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  • maybe both of us need something better than google translation :)

  • have no idea what you mean XD

    • Maybe i had a Little Problem with the Translation. for me it reads that you called me because of nocturnus. but i think it was my mistake.

    • BTW is still recruit bored mercenary, many my friends are busy in summer so im up for new ones :P

    • you will not believe how many times I thought about coming to your server with you. But I do not want to create a new char.

    • we dont talk for new char :)

      what you can play, combos?

    • every Rouge class (best is Rouge/warden) , also Scout/Warden Scout/Mage, Mage/Warden, Warlock/Champion, Knight/Mage, Champion/Rouge, Warrior/Mage(by best time in siege war), Warrior/Warden, Warden/Scout, Warden/Warrior …

      actually every dd class. only as a healer am I not good.