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    concering the leveling are xaveira, yes you are right, this zone is very easy compared to the old zones. But in this project we want to conquer dungeons and not the leveling part :)

    Well now we will farm gear from hoto, and try to clear the next dungeons like hos, df zf and so on. If we cleared all 55 dungeons, we will step on to 58 Dod.

    Yes we have limitations for gear:

    Rules concerning upgrading gear:
    - max 4 good stats on an item and 2 dirty stats (dirty stat is defined as green from tier I to V)
    - tier of weapon maximum 2 tiers higher than the basic item is
    - plus 3 maximum on all items
    - runes only if the item dropped with a rune slot, maximum tier 4

    Thats current rules.

    For anyone who is interested in the project:

    we are currently level 55, having the blue gear from xaviera and some from CL and KS.

    With that we cleared following dungeons:




    Hoto easy (exept last boss)


    and lower dungeons ofc...

    For everyone who is interested in the project - short current status:

    We are now a strong guild of 25 members. First People reached level 55 already, other enjoy the low dungeons as abby.

    We even have members going the whole old questing way without xaviera.

    Mostly there are more than 10 members online and we have daily new people joining.

    As said, we cleared windmill, abby and also pasper shrine.

    I think Bluesons will also make videos when we clear higher dungeons such as cyclo, KS or TT.

    The project is a lot of fun, an dim happy, that we could already find so much people participating.

    So if you are also intersted but hasitating if its worth it, i can only tell you, yes it is!

    100 Points to Ainz!

    Thank you very much, you completely got it why we are making this project.

    Cocerning level 55, i think we can stick with that a few weeks/months, until the active players are all finished with having fun in the dungeons.

    Also one goal is to clear every dungeon at least once.

    I think we will have very gppd players coming out of this time, because you really learn to play your class and play together in a team.

    If i see people running one of the highest dungeon solo, this means to me the game is to easy. Not even talking about addons like kittycombo or dice...

    Thanks for everyone participating our project also if its only in this thread as discussion. Ainz you are very welcome if you find the time ;)

    And we are still going to form the project, further rules decided in the while the maintanance is running...

    Xaviera allowed as soon as you hit 20/20
    Pets allowed without upgrading
    Minigames allowed, withou using the shells
    all classes and races allowed
    Eliteskills can be done in xaviera

    Rules concerning upgrading gear:
    - max 3 stats on an item (+3 dirty stats)
    - tier of weapon maximum 2 tiers higher than the basic item is
    - plus 2 maximum on all items
    - runes only if the item dropped with a rune slot, maximum tier 3

    Grumpdaddy thanks for the hin, we only want to limit items about the pet system, not the mounts. Maybe my translation is wrong.

    About the +6, we want to do the upgrading only with the stones for gold, not the once for diamonds. I think with the gold items its nearly impossible to reach +6.

    Since we already formed a small community of 8 members, we also fixed the first "rules".

    Find them below:

    - No items from IS section Upgrading and Pet section
    - No blue gear from bags
    - No interaction with players outside the guild (trade, party, farm...)
    - No twinks
    - No Shell Items/stats
    - No Proof Items/stats
    - Cap lvl 55 (for the moment)

    So also if you are interested in a kind of oldscool project, we will start farming the level 50 dungeons or even below.

    I completely agree, that early content is the most fun. But as you know, also early content is clear at some time.

    I expect this project to take months to even reach level 100, because you need to farm the lower dungeons to get decent gear to fullfill quests.

    AND i think, the game is more fun, if you dont rush to max level, pay 1000€ and then run the highest dungeon all day long.

    In my thinking, it is necesssary to run lower dungeons, wich are defenetly fun, to step further in the game.