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    Some simple changes to the guards might help with some of this.

    I'll go back to my 'have them see invisible idea' and include Escape in that. Also, when a tower is being taken, everybody knows, the message goes across the battlefield ... well everybody except for the guards charged with defending the tower, for some reason they just stand there, I mean wtf? So the tower taker candied or used holy aura or something else; are the guards just going to ignore them as they take the tower, seriously? Oh, look, a Ram, lets beat on that while some low level takes our tower, really? A Warden pet? sure, it's way more important to attack the pet and not the Warden taking the tower, cause reasons...

    kako, there is nothing inconsistent between what you are saying and what i posted. Maybe your server is different, but on US servers you do not see this. At best, one person will tank the guards while someone else takes tower. The middle guard is never killed. Now maybe, if your accords were implemented people would group up to kill guards, but as it stands now, it is only rarely done. And, if what you say is true ... then how does this help?

    And, Cenre is correct, though each of the other classes you brought up have their things. It is really only the Wl/Ch that has it all.

    1: All guards? Not going to happen, the side guards are easy enough, but the middle guard can only be taken by some OP players and even then not quickly. If the concern is Invis pot capping just make the guards able to see invis. I would like to also see something done about Warden pets in this regard.

    2: Agree on buffs, but heals on gates are ridiculously under-powered. Your average healer could spend all seige trying to heal a gate back to full from a tornado hit (note I said average healer, afaik the exception is the P/Wl with his percent heal). Agree on reducing damage from tornado and scrolls; players don't damage gates to any significant extent.

    3: Rams getting extra damage near towers - not sure how easy that would be to implement but I see what you are trying to do.

    which brings me to a suggestion addressing both 1 and 3.

    4: Have the tower guards prime directive be defending the tower. i.e. they react to the tower being attacked above anything else.

    I have certainly gotten Phirius pots from the red chests (A's and B's ... Why???). What they seem to have added was Phirius Shells and watermelon seeds. What appeared to me to have been removed was the fireworks (Yay) and maybe the enhancement pots (Sorry, forgot what they were called).

    It may just be bad luck, but I am not getting golden keys at near the rate I got before.

    Only Rogues (main or secondary) can dual wield weapons. So, only if you took Rogue as third class, and then your Mage/Rogue or your Priest/Rogue could, but not Priest/Mage. Mage/Rogue would use Wand/Dagger; Priest/Rogue would use Wand/Hammer. I guess your Priest/Rogue could use two hammers, but that would be inefficient.

    Strange, not even trying, i.e. no drop rate buffs, just normal housemaid pot and wings and I got three seeds in about 10 minutes. Just wanting to check it out; I was killing the ostriches outside Heroica, level 100 killing level 96 yellow mobs.

    Of course not even close to being statistical results.

    A better example was a friend (level 55) doing Butterfly dailies. 10 dailies is 50 butterflies in 15 minutes, he got 2 seeds, again no drop buffs.

    It's been a while since I've been in there, but I recall that it affects all within a certain radius of the pillar. We used to use ranged DPS to take them out. I could be wrong, i.e. not sure.

    One of the really nice things about Ch/R is that with a fast offhand dagger you can generate rage fast enough to keep your AoE going full time. The white hits from the dagger also keep Chain Drive popping.

    What the heck happened to all the class guides? There used to be class guides for all classes on this Forum. Maybe Google has them prisoner on a shelf somewhere.

    IMHO, the Champ/Rogue is one of the best designed class combos they came up with. It is both powerful and versatile. Very good in both PvE and PvP.

    What the heck happened to all the class guides? There used to be class guides for all classes on this Forum. Maybe Google has them prisoner on a shelf somewhere.

    I think we should be able to put bound gear in the auction house. The buyer pays the diamonds to unbind it. This would put a LOT more gear in the auction house.

    The intriguing thing about your idea, for GF, is that more people would have to buy diamonds, if they wanted to buy off of AH.

    Better for the players, and easier for Runewaker to program, would be to get rid of the 'bind on pick-up' altogether.

    Yes, Cibel does not die. She is not supposed to. You are supposed to knock her down to some point (I forget how far) then she laughs at you and teleports away. Maybe you are hitting her too hard? and the cut scene does not have a chance to play?