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    Natürlich können wir jeden erdenklichen Mob in die Landschaft stellen, aber wie viel Gemeckere und Beschwerden das geben wird, könnt ihr euch kaum ausdenken.

    Logischwerweise werden wir eure Wünsche bei zukünftigen Events in Betracht ziehen, was aber wie ihr sicher bereits alle wisst nicht von heute auf morgen passieren kann. Daran ist nun kein Versprechen gebunden, jedoch nehmen wir euer Feedback gerne auf und arbeiten damit sofern möglich :)

    Oh the good ol' discussion about macros. Before this is getting heated up too much, let's make clear that macros without client manipulation (which is not allowed and not subject of this thread) don't make you able to automate stuff for too long.

    If you are convinced that client manipulation is in play, submit a ticket to support and we will investigate.

    Obviously macros are supposed to make your game life more enjoyable and many players can't imagine their life without them anymore. Would the game still be playable without macros?

    Certainly, but...

    It would make alot of tasks more complicated than they need to be especially for the most basic ones that players use on a daily base.

    For instance (hah.) how will you make a use of your siege war skills, when you have to go through a list of titles, use a skill and then switch back? It's possible, but unnessecary tedious. Also, plot twist, you might want to use your siege war skills sometimes, you know, in an actual siege war.

    Kitty combo, DIYCE:

    It doesn't work on it's own. You have to adjust these addons yourself to your playstyle and more important: Buttons need to be pressed.

    Personally, I'd like to know from every anti-macro person:
    Are you against macros because players who use macros beat you on each encounter or are you generally against macros because you think you only face automated tasks?

    Dear Players,

    Due to unforseen issues with the festival event servers had to go down for emergency maintenance.

    As soon as we are live again, we will let you know.

    Please accept our deepest apology for this major inconvenience.

    With best regards,

    The RoM Team

    Dear Community,

    During this Holiday season, it may take longer to process your requests via Discord and the Support system due to decreased availability of RoM team members. The teams will be fully back and available again in January 2023.

    We wish you a happy time and to enjoy this time with your family and/or loved ones.

    Your Runes of Magic Team

    Winterly Spirit in Taborea


    Players from many nations spend their time in the world of Taborea.

    Each of them have their own traditions in terms of Christmas and the New Year's Eve.

    We invite you to tell us your Christmas stories.

    Submit to us an image of your favourite winterly location in Taborea and tell us what makes this place something special to you.

    We will gladly learn about your Christmas traditions aswell.

    The Runes of Magic Team wishes all Taboreans, their families and friends a restful Christmas and a happy new year. We look forward to accompany you through Taborea again next year.


    Send your submission (screenshot and story) to:

    using the following template:

    Character name:


    Account name:

    Additionally one of the following pieces of information is required:

    Game Account E-Mail,

    GameForge Account E-Mail,



    The deadline for submissions is 08.01.2023 at23:59 CET.



    30* Laor Forest Tart

    30* Serenstum

    30* Phirius Special Water - Type E

    15* Universal Potion

    10* Lavish New Year's Dinner

    1* Giant Mammoth Mount in a Bag (7 Days)

    1* Card - Giant Flower Cactus


    Terms and conditions

    • One entry per person
    • All required pieces of information have to be submitted correctly
    • Submissions received after the entry deadline will be ignored
    • The respective character must have been logged in within the last 4 weeks

    Each entry must contain the following information:

    • Server name
    • Character name

    Depending on how the games is played:

    Steam-ID ONLY if the game is played via Steam


    the entry has to be sent from the email linked to the game account

    The Runes of Magic-Team reserves the right to alter the conditions, prizes or other details of this event at any time, if it becomes necessary due to unforseen circumstances

    Thanks for the alert, it's appreciated. NPCs are never forgotten but the actual people placing them are mostly not available before 5pm CET because life happens everyday. Recent "instant-placings" came from GMs with vacation or working from home, which we don't always have.

    Cosplay in Taborea


    There are so many different ways to make your character appear the way you desire.

    Each of us likes a character from movies, fairy tales, legends, animes or similar, which we would like to embody.

    Now we give you the opportunity to share your ideas with all the inhabitants of Taborea. As an example we dressed up as Galadriel, Sauron, Hugh Jackman (Greatest Showman) and Son Goku. For this we dug deep into our wardrobes and searched for matching skins.

    The voting will be handled like this:

    The Event-Team will choose the most creative and beautiful entries. Afterwards these pictures will be provided for you in the forum for voting.

    Please note, that in addition to the usual Conditions Of Participation the following rules must be followed:

    - No Transformation Potions may be used

    - The character must not only be seen in the character preview

    - There must be a match between the character of the game and the figure

    - The character and the figure must be sent together as a screenshot

    - A short story of why you chose this figure has to be sent along

    * * * ~ ~ ~ * * *

    Send your submission (screenshot of the character, the fictional character and a short description of the chosen character) to

    and please use the following template:




    Furthermore we need one of the following information from you:


    GameForge-Account E-Mail



    The deadline for submissions is 17.10.2022 at 23:59 CET.


    All paricipants, who meet the requirements receive:

    1x Peak Experience Orb (10,000,000 Points)

    15x Transformation Potion - Green-Hatted Donichuka

    15x Transformation Potion - Donichuka

    5x Advanced Aggregator

    15x Little Magic Biscuit

    15x Illusory Hair Chest

    1x Card - Akeli, the sage

    The first place also receives:

    1x 15€ Coupon

    1x Peak Experience Orb (10,000,000 Points)

    The second place also receives:

    1x 10€ Coupon

    1x Peak Experience Orb (10,000,000 Points)

    The third place also receives:

    1x 5€ Coupon

    1x Peak Experience Orb (10,000,000 Points)


    Hallo ihr Lieben,

    der Ankündigung könnt ihr folgende Dinge entnehmen:

    - Sie wurde von einem Teamler (diese komischen Ehrenamtlichen (Event Admin)) gepostet

    - Sie enthält die Tags "Event" und "Local"

    Dies deutet darauf hin, dass das Event Team keine Kosten und Mühen gescheut hat für euch ein lokales Event auszuarbeiten und dieses dient ausschließlich dazu dem Einen oder Anderen eine vielleicht Freude zu machen. Unter Umständen fällt manchen Spielern bei solchen Events sogar etwas in den Rucksack.

    Was wir als Teamler nicht bieten können und auch noch nie bieten konnten:

    - Content updates

    Solltet ihr euch also über ein kommendes Event unterhalten und spekulieren wollen, ist das gern gesehen. Alles andere geht in Richtung können wir nicht und ist hier fehl am Platz.

    Liebe Grüße,


    Characters that have not logged in since 2014 have been deleted, not the accounts though. If you can remember your account details, we will be able to assist to recover your account. Remaining not spent diamonds will be still available after recovery.

    Sorry. I speak only English and a limited amount of French. I tried to figure it out based on the limited amount of English in the post, but I'm not able to.

    Let me try to give an example of unintended problems.- R/M has a passive elite called Live Rope Throw. It modifies combo throw. When I switch to R/W, I cannot use combo throw without first removing it from the action bar and reloading it. Illusion Blade dnace remains on the action bar even though it is not useable. The skill I had placed in that action bar slot as R/W is now gone. EVERY TIME I change secondary class, I have to rebuild my action bars to to match the new elites. It discourages the heck out of me.

    It's not "maybe you will get stuck with whatever secondary class you had before". It's Guaranteed I have to screw with my action bars every time I swap.

    That's a fail by gamedesign which no addon can fix (as far as I'm aware of). The workaround for this is to always not only swap the secondary class.

    There's a thread that might help with your issue. The addon is vActionbar. Instead of adding action bars that drop the performance more than needed, it makes use of the existing action bars and switches them accordingly to your prefered secondary class. It is also said in the thread that the addon can't fix an error caused by runewaker: If you switch only your secondary class, it might get stuck with whatever secondary class you had before.

    If that's not your issue, you can find the thread here:

    vActionbar Mods