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    What is the point of this guy? 400mil hp, doesnt drop anything, just kinda there and respawns immediatly. was he supposed to be a world boss? Anyone have knowledge on this? or is he just a crazy zone elite with 400 freaking million hp.

    I had a small question, since all the wikis differ. Us on Pheonix server have finally downed hackman, and its been 24 hours and he hasn't spawned. Whats the timer on the world bosses? Is it 24 hours or 72? and will he always spawn small boi or will he spawn 50/50?

    So, its come to my attention there is a problem with the new server.

    The thing that made me make this thread is the 60 elite.

    For the 60 elite, you have to kill 3 world bosses, but they all always spawn furious. How does anyone expect us to clear world bosses with 80m+ hp that hit for hundreds of thousands of damage, in quest/mem/shell gear?

    With the stats available to use, the gear available to use, and the avenues we could take, it would take months upon months to even try to knock down a single world boss for the 60 elites, which most classes need the 60 elites to be useful.

    So what do we do? What is there to do? I'm one of the best geared players in the server, with 2 level 100's both with +16 rings/wep/necklace and partially statted, but i still haven't even broken 100k physical attack, and these world bosses require almost 200k.

    Is there no way to make the world bosses spawn normal? 25m hp is still going to be hard, but its at least feasible and not daunting.

    30%? really. okay i tried to stick up for this, but that was just a stab in the throat. They just tanked the amount of diamonds you get on a promo, to nothing. There isn't even a point in waiting, you are only getting 2340 diamonds on a 50$ USD pack, when before with the 140% you would get 3204. Nearly 1k diamonds less for the same price. This is bullcrap.

    100$ before was 3335 diamonds total for buying with a credit card not through steam. now it is 4300, that is about a 25% boost in diamonds. So when the diamond sale finally comes around, we can see if gameforge is jipping us, or actually trying to help.

    Didnt make a video like Bluesons, but i just wanted to make a thread. After just over 3000 quests, 170 hours of playtime, and lots of punched walls and cigarettes smoked, I finally got 100.

    Can't wait for everyone to join me so we can start running endgame content

    I finally did it. Had to time my 3 interupts perfectly. No self heals on a s/r besides pots lol. Level 80 btw! still way behind you, but im still #1 in NA right now.

    Im working on being the server first on phoenix server, we are so far behind though, our max levels are 69/70, im 69 and another guy is 70. How many daily resets did you do? and what about gear? its silly hard questing in quest gear with a scout