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    We are currently releasing ROM on Steam!!!

    As you might notice it ROM status on the Store page changed to "released" now, but please wait until we finish all preparations and servers maintenance.

    Meanwhile, you can start downloading the client and we encourage you to check our FAQ.


    Awesome, thanks for the update.

    Alright, thanks again for all the input - I really appreciate it.

    It sounds like K/P in chain with Stam/Attack would be good, but why chain over plate? Is it because different Stats roll on chain items?

    It's because of the non-stats/ghost stats on them. Mainly you'll get sta, dodge, parry on plate equip, there's a lot of +phys. att. and +phys. crit. chain equip, though and the set bonus has attack stuff instead of defensives too in general.

    Right cool, well - I have a fair bit to think about in regards to class combo and gear choice, so again - thanks for the info :)

    Does K/W have a better time in terms of damage when questing, without the need to different specced gear?

    I heard K/W hast better damage that K/P (actually one of the more damage dealing knights) but you still need different equipment for questing if you want to level at a reasonable speed.

    It's been a (long) while since I've played and I can't remember how it all works.

    You have the 2 classes and they'll each have their own set of gear - correct?

    and in terms of leveling them up, you'll want to have decent gear on the secondary class because you have to quest and level them up the same way you would the primary right?

    lol :)

    Does K/W have a better time in terms of damage when questing, without the need to different specced gear?

    Because, I can sympathise well with your list - I always play tank characters in MMOs and questing is always quite a slow affair, but I've become used to it over the years.

    I appreciate the input, it gives me something to think about - but this is all a bit high-key for me, it's been so long since I played the game I'm essentially a fresh player :P

    So, US and EUropean accounts cannot play on Chinese or Korean servers, but I would think that All Gameforge accounts should be playable on all Gamforge servers. Databases, I get. That seems to be the big hindrance. If we can merge servers, which involves database info transfering, then with a little effort, all GF accounts could be stored on the same (really big) database. Ya- I know, I am probably over-simplifying it, but Still, it should be do-able.

    Over-simplified, yes. On a technical side, probably possible. See Thalia for example. It was moved to US before eventually merged into the last existing US server. However, US alone has got a higher variety of time zones than most peoples on EU while the closest has got a time difference of 5 hours (That would be UK and a smaller part of canada). That being said merge of those wouldn't really bring you together, as one side is asleep while the other one is playing, and the other way around.

    Not to mention that one side would have more difficulties due to a higher delay. On a personal note: I wouldn't play with an unstable ping of over 500+

    Is not really that bad. I play in EU servers from Argentina since 2009, same as many players from Latin America. With 14,000 km of distance to server my normal ping has been always 280 ms, and is stable unless something weird happens. Ofc always is better play with 30 ms, but 280 ms is still easy to play. About time zones, i used to play with an australian guild, with 13 hs difference, so is not that bad either haha. At least is better than play in a dead server.

    I gave the game a go via the standalone, specifically to check my ping to the US server - because I'm from NZ - and despite having 250ms ping, the game is very playable and responsive.

    It's part of the reason I enjoy tab-target combat MMOs over action combat, because very rarely do MMOs have Oceanic servers and the ping always makes action MMO combat unenjoyable for me.

    To be honest, thematically I enjoy the idea of K/P more - because I'm big fan of Paladins

    Just go got sta/attack, otherwisde you won't get your mirror world stuff at first. xD

    So Stamina and Physical Attack would be priority for stats on gear?

    I think your first point is probably most important to me, so I think I will go with K/P.

    Thanks for all the input, I appreciate it.

    To be honest, thematically I enjoy the idea of K/P more - because I'm big fan of Paladins, but many seem to be of the opinion that K/W is the best choice.

    I would prefer to play K/P and some posts from folks here are saying that all the tanking combinations are viable - so maybe I should just do that.

    I could be wrong, but it definitely sounds like you'll be able to play on the new servers via the standalone client.

    Yea, I'm curious if they'll do Steam achievements and/or cards - a lot people really do enjoy that stuff.

    Apologies for asking again, but - is there an ETA for the Steam launch/new servers yet? :P

    Asking Gameforge for ETAs? You might as well use a dice ;)

    Offensichtlich hat der Starttermin 2. Juli nicht gestimmt. Das war vermutlich ein Missverständnis seitens Steam/Valve. Lange dauern wird es aber auf jeden Fall nicht mehr. Sofern nichts mehr dazwischenkommt, werden wir uns von dieser (mittlerweile überholten) Angabe nicht allzu weit entfernen.

    Obviously, the start date of July 2 was not correct. This was probably a misunderstanding on the part of Steam/Valve. But it won't be long now. If nothing more comes between us, we will not move too far away from this (meanwhile outdated) statement.

    lol and they're probably sick of me asking, but I'm excited :P

    Thanks for the translation though, sounds like it shouldn't be far off in any case.

    Hi all!

    I would like to clarify one thing; new server means: newly opened server but same as current servers. Content of the server and the settings won`t be any different then current servers.

    Thanks for clarifying.

    That's what I was expecting and doesn't dull my excitement to play on a new server :)

    Apologies for asking again, but - is there an ETA for the Steam launch/new servers yet? :P

    i think it will be fun to progress up to cap on a fresh server.

    I would love to progress on a fresh server, with limits. I feel that since the cap is still the same as current RoM, people are just gonna get to cap, P2W for stuff, run the top few dungeons until they can be the same endgame they were on the other server and to me that is just stupid.

    and so what , there will be always people who will do that ^^

    We´ll see what happens :)

    Yea, there will always be people that rush to end-game content and/or pay-to-win as much as they can - there's not a lot you can do about it.

    However, I don't see why it's a problem, that's their choice - I'm looking forward to playing on the new server so I can enjoy leveling up and running dungeons, generally have fun with the leveling content.

    Because, as everyone will be leveling - it should be easier to find groups for low and mid-level content - whereas playing on current servers, the population is very top-heavy and end-game focused.

    I fully understand peoples criticisms and wanting old servers merged, things fixed and/or skepticism about the prospects of these new servers - but personally, I'm excited and I'm optimistic - worst case scenario, if the population dwindles after 6 months (or however long) they'll just have to merge them into the old ones - either way, it'll be fun while it lasts.

    and I still think the best way to get returning players and new players into the game is a new server.

    Yea, as much as I would like a progression server - I think that would be great. I don't see it happening, I think the amount of work and time needed to get that done may be beyond what they're willing to do - considering the Steam release was apparently going to be launched as-is, without even having new servers.

    I'm glad they're launching on Steam and I'm happy to be getting new servers, but I'm not expecting anything else beyond that.

    It is possible, within the timeframe, to simply cap the player level at 50, then slowly raise it over time, but everything would still be there, such as CoO/Xaviera. Still, it would be "something".

    True, I hadn't thought about simply lowering the level-cap and leaving the rest of the content in - that's not a bad idea, I wonder if they've thought about doing something like this?