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    Saito already said that the items in the daily reward won't be changed. However, what aktl said above about the rubies needs emphasis, either improve the ratio of rubies per diamond purchase, or, as he said, don't have anything in the item shop be ruby exclusive.

    I believe the announcement was that they would be discontinuing the "daily log-in bonus" to be temporarily replaced with the "Anniversary Log-in bonus". "Daily log-in bonus" to be returned to normal after anniversary log-in bonus ends.

    Druid/Rogue uses Wand/Hammer for the extra Magic Damage, if you are going to set up your D/R as a damage dealer. For other Druid combos either Wand/Shield or Staff depending on how you want to play your Druid. A shield gives you another item for more stats and more Defense. A staff would give you more Magical Attack and Damage over a wand. You could spend a little more and do both so you can swap out situationally, but I think Wand/Shield serves you better for most situations.

    Yeah, i know. That's alot of them. But what im asking is there ones in particular which appearing *only after* your sub will hit certain level

    The opportunity to transport to Heffner in the Coast of Opportunity only appears after both your first and second classes reach 20.

    You can only pick up a quest if you are at least two levels below its level. You can only see the quest starting at 3 levels below (Grey !). If you travel to a land where all the quests are > 3 levels above you you will see no quests available.

    As originally conceived, your primary levels through Howling Mountains -> Silverspring -> Aslan Valley -> Ystra Highland -> Dragonfang Ridge; Whilst your Secondary levels via Saciilia Steppes -> Dragonfang Ridge. Once you reach about level 45 (I think) you move to Dust Devil Canyon -> Ravenfell -> Weeping Coast -> Savage Lands -> Autolia Volcano.

    Today, most people skip all that and get a port or wait till they are 20/20 and go to the Coast of Opportunity. CoO was intended to level your third class, but the exp per quest is significantly better than that found in the original lands and people tend to just go there for levelling even it is via daily quests only.

    Once you reach level 54 you can get the port to Thunderhoof Hills and start the Main Quest Line.

    I believe the str or dex modifiers as well as the Int modifiers are added in later as flat damage. in other words, not very exciting, might be why they were left off the formulae. In the old forums there was a whole thread on damage formulae, as well as Crit modifiers. Too bad it was lost. I also believe that instant cast spells were counted the same as 1 sec cast spells. (Caveat: I say "I believe" because this is all from memory from years ago)

    Very interesting question. I think it depends on the role you want your druid to play. For me, personally, I have my armor statted mostly with Stam/Pdef bolstered with Stam/HP and Stam/Wis. My accesories, however are straight Int/Matt. I do that so she can solo quest, do mini games, and mirror world with ease. One could quite easily just have swap gear to satisfy that goal. For healing, well, you could probably go without statting at all an still produce adequate heals, the Pdef is for when you all the sudden become the tank, Int/Matt is so you can at least do some damage.

    In a nutshell, you would stat with Int/Matt if you feel you need to do more damage, but no need to go overboard as a mage will always out damage you.

    Playing devil's advocate: on the one hand, it sucks that there is no level cap; on the other hand, you have quests to level up your 4th class </sarcasm>

    i am surprised you haven't been able in 1 and half years time to level up your other classes just by doing daily :O

    Cannot check it yet, but the typical procedure lately has been you have to do quest first before daily becomes available. Therefore, need to be able to quest in order to access new dailies.

    The mistake I used to run into is in unpacking the add-on. When unpacking it generates another folder to unpack into. That folder has a name that looks right, and you may think you are done, but it is an extra folder that is unnecessary and can confuse the game. For example, when unpacking wowmaps, it unpacks into a folder called 'wowmaps' that has within it another folder named 'wowmaps' that has within it the necesssary files and folders for wowmaps to work. the first folder is what messes you up, what needs to go into the 'addons' folder is only the one folder named 'wowmaps', with it's associated files and subfolders.

    Now, there really should not be any difference between a person that buys for his own use and a diamond seller. The ratio of diamonds to rubies "needed" should be near the same on the average.

    I am not a diamond seller. I buy diamonds for my own use. For many years rubies were not an issue, as I seemed to get plenty enough for my own needs just from my own diamond purchases. However, just recently, I went to buy a fourth slot for a new piece of armor, and lo and behold, I did not have enough rubies. What happened? Well it is described in the posts above, GF has adjusted the ratio to provide less rubies per purchase.

    The laws of supply and demand would indicate that the price of rubies should increase to meet the demand. This seems obvious, but, there is one problem, it is not a separate commodity, diamonds and rubies are linked. By changing the ratio, GF is attempting to force people to buy with diamonds, things they don't need, in order to get the rubies that they do. Diabolical, but, like most things they do will probably backfire on them.

    Please clarify your goal.

    If all you want is a character that is going to successfully quest, then just about any class combo can be successful. Some better than others; Reynmar's suggestion of Warden/Druid is a good one, they have a white hit similar to the Knight/Mage, so set up correctly can do massive damage. I personally like Warrior/Druid mainly because you can swap to Druid/Warrior for runs if the buff is needed.

    Endgame instances...well the only one I can think of is a Knight/Priest though it is not the top tank it has some decent abilities; but, questing in PvE can be boring. I have heard people say that Champion/Priest makes a good tank, but I have never seen one in action so cannot speak to it.