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    In my case, I have lots of Water and Fire draconis, so I could trade them for Earth and Wind. But, why would I do that when I don't have the Earth and Wind Elements that would be required to generate those Zodiac Pets for the Draconis conversion? I guess I could do it in the hope that they have an element conversion event in the near future, but for some reason i am thinking that the odds of that happening are low.

    Back when they used to do the event where you could trade elements, I would trade my excess Water and Fire elements for Wind and Earth so I could generate those Zodiac pets, but that was then, and I have not seen an element trade event for a while.

    you can get easy from other events

    Advanced Aggregator?

    He said (Masks), and he is right, you get tons of masks from anniversary event. That being said, there is a probability of getting an Advanced Aggregator, but it must be very small. As in, I have opened several hundred packages and never got one.

    Affected Skills: Elite skills from 15 to 50

    Description: This may only apply to third classes and beyond. If you get your third class to 60 (Like during event) without doing any of the elite skills quests (15 to 50); you still get the message to go see Daris in class hall, and she gives you the start of the 60 elite quest. If you accept this quest and go to the farm (Laath Tawan?, I forget and am too lazy to go look) to turn it in, you will get your level 60 elite skill...but...the old bag quests in Heffner will no longer provide you the certificates for your level 15 to 50 elite skills. I don't know if you can still get them the old way (have yet to try).

    There used to be a guide on the old forum. Maybe you can still find it through a search engine. But yeah, there are limits to gathering and crafting levels. I am not a crafter, nor do i play one on TV; so, maybe somone will stop by and help. But I think you can take one crafting skill to legendary, two to expert, the rest get stuck at 20 unless you buy expansion scrolls from Item shop. Bah, I know there are inaccuracies in this, but I also know people love to correct there...

    Also, there are quests that have to be done to advance past level 20, 40, 60, etc.. And, these questgivers are in various places. I think the ones to go past level 20 are in Varanas East.

    I've just been getting the standard rewards, house energy, exp potions, etc. I did get a tempered moon jewel as end of the week reward though, that was nice.

    Have not gotten any plant growing agents yet, and I hope it stays that way...

    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the re-work of the daily log-in gifts to be a true daily, and I no longer have to watch the clock or set an alarm.

    Thank you.

    A point on your cast bar. That is a function of lag/latency/ping, people can test to see where their sweet spot is but know that this policy is risky in that you may have to re-click.

    Low thirties is what I get.

    Wardens can use their pets to kill the golden sheep whilst you open chests.

    For some reason Warlock speed buffs interrupt opening chests.

    Heh, 7-day mount, hard to think of anything more useless. Would have been better if they just gave the anniversary package as the tenth day reward, but was really expecting something more.

    Also, heard in world that you may require a sex-change operation in order to wear the anniversary armor. But, that is probably easily handled via a support ticket.

    Yes...when I first saw that price on the Silver Envoy set (Which you can farm for free, or get from fashion show) I thought, well that's a bad typo and I'm sure they are going to fix that (100 rubies..might be worth that, but 1000...that's LOL silly). Actually, now that I re-read what I wrote, no, not even worth 100 rubies.

    Saito already said that the items in the daily reward won't be changed. However, what aktl said above about the rubies needs emphasis, either improve the ratio of rubies per diamond purchase, or, as he said, don't have anything in the item shop be ruby exclusive.

    I believe the announcement was that they would be discontinuing the "daily log-in bonus" to be temporarily replaced with the "Anniversary Log-in bonus". "Daily log-in bonus" to be returned to normal after anniversary log-in bonus ends.

    Druid/Rogue uses Wand/Hammer for the extra Magic Damage, if you are going to set up your D/R as a damage dealer. For other Druid combos either Wand/Shield or Staff depending on how you want to play your Druid. A shield gives you another item for more stats and more Defense. A staff would give you more Magical Attack and Damage over a wand. You could spend a little more and do both so you can swap out situationally, but I think Wand/Shield serves you better for most situations.