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    I thought I would add a suggestion for the bunker since it down.

    The rewards from the badge title chest tends to give Courage Gems 85% of the time, and is not usable on the toons with badge level 4. It would be nice for people with level 4 badge titles to get another type of reputation item. How about making a exchange NPC for trading the Courage Gems for a Badge of Worldwide Fame or the regular reputation item from the daily badge title quests?

    Is there a possibility to choose pet-food by inventory or name, place it in pet-food-slot and then feed the pet?

    Needed, because of unknown reasons, which lead to not able to open pet-menu

    This macro will feed the pet and summon it. Change the P variable at the start if your pet is not in the first slot.

    1. /run local P=1; function PH_Feed(P,F,Q) if Q>0 then local c,i; for i=1,180 do local a,b,name,c=GetBagItemInfo(i); if name==F then PickupBagItem(GetBagItemInfo(i)); if Q>c then Q=c; end; ClickPetFeedItem(); for i=1,Q do FeedPet(P); end; ClearPetFeedItem(); break; end; end; end; end; if IsPetSummoned(P) then ReturnPet(P); else local L=100-GetPetItemAbility(P,"LOYAL"); local H=100-GetPetItemAbility(P,"HUNGER"); H=(H-(H)%5)/5; PH_Feed(P,"Dessert of Happiness",L); PH_Feed(P,"Miller's Special Cake",H); SummonPet(P); end

    Scout/Mage has the most interrupts out of all scout combos and possible the best spammable AoE skill of all possible classes, but there doesn't seem to be a place for it other than some specific bosses for instances. I do play the class almost on a daily basis to do minigames, Mirrorworld or Dreamlands but there are so many better class options for higher damage when running instances with a group of people.

    I have stated level 85-95 leather gear with all Int/PA, because I do enjoy the class combo. It's not really good for anything but Ignite and stating Int/PA is not necessary if you are only doing minigames. The extra attack triggered from Wind Arrow and Shot is randomly triggered, and does not occur often enough to stat heavy on intelligence. Stating too much Int/PA will lower your total attack power compared to using Dex/PA and Str/PA stats.

    The physical attack staff that can purchased with mementos would be considered the best staff to use as a Scout/Mage if you favored towards a physical build. Ignite hits as a magical attack, but its based on physical damage of the range weapon, ranged physical attack and intelligence. Having more magical damage would only help Fireball, Lightning, plus the randomly triggered magical damage from wind arrow and shot.

    The Scout/Mage can be a fun class to play in lower level instances. There have been times I used Purify on another player, because the healer or another player did not react fast enough to cleanse someone. Nuking groups of mobs in ToSH and Bethomia is fun and just about the only time I play the class combo with a group. I really wish this class combo would improve with new or updated elites to make it more useful.