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    You're fairly certain but don't know for sure. Why so certain? Why not just say it's possible? I admit it's possible. People talking like they're so sure of stuff that's almost impossible to know for sure unless they work for the company. Even if you know a few people and hear of a few that have spent lots that's not enough to be certain of any regular purchasing habits month after month.

    I think, I'm not sure, but my humble opinion is that the people doing +30 and t15 items are mostly just people buying dias off the few dias sellers they can find. Or they trade rare items for dias off the few sellers.

    And I don't think there's a ton of people gearing that high on a monthly basis. Mostly because, if you're not buying those jewels with gold from dias sellers, it's not worth spending the real cash to get them. Plus word gets around when people gear stuff up like crazy and there's not much going around.

    Plus you're comparing apples to oranges when you bring up other games. There's so many differences. I feel it's just a cheap shot. Like it's the only argument that can be made because it's so vague. But I think it has little weight because it's so vague and different.

    I'm not wasting my time on videos about other games. I feel you're grasping at straws. Trying to find some argument. It's like you guys have some instinct to defend the game and kiss butt or something. If you want to explain with words your point I'll listen but common don't compare diablo with rom.

    I just get the feeling some people who post a lot have agendas or some issue. And some probably don't like me. So I hope the rest keep that in mind when reading their responses. Maybe less so you Draken but the others perhaps.

    I swear the people with high post numbers seem to all just want to argue over my opinion. The one normal person with low post numbers totally agreed. I really think you guys just like to argue.

    OMG ... are you serious? rom is not diablo.. diablo is massive name know by millions... rom is nothing compared to diablo... and I didn't say $100 per sub.. we don't have subs in rom!!

    AGAIN... I'm not saying the business model can't work... if they were not stupid greedy and reasonable to some degree for what they're selling...

    But working and being the best is not the same thing...

    AND AGAIN... The question is, is it working? Are 20 whales a month buying up $4000 in jewels? Are they making $80,000 a month?

    I don't know. Do you know? Because I don't see you giving me GF's financial records. You're just comparing games. That says nothing about ROM.

    If they are making bank then AGAIN, I am wrong and they can ignore me. If I'm not wrong maybe they should listen.

    which part of my last post is an opinion?

    pretty much all of it.. that there's a state.. how long it's been in that state... that GF is ignoring everything said... maybe they consider lot of it.. are you there to know? are you on their team? like common man... you can say that's your opinion but you state it like it's all facts... you don't know anything for sure.. you're making assumptions plain and simple...

    What would be really nice is for the manager(s) of the game, the person(s) who literally controls pricing, to actually give us information about their experience with the game and the decisions they made and their plans for the future. What's the current population? Are they making enough now to keep the game running? Do they have any plans to change anything ever? Do they need time or just think everything is good and we're complaining for nothing. Just some acknowledgement that they realize some players are not happy but they have no choice or no solutions yet but are aware of some problems. Just something. Even an excuse that lets us know where we stand to some degree and their intentions.

    Zero communication is like a big slap in the face basically and is it's own message. A message from the community manager would be nice but doesn't seem the same as the person in control of the pricing and making big decisions. Just knowing that person is part of the conversation would be huge and might get a lot more people involved in the conversation.

    Anyways just an idea.

    i don't see how last five years has to do with current situation.. maybe if you meant it was a cash cow.. maybe it was but doesn't seem like it now.. you're even saying it's not.. you're saying only 5% are spending and only small amounts... I'm thinking the cows have been milked dry and it's time to get a new ones... put the old ones out to pasture and get some new cows to milk... but first they have to lure them in

    I would spend $400 tho to be honest if it got me 42 clean t10s, 14 instant 1 to 30 jewels (or even 10 +20 instants and 4 +30 instants), 3 dirty tier 14 stones, a complete gear set (wep, acc, gear), 56 tier IX runes, 10 house chests, a 1 year supply of house energy, 300 transformation pots, 100 wedding food tables, 500 guild transport runes, 10 stacks of 1mil TP orbs, a mount, 6 permanent bags, a crafting bench, and 500mil gold, and max peak lvl

    That's what $400 should get us imo. Would be nice for $100 but if they must charge $400 then at least it's doable by breaking it up into a few payments and eventually getting everything you need to match existing players.

