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    Seems just like the translation for Sys851588_shortnote might be missing.

    Code: Sys851588_shortnote
    1. TW:
    2. 1 使你的目標不再感到害怕,解除目標恐懼效果。
    3. 2 (冷卻時間只有[496110]的一半)
    5. GOOGLE TRANSLATE (and [] replaced):
    6. 1 Stop fearing your target and remove the effect of target fear.
    7. 2 (Cooldown is only half of Soul Soothe)
    8. 3 (This skill can be used even if you are in a state that doesn't allow you to cast spells.)

    So it's just a fear removal.

    Thanks much for the reply.

    Here's a great idea from game improvement, other than getting the memory leak fixed. How about making sure the item set skills work? I just paid 70M gold to get the "Lava Effect" ISS and it doesn't do anything other than cost 50 mana and have a 45 second cool down. The discription for it says "Sys851588_shortnote"

    When I look at it I think GF has taken a page from the Chinese game marketers/developers in that price everything outrageously and then try to make it look like a good deal by hawking them for a limited time once every 6 to 8 weeks...or more.


    If it doesn't anymore, the only official help in that regard will be "Please use the Gameforge Client and add your game accounts to it" ;-)

    Unable to add the other accounts. I really hate contacting support when something should have been rolled out to the players before this type of change was made with instructions on what to do and what to do when things don't work as designed/desired (by GF, not the players in this case).

    This latest itteration of the GF game launcher does not remember my logon information regardless of how many times put a check in the box. Besides getting used to the cumbersome method I now have to use to log in the alt account I really don't like the game launcher not taking me to my game and instead trying to get me to go to another game in the GF "family".

    That percentage on Vanquisher's Loot needs to be dropped. I'd rather get the scroll, at least those can be sold for a gold. Don't think anyone uses that MANY Vanquisher's Loot in a month let alone a day.

    Oh, and thank you for your response.

    Did anyone ever figure or find out why we can get up to 3 Vanquisher's Loot from each of the Malatina mini's and the Sascila Steeps mini but rarely get Material Package for Magical Instruments? I regularly toss 5 to 8 of the Vanquisher's Loot but am lucky to get 1 of the Material Packages.

    Thank you. She forgot to mention that we spent over 30 minutes trying to get it to die once we got it to 1%. Additionally the green watermelon seeds debuff my HPs by 10% and do not have a description of what the buff is supposed to be.

    Use this one for the mushroom collection in the Walu Villiage in Salioca. Why the mushrooms are friends is beyond me. Tried a different command that didn't work, sorry don't recall what it is. This does have the plus side of trageting the quest giver. Still have to rotate around a little to get all the mushrooms.

    /script TargetNearestFriend()

    /run UseItemByName("Batchie Grass")

    /wait .5

    Can't find the one I was looking for, think it was in a Frogster run forum. Tried this one and can't get the second line to work. Any ideas? Would also like to string them together better. Every time I try it stops working altogether.

    /script SendChatMessage(UnitName("target").." is level "..UnitLevel("target"), "say");

    /script SendChatMessage(UnitClass).." health is, ("say");

    /script SendChatMessage(UnitHealth("target").." out of "..UnitMaxHealth("target"), "say");

    A few years back there used to be pages of macros, and not all of them devoted to switching something, like armor, or combo attacks which the majority of these marcos seem to be. I recall one which allowed you to check on the health of the NPC you had targeted and another which have you level/class information about the targeted NPC. Did GF just delete all those pages when they took over?

    Two things. The first is Vanquisher's Loot. Can get 1 to 8 of them from the mini's but can't get Forestsong Cake or Laor Forest Tart recipes. Seriously, do the mini's REALLY need to drop one to three fo them? I can live with the one rewarded at the end of Goblin Games and the one from the range, but getting so many from the other mini's is ridiculous.

    The second deals with the forum. I've look and can find no way to shut off the unread posts from the other countries forums. Which one of the settings is that? Thank you

    Thanks much for the input. I had one person tell me there was a way to disable the item shop from using a broweser. Glad I had backups of ROM as ROM didn't want to work using that suggestion.

    So in January of 2020 those of us who use WIndows 7 are faced with keeping Windows 7 until it is no longer possible to use because of vulnerbilities no longer being taken care of and vendor programs no longer working in it. Upgrade to WIndows 10, which doesn't sound like more fun than people should be allowed to have and I really don't want to suport Microsoft. Or migrate to another OS.

    I have tried playing ROM in UNIX and had mixed results. Most of those results where ROM working worse. So my question is, are there any UNIX users out there who can tell me what they do to be able to play ROM? Thank you.