but the same person will think twice next time they try to scam someone.

    The Community team, by definition of their role on the forums, is always monitoring discussions, even if they're not actively responding to every post. They jumped in because a Community Guideline was about to be broken and it's their responsibility to enforce those guidelines. I don't think we need to hassle them about this.

    Pretty much.

    Your critique is always welcome, but it can be done by abiding by the rules. Even if it's negative.

    If you can't, the x marks the spot.

    A critique done with the respectful manner that everyone in the team is bringing to the players, we can and we do expect likewise from our players.

    Otherwise we'd have no base for a discussion. And when I said that the rules are not debatable, I meant it like that. If you think our rules are wrong and you think you should be allowed to do whatever, post it in the suggestions. And that's the end of the story about rules in this thread.

    If you feel like discussing more rules, we will close it.

    Server merge took place in 2015 and everything that has logged in until one year prior to that has been merged. After that for the late comers it was possible to get their characters merged by submitting a support ticket before february 17th 2016.

    If you still have diamonds and/or rubies on your account, you will be able to access those after character creation. While diamonds are account-wide, rubies are bound to the server you gained them.