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    Hey Korin thx for reply!

    already happened doing all daily with no problems, already happened laucher bug after 10 chars, already happened after 15 chars. I changed the order of logins already many times and i see no difference. I tried to log accounts 1 by 1 even and still bug after a while. This is totally random and really annoying. There is only 1 pc at home only me playing.

    Aktl that is exactly my problem. I cant log in gameforge launcher to do my daily. At some point it deny my username and password says its incorrect. And then i cant log for like 2 hours or more this is really annoying i tried everything closing on task manager, restarting pc restarting router etc etc. how can this be possible?When this launcher came i created gameforge master accounts for all my chars basicly. So everyday i log many gameforge accounts for daily quests and sw like everyone else. I didnt added all my accounts to a single gameforge master account because when this new launcher was released we wasnt sure that we could log multiple accounts from same gameforge master account. So i decided to create one master account for each char. Takes more time to log bc we need to type email and password but chars are independent from each others. I prefer like that. Anyways my problem is still there i cant log in properly and do my daily quests, sw etc. i dont know what else to do. Hope someone can help thanks.

    got some help yesterday and i could check that when gameforge laucher bugs is because i cant do connection with gameforge servers. After like 2h offline i can try again and work. this is weird and i dont know what to do. can bug after log 5 times gameforge launcher or can bug after 15/20 times. thanks for help

    This launcher makes no sense old times with auto login was way faster we could log multi accounts much easier for daily and sw. About my problem i still dont know why it says The details are not correct. Should be something about connection or firewall or so. But still trying to figure out this mess. Thanks for trying to help

    Hey all

    when i want to log my chars to do sw and daily this gameforge launcher bugs and i'm not allowed to log in anymore. Even when i put the right account details it says invalid account details. This is really annoying i cant tell how many sw i've missed and coins from daily that i wasnt be able to get. This gameforge launcher is probably the second worst thing they made after peak. I restarted pc already, closed laucher on task manager already, region is EU, account details are the right ones and it keep saying account details are incorrect. Seriously now i cant log for like 2 or 3 hours and rip sw and daily. Wanted to ask if more ppl have same issue as me. Thanks.

    Yes i’m almost disapointed and tired of this. Cant describe how bad this peak system is! They had so many options i dont know why all of this, why this p2w system. Why release peak levels with insane amount of xp? If required level to clear Pantheon hardmode is peak 20 why not release right away those 20 levels with normal xp to farm? Seriously i dont know what else to say or to do. This is sad!

    No reason to change that, they already gave us free leveling with the orbs and x3 events.

    Are you kidding? I can't believe i’m reading this. Do you have any clue what you just wrote? Have you ever farmed xp for 1 hour even? xp triple works for dps yes but is only on first levels and still need tons of hours at pc farming. And orbs you mean those that we need to buy for 250 diamonds? Most of players are f2p. Ah those orbs you trade when xp event is over? How far can you go using orbs? In the next 2 or 3 years you are still below lvl V! This makes no sense. Is already a pain for a dps to lvl up to lvl 5 or 6 so imagine non dps classes. Besides that did you counted all those experience buffs you need? XP pot 100% requires ruby. Those you get on loyal bonus logins are not enough at all. So you need a lot of diamonds to buy all those buffs and prepare for countless hours farming. They released this brilliant idea on December and look now how many players are lvl 3 or 4 even? Seriously

    Well all we know is that these people don't want us to farm new ini. No clue why all this stuffs peak V and now peak X and the main problem still there. Definitely you want to close this game i would say. No comments people waste their time and money leveling peak some burn thousands of tickets others spent 10/12h farming xp for nothing. We want some answers please!