    Oh and add 100 puries and 1k poms. tyvm

    And ya I know that would leave me little to farm but that's what I'm paying for. I'm paying to fast forward to endgame. To join the runs and pvp with good gear. They could keep some things to farm like cendrils and dragons mats from events.

    And to keep the end game pve worth it, add the odd X rune drop. Add the odd IX rune drop. Add the odd egg rice drop. The odd tart drop. The odd biscuit drop. That buff table i forget what it's called. Then add some crazy rare drops like a house chest once every 20 runs for one player. Add OD wings super rare drop. Add production rune bag now and then. Add some phirus pot drops. Drop a forest cake recipe twice a year. Having just a small chance at all this stuff is so motivating. Look at tempest heights how motiviating the X runes and transport runes are. Heck drop an egg rice recipe one time for one lucky sob and everyone will want one but never get it!

    Maybe the current managers haven't played the game much and don't understand how to fix it. Maybe they need to hear this stuff.

    Actually they could also add bunker resets to get dragons and siege badges and title badges.

    I don't know where you get 5%. I don't know how you know the game is a cash cow. You just said many players haven't put a penny into game... do you have access to their books? or are you just guessing?

    Do you know how many whales they're getting? Are you sure 1 pays for 1000 subs? wait what? we don't have subscriptions. Does 1 whale paying $2000 pay for 1000 players paying $100 each? $2000 vs $100,000?

    The point i keep making is we don't know their current profit or loss situation. It could be bad it could be good. There might be a few hundred active players and almost none spending money. But that means their server cost is probably very low. They already pay for bandwidth for all their games so it probably just uses some of their excess to keep it going.

    So they might be able to just wait for wales and don't care if nobody spends money. But if they're seeing me say hey I'll spend $400!! Uh I mean $200! :) And they're not getting wales. Maybe they'll change something.

    And usually we see whales selling diamonds or buying up a crap ton of stuff. I haven't seen anyone like that for awhile. A few diamond sellers but no whales.

    But I admit I'm not sure. I'm just saying we don't know many things for sure. But what we do know is their business model sucks bad. And that's the point of this forum section to give them that feedback.

    It's like they have a line up of people waiting to give them money, waiting to buy a ticket to the show, but they refuse to open the box office.

    Also, I can't be sure but I don't think the servers work the way he imagines them to work. At least it's not how I would do it but he could be right in some ways.

    The world you see in the game is really an illusion. It's just your client giving you a visual representation of the data on the server's database.

    I don't think there's a process for most things unless you "enter combat". That's when a tiny AI process is started for a mob in the database. And that's why mobs will run back to their start so thousands of mobs can't be aggroed by a single player. Although TOS bugs might of been exception to that.

    I don't think the server has a process updating locations on every mob and npc in the database. At least that's not how I would do it. I would have the client animate the mobs not in combat and npcs from their initial position. The current position could be calculated any time it's needed based on the current time, it's path data and it's initial position. But you may see a glitch now and then as you enter combat.

    If they have some random moving NPCs or mobs then perhaps they would require an active process. But the mobs in the world seem to move in predictable patterns. Some may appear random but may just follow a preset path setting so clients can calculate it's position based off server clock. So it's pretty much in the same position for all players not counting lag.

    Also some mobs and npcs just stand in one spot. They are animated by your client, moving arms around maybe, but that don't mean they're actually moving or changing anything in the database.

    Of course some mini games may have true random mobs or have their AI process started as you enter.

    I also think that when you create a dungeon instance it's just a new fresh table copy added to the database. A table that can have mobs deleted or their status changed to dead or their health value and aggro value changed. But we know that table is wiped after 10min of nobody in it.

    I can imagine there are processes of course for every user I'm sure. A constant query of the database as the player moves to determine it's aggro elevation etc. But if the player is not moving then there's probably not much data exchanged.

    Anyways, the point is that because of all this, one server or a small group of servers can handle thousands of players. And it's not transferring gigabytes of data like netflix or youtube to each player every hour.

    I'd ask how he knows when it's impossible to predict the future and people's decisions. But I guess he won't see the question and I don't really want an answer. I'm just making a point. I don't pretend to know things I don't. Even GF won't know for sure.

    Why can't he just have a different opinion. Why does he have to claim he knows things he doesn't and that my opinion just could never be right.

    I'm happy to admit his opinion could be right. Maybe $100 per character won't be enough. But there's no way he can know for sure.

    But a $100 per sale is a lot and adds up fast. Just 100 characters is $10,000! Given the new system I don't see a few hundred or more new customers a month being out of the range of possibility.

    And again maybe it's $137 or $221 each character. But not $1000, $2000 or $4000 each. Maybe it's $82 each. Imagine that.

    Maybe they get 700 of their average 5k new players a month they get to stick around and gear a toon. That's $57,400 a month or $688,000 a year.

    Servers are expensive when you have millions of players for sure but we're talking an extra 10k users a year maybe and who don't all play at the same time 24 hours a day.

    i used to like the grind but i just can't do it anymore after 10+ years in the game.. my only option is to spend money now... i want to give them money to save my time... they just want way too much now... grinding is the only option now for me and i can't do it... my eyes close 10 minutes in.. i can't farm.. i want to give them $300!!! $400!!! they don't want it!! they want a damn kidney!! it blows my mind how beyond the realm of reason they're being.. and what's worse is the gambling on top of it... i mean seriously.. they want me to gamble $400 and get +24 to +24..

    my suggestion is they wake up and smell the coffee.. i'm not spending $4000 ever.. not $2000 not $1000... they need to check their books... how many are spending $4000? is it working? I bet it's not.. if i'm wrong no big deal... if i'm not they have a problem and should listen to the angry customer screaming their face off on forum

    plus imagine you farm just a month and manage to get 10x +30 jewels and drop from +25 to +24... a whole month of work gone but even worse you lost progress... can you imagine the rage

    And none of you are saying how much you have spent or will spend. How geared are you guys? Maybe you don't want people catching up for $150?

    And I'm not even saying +30 all your gear. Just getting +28 rings and weapon can cost more than my rent from the stories I hear and the prices I see.

    Add gear tiering, runes, weapon tiering. A decent toon is probably $1000 to $2000 easy. A really good toon is like $4000 to $5000!!

    And some of you may not pvp and don't realize the difference gear makes. And some of you might pvp and want to keep your advantage.

    Some may just pve low level stuff and that's cool. But I think to keep many players they would want the end game content and top end pvp. If they can't get that for a reasonable price they'll just move on. That's just logical.

    So I hope everyone reading keeps people's agendas in mind. I just want a reasonable price so I can finish my gear for reasonable price and not spend 9 months of my time farming. I also want more players to reach end game so we can have full sieges. Others just want pve and that's cool too.

    My guild can't even siege anymore because of a lack of geared players. Other guilds have merged so there's only a few strong guilds and a few weak ones. Not much in between.

    I have spent a few hundred 3 or 4 times over the years on the game. And I farmed a ton. But the last few hundred got me so little compared to the other years... a +24 weapon and +21 gear.. yippy... I still had to farm for 20k dias at least for tiering and everything else... So that's all they're getting from me. Period.

    They have a product I just can't afford. I think many are like me. But I think what I'm willing to spend should give me their full product. It doesn't. Not even close. They might squeeze $28 out of me once a year. They're not getting $4000 ever. If they're getting enough spending that I'd be shocked. Stranger things have happened. These auctions seem to be sucking some people in. Maybe that will save them.

    Just another horrible tactic imo. Frustrating when you miss them. When it's the only way to buy something. Just another way to make your customers mad. Who thinks making their customer mad is a good idea. That it works more than a fair price. Maybe I'm the only stubborn one and everyone else is just dishing out their cash.

    I could be wrong. They might be geniuses.

    (yes you beat me to it Ainz gratz lol)

    i think comparing fifa to rom is not a fair comparison... and one person spending 20k doesn't mean it's common..

    but if people are buying up +30 jewels left and right... if they're making bank sure I'm wrong... HOWEVER.. if it's not working or if it ever stops working then maybe it's time to consider why and what they can do different...

    and of course people don't have to spend anything in rom but then GF makes nothing.. zero!! some do just spend $100... and maybe they're not happy with what they get for that money and don't spend any more... they can't compete against others in pvp for $100 that's for sure... and they're not a huge help in pve either...

    yes they can grind and eventually be good for free.. but then GF makes nothing... they're busy grinding and not gearing up new toons for more $100... the idea should be to sell that grind replacement for a reasonable price...

    it shouldn't be do i grind/farm for 9 months to make $2000 in dias free or spend $2000 on a game... it should be do i farm for 9 months or spend $150... maybe even $300.. but not $2000... not $4000.. like common...

    combine the crazy prices with the gambling... it's mind blowing to me.. it's beyond dumb.. I know many others feel the same... like hundreds of people for sure...

    but it seems like only the people who reply are those who want to argue.. that don't make you right in my opinion.. i hate that it makes me look wrong.. and that I have to consider if i'm wrong.. but it's just so beyond reasonable... $4000... it's like for the love of god doesn't anyone else think that's crazy?

    nothing you guys have said makes any sense.. comparing rom to fifa.. really.. saying you can play for free.. you can but how many do.. how many grind for 9 months and then stick around for years to play at high level pvp or end game pve... a handful that's how many....

    but fix prices and removing gambling.. now we have 100 new players ready to go in a month.. every month.. maybe more maybe less but it's not a handful...

    how can you argue.. i think you just want to argue

    I build complex dynamic database driven websites. I think I have a pretty good idea how their servers work. I don't pretend to know their costs exactly but I know it's a lot.

    Just because they're using a gambling system doesn't mean it was the best choice or needed. Just because other games are using it doesn't make it the best system. Maybe if they look into it they'll realize it was actually a bad choice knowing what they know now.

    DLC and cosmetic MTXs are much different and they could still have those if they grow the player base to make those worth producing for a large market.

    I'd also argue many more successful games are not using a gambling a system and only using DLC and/or cosmetic MTXs systems to avoid the p2w tag.

    I think a gambling system is crazy and thought up by people with little business sense. They don't think of it's effects long term. The effect on players and their game's reputation.

    I'm not saying the gambling system can't work for awhile. And I don't know what gambling is in Fifa. But it's also more about reasonable pricing. They can keep the gambling if it's limited and reasonable. Does it cost $4000 to gear a soccer player to compete? Are you comparing apples to oranges?

    Combined, the gambling and insane prices are a recipe for disaster I think.

    Again my opinion and suggestions. That's the purpose of this section. We don't have to agree.

    Again we can't even begin to imagine the prices. It could actually be much cheaper like $50 total per toon. We don't know and can't guess. But they could charge up to $90 each and it would still look at least reasonable imo.

    The point is to understand that people already make and gear alts because there's so many combination they can try. They would obviously make even more if it was more reasonable. So I think you're wrong. I do not think they wouldn't get anything more from the player as you say.

    Of course, players may only need about 4 or 5 sets of gear at most, but they could also charge $50 per class expansion ticket. That's still reasonable and not $4000 for one toon. Plus there is different races that require different toons and gear sets.

    But perhaps the most important point to understand is that more new players will end up gearing up toons and more old players will return to the game.

    They know how many new players try the game every month and how many gear up. They know their turnover rate. They have that data. They know how many have left the game. They can estimate how much they will make and be very conservative.

    If it ends up the same price or more because they took so much out then I'm wrong. But if they do the math and see huge potential then maybe I'm right.

    Maybe they've recovered their investment a year ago but maybe it's no longer making a profit because of their horrible business model. Maybe they can afford to try something new now with the game. Maybe they have little to lose at this point.

    Maybe they just replace jewels with 1 to 30 perfects and lower the price to 500 dias each. So $100 in dias gets you 4 pcs at least to +30 guaranteed. So $300 at least you can +30 a whole set. Not $4000!!!!

    Maybe they add some backpack and bank page rewards to events. They do have the cendril event rewards I applaud that. They had the tp orbs and the XX chests the first time was great but nerfed it.

    Maybe bring back 500% xp and 200% dias sales maybe. So maybe it's $150 to gear a toon on sale. That's reasonable. Still expensive. But not out of this world.

    Anyways, the point is to give them ideas and feedback. This is my feedback and suggestions. I see people quitting. I know I'm not buying +30 jewels. I doubt many are buying them.

    I have a very strong suspicion that their player numbers and profits are way down and will continue to fall. I'm more concerned of them doing nothing than trying an obviously much more customer friendly business model.

    Both ways may fail in the end. All I can do is make suggestions that seem logical to me. Hope they do some math and realize there's a good chance to save the game. If not now then if ever the time comes.

    If you anyone wants to caution them against my suggestions be my guest. But it would be nice to know if you're really happy with their business model or just tolerate it. It would be nice to know if you spent tons of money or not on the game.

    I can understand just having an opinion based on your gut but if you have some logic that would be nice to know.

    I'm not saying charge nothing for everything. They can still make $90 per toon geared!! Maybe it's $137 who knows exact price. But not $5000 in gambling that very few, if any, ever actually spend.

    I'm sure they can estimate the average number of players trying the game every month and how many would gear up their toon. Then figure our a reasonable price to cover costs and profit.

    But also consider all the old players who might return because of such huge changes to the game.

    I think endgame could be the best part. The point of game is different for everyone of course. Some people might like the endless questing and stop playing at max level. But it's the ones who gear up strong toons at the end who spend lots of money on gear I think.

    If people don't reach the end it's less likely they'll spend much money on the game I think. And the current players who've been at the end for years just get fewer and fewer.

    I agree there's more than dungeons. But crafting and mini games are probably not huge attractions. I think PVP could be but there's no incentive like PVE in my opinion.

    As for income, lets not pretend like we have any clue what they would lose and what they would gain. I'm just suggesting they figure out what they need to make per person and add a reasonable markup. Then remove most of the gambling. People find out quick from others that the cost to gear up is crazy and the gambling is crazy. I think they would benefit huge from changing that perception.

    They have a great product that people want to buy. They don't need to force people to gamble. McDonalds doesn't say buy a happy meal it might have a hamburger in it or it might not. It's a bad business model. 95% of business is repeat business. Anyone you force to gamble and that loses is less likely to become a regular customer. With so many class combinations possible people might gear up many toons if they don't get burned half the time.

    Maybe they absolutely need $10 from the 100 new players a month that buy a transportation bundle when first starting. But if it's only 5% of the money they need then why keep that road block? Why not let people progress and get invested into their characters. If they can progress to the end and then know the final cost is $50 to $90 to gear up fully then they might make 500x $70 average a month just off new players and maybe 200 x $70 off existing players making new toons. That's about 50k a month!

    Of course, I'm just guessing but the point is they have data and can make estimates. They can look at their business model and recognize the flaws. Look at their pricing and purchase history. Ask themselves if they'd pay so much for just a chance at plussing their gear. And what they would do if they lost 10000 dias going from +28 to +28. Would you ragequit? Uninstall? Scream in world?

    Plus they have other issues like crazy amounts of gold in game from gold farming dailies with alts. But some bought gold with diamonds so they can't just remove all the gold in the game. But they could make a new version of the game. A version where it's fast to make a new toon and under $100 to get a max geared toon. It's a little more than a triple A game but it's super reasonable compared to current prices. PLUS they could allow each account who bought 5000 diamonds or more in the last 5 years, a full, 1 toon, free upgrade package. So they keep all their existing players happy. Or offer then a huge discount. But that's just one of many possible solutions I'm sure.

    Right now it's like $5000 to $10,000 to match top level players. Of course they didn't pay that much money. They just bought diamonds off many players. So now pvp is so imbalanced with a handful of OP players against all the normal players who maybe spent $500 at most on the game.

    Again, it's just an idea. I know it's very unlikely. But if they're ever at the end of the road and got not much left to lose. And if these changes only cost a small money and time investment. It might be a gamble well worth the risk with a huge potential payoff